West Wing Week 07/20/12 "The Biennial Bring Back the Gold Edition"

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Baylor Ladies Basketball Team: Welcome to the West Wing Week!
Eeehhhhh sic 'em bears!
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Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week!
Your guide to everything that's happening at 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue.
This week, the President attended the Team USA Basketball
Game; hosted the Baylor University Lady Bears Basketball
Team; and proposed a STEM Master Teacher Corps;
while the First Lady traveled to Philadelphia for "Let's Move!"
and to Birmingham to tour tornado recovery;
the Vice President spoke to seniors about retirement
security; and the Administration hosted a Google+ Hangout on
global foods.
That's July 13th to July 19th or "The Biennial Bring Back the
Gold Edition"!
On Friday, the First Lady held a reception in honor of the Cooper
Hewitt Design Awards in the East Room.
Mrs. Obama: The one thing that I ask young people is that when
you get in these seats that you reach back as well because
that's how we give back.
Your responsibility is to make a place for the next
set of young people.
When you get these opportunities,
when you become the Secretary of the Smithsonian or the First
Lady of the United States or the President of the United States,
whatever one you choose -- (laughter)
-- that you always find a way to keep bringing other young people
along with you.
We got that?
Fair deal?
Narrator: On Sunday, this day in history --
(Voiceover) Martin Luther King, Jr.: I had a dream...
Narrator: -- one year ago on July 15th, 2011,
President Obama got a visit from an icon of the Civil Rights
Movement, Ruby Bridges, who was at the White House to see a
painting that commemorates her personal and historic milestone
hanging on a wall outside of the Oval Office.
Ruby Bridges: The painting depicts my walk in to William
Frantz School integrating the public school systems in 1960.
The President: Can you still put your head back into those years?
Ruby Bridges: Oh, can I. Absolutely.
The President: So you can still kind of go back there?
Ruby Bridges: Definitely, yes.
And I do every day.
Narrator: On Monday, the Vice President spoke to community
leaders representing more than 60 seniors groups from across
the country where he highlighted how the Congressional Republican
Budget would affect the program's middle class
Americans depend on for retirement security.
The Vice President: It's a challenge, a real challenge as a pretense to
dismantle these programs.
And the President and I refuse to shift the burden on the backs
of the people who worked so darn hard their whole life,
who earned their retirement.
Some things are worth fightin' for, folks.
And this is worth fighting for.
Narrator: That evening, the President attended the United States
versus Brazil men's basketball game at the
Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.
The President: All right. I know you guys got to concentrate.
We just wanted to come by, say hello.
Say congratulations.
And you know we couldn't have better representatives for the
United States.
So I know you guys are going to bring back the gold but I also
know you guys will, you know, be just a class act over in London.
But anyway, you guys are going to do great!
Players in Unison: Team USA!
The President: I am making this prediction right now,
Joe Biden's granddaughter, who is named Maisy, Maisy Biden,
will be a Division 1 player and may be in the WNB.
Narrator: On Tuesday, Jon Carson, White House Director of
Public Engagement, joined inspiring women leaders in
the local food movement at a Google+ hangout to hear their
stories and answer their questions in honor of the
unveiling of the 2.0 version of USDA's "Know Your Farmer,
Know Your Food" Compass, an innovative digital guide and
map that highlights USDA-supported local
food projects around the country.
And now...
♪♪ (Drum and Bugle Corps) ♪♪
-- welcome to the East Wing Wednesday!
Your guide to everything that's happening with the First Lady.
Today we travel to Philadelphia for a "Let's Move!" event with
mayors and local elected officials;
then to Birmingham to visit tornado rebuilding sites.
In the morning, the First Lady traveled to Philadelphia where
she joined local elected officials from across the
country to announce public and private sector commitments to
get our kids healthier as a part of her
"Let's Move!" initiative.
Mrs. Obama: It's about supporting leaders like you who are
on the frontlines, our mayors, working to solve our childhood
obesity epidemic so that all of our children in this country can
grow up healthy.
Narrator: Back at 1600, the Domestic Policy Council is hosting a
STEM Master Teacher Roundtable to rollout the
President's proposal for a new National Teacher Corps to
recognize and reward leading educators in science,
technology, engineering and math.
As the First Lady left Philadelphia for Birmingham,
Alabama, President Obama welcomed the 2012 NCA Women's
Basketball Champions Baylor Lady Bears to the White House
to congratulate them on their historic 40-0 season and to
highlight the commitment they've made to their community,
including their work with students and the homeless
in the Waco, Texas area.
The President: What have you've got here?
A little Dr. Peppa'?
Terran Condrey: Yeah.
The President: You all got your own Dr. Pepper brand, huh?
All right, well, that's good.
Let's get a picture with the Dr. Pepper here.
(oohhhs and aahhhs)
There you go.
Hi, how are you?
Jordan Madden: Fine.
The President: What are you giggling about?
Come on.
Have you got another Dr. Pepper for me?
Jordan Madden: Actually, it's the same one, but I just wanted to get my
picture taken with you.
Narrator: Arriving in Birmingham, the First Lady was briefed on
tornado recovery by local officials.
The First Lady visited the state with the President in 2011 just
days after the powerful and devastating storms that damaged
homes and businesses all across Alabama.
And now a year later, she saw the rebuilding progress that's
been made and visited with some of those affected by last year's
tornadoes including the kids of Camp Noah which was created to
help children play, process and heal from
their disaster experience.
Narrator: To find out more information on any of these topics or to
see complete videos of these events,
go to WhiteHouse.gov.
And thanks again for checking out your East and your West
Wing Week!
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