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Highlights of the news today Monday 19th November.
Can Scotland afford the £140 Billion that cessation will cost?
Shop Immigrants encouraged to set up shops 'Rates Free' in Liverpool
Car manufacturer Jaguar to build cars outside the UK
John Puxty on Monday – Ludlow in the Welsh Marshes
Sweden: 87-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten by Gang While Trying to Defend Puppy
All the best? EU Wants Migrants to Take Our Jobs
Spanish turn down EU measures and turn to South America
Five street children die from the cold in Communist China
Egypt's churches have pulled out of Islamic dominated panels writing Egypt’s post-revolt
constitution. Thought for the Day – Eid, Dewali or Christmas?
And finally – Farewell to the Footheads and Pouncefoots!
The SNP, under Alex Salmond, who want independence from Great Britain could find themselves in
a massive fiscal dilemma, in fact £140 billion pounds worth of fiscal dilemma a new report
has shown. The disastrous and treacherous Elections will take place in 2014 and the
Government say that the economic implications of breakup will feature heavily in a ‘No’
campaign to the Scottish independence referendum and Former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling
will be joining forces with the Coalition in a joint-effort to save the 300-year-old
Union More than 30% of Scots back split as a third
of English and Welsh voters quizzed in poll say Scotland should go it alone. The Marxist
SNP is behind cessation which proves they are not a Nationalist party and only one thirds
of Scots are behind change which might reduce even further when the actual fiduciary cost
is known.
Small British businesses and even some Chain Stores are feeling the financial pinch. The
discovery of the 10% retail disaster comes to the fore when Europe is in its next bout
of financial trouble. Consumers are out there but the prices of retail goods are so high
that they are looking for a cheaper option such as local markets and the Internet. Anger
has been sparked in Liverpool over shops in the Anfield/ Kensington area being given a
release of paying rates in the areas which have been flooded with African, Pakistani
and Bangladeshi immigrants. A lone indigenous shop owner commented.'' I've had my shop over
30 years handed down by my father, we never got one release from paying our rates.'' The
'Free Rates' are to encourage foreigners to set up shops and businesses along Liverpool's
Kensington Prescott Road and Sheil Road areas in a 300 yard radius of the Labour Party Base.
A W@8 reporter commented ‘They have done the same thing in London and most large towns
and it is now spreading outward to small towns and malls. The worse immigration gets and
the worse the financial situation gets, it is forming a perfect storm not only for local
discontent but a hell hole of multiculturalism. Where to buy or make British will soon be
only a dream’
Could it be the 'start of the end' for British workers building cars in Britain? Jaguar has
announced its 1 Billion pound deal to build its cars at a new car plant in China. Jaguar
Land Rover have announced they will start manufacturing vehicles in world's largest
automotive market from 2014 after agreeing £1.1bn joint venture with its Chinese partner,
Chery. A ceremonial foundation stone for the plant was laid in Changshu, (Guangzhou) near
Shanghai. Indian owned Tata, owners of Chery also own a JLR assembly plant in India but
Guangzhou is the largest manufacturing base in China, it makes all the cosmetics, clothes
etc for overseas. China is also the third largest growth area in JLR overseas market.
JLR employs 24,000 people in the UK but its overseas ambitions have caused disquiet at
Unite. The union's former general secretary Tony Woodley has expressed concern that the
company's growth ambitions are tailored for Brazil, India, Russia and China and not the
Now I hand you over to our John Puxty for his Monday report around the UK.
Ludlow - border town in the Welsh Marches.
The Shropshire market town of Ludlow lies in a tight bend of the shallow River Teme
situated on a small hill. Ludlow castle dominates the market place. The town is full of medieval
and Tudor style half-timbered houses. The name is derived from Old English "HLUD-HLAW"
which means "loud hill". The "loud" part of the name really refers to the river, which
as the name Teme suggests was actually a series of rapids. Several weirs were built in the
13th century which converted what was a noisy and violent river into a series of quiet contemplative
pools. A 13th century English poem referred to the town as Dinham which is now the name
used for a suburb to the west. Dinham is derived from the Old Saxon name "Dunham" meaning dung
coloured or brown fertile land. By 1306 when the town passed into the hands of Roger Mortimer,
first Earl of March there was a population of 2000 souls. It was an important
centre for the sale of wool and cloth. In 1372 it boasted 12 trade guilds with many
wealthy wool merchants such as Laurence of Ludlow who lived at Stokesay Castle just outside
of the town. In 1377 a pole tax was levied from 1,172 adult residents making Ludlow
the 35th most populous town in England.St Laurence, the parish church, is the largest
church in Shropshire and A.E.Houseman, author of "A Shropshire Lad" is buried here. A mile
north of the town is Ludlow race course which unusually has a road running through it in
3 places. When the horses are running the traffic is stopped. Ludlow is an old English
town where you can walk on the bare bones of its history with every step.
Thank you John.
HELSINGBORG. An 88-year-old confronted an immigrant gang of five who was assaulting
a helpless puppy outside a grocery store. The gang then turned their attention to her,
beating her to the ground and then brutally kicking and punching her until she started
bleeding. The sadistic attack is now sending shock-waves through the once-idyllic small
town of Helsingborg, southern Sweden. On November 12, she was just on her way to the local grocery
store in central Helsingborg to buy coffee as she was confronted with the horrific scene.
‘When I went outside I heard something howling just like a small child crying. I continued
a few steps and saw a few men standing in front of me. I realized that they were beating
a small dog, a black one with a white chest. .’As the 88-year-old grandmother asked the
men, who were ‘speaking a language that she couldn’t understand’, to stop what
they were doing and told them that ‘they should be ashamed of themselves. ‘One of
them came up to me and hit me on the right side of my head and I fell to the ground.
One of the others forced my legs down and then they started kicking me while I was lying
down.’ Helsingborg, which was once an idyllic and
sleepy industrial small town in the heart of Sweden’s southernmost province, has gone
through a rapid transformation to the worse during the last decade. It is now plagued
by a surge in gang-related crime and a deteriorating social situation.
EURO MPs will today call for even looser border controls to encourage a fresh wave of immigration
into Europe — and Britain. They will claim that many areas of the Continent face acute
labour shortages that need to be filled with foreign workers. Proposals include a relaxation
of employment regulations so that millions more migrants — asylum seekers among them
— can take up jobs within the EU, including the UK. The Euro MPs also want Brussels to
discuss further “social security co-ordination” to give migrants greater access to welfare
benefits. The proposals last night triggered fears that Britain will be hit by another
population surge that will wreck the Government’s attempt at restricting annual net immigration.
Tim Aker, of the Euro sceptic campaign group Get Britain Out, said: “While we are in
the EU we don’t control our borders, Brussels does. This shows they don’t care about our
unemployed, who face more competition for British jobs due to mass immigration. “If
you want to get more jobs and control of our borders, we have got to quit the EU.” Mr
Aker added: “Already the UK is seeing net immigration remain over 200,000 per year.
This new EU plan will be little consolation for the one million young unemployed Brits
facing more competition for jobs.
Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy has refused the 75 billion Euro budget cut dictated
by Europe and has called it quite unacceptable. Meanwhile according to World News, the Spanish
are looking to Latin America for a way forward out of the EU recession. Spain, which is one
of the worst hit with its involvement with the European Union, say that its investments
in the early 1990's in South America were very promising and are looking to renew their
business relationship with Latin American countries for the future. Good for the Spaniards!
Five street children who tried to escape the bitter cold in Communist China have been found
dead in a wheelie bin The boys, found in the city of Bijie in the south-western Guizhou
province, are thought to have been aged around 10. They had tried to light a fire in the
metal bin to keep warm in the mountainous region where they lived but Carbon monoxide
from the charcoal they used had killed them while they slept. One Nationalist commented.
'The Communists in China are so busy making money and putting on fancy 'red costumed shows'
and 'military parades' that they don’t care about the millions of hungry children in their
own country. Communism is a two headed folly, keep the people 'equal' in squalor and the
Leaders wives in Bear skin hats and coats. One thing if you are a Communist or a Muslim
no one will ever question your Human Rights!''
Cairo. Egypt’s State television quoted Bishop Pachomious -- the interim head of the Christian
Coptic Orthodox church -- as saying. "Egypt's three churches have withdrawn from the constitutional
assembly," The country's three Christian churches -- the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Coptic
Catholic Church and the Anglican Church -- were represented by only four people on the 100-member
panel, to form Egypt’s new post revolution Constitution.
The Coptic Orthodox church's new Pope, Tawadros II, said after his election last week that
he would reject a constitution if it imposed a religious state in the Muslim-majority country.
"A constitution that hints at imposing a religious state in Egypt is absolutely rejected," he
told journalists a day after he was chosen Pope. A draft of the document published last
month was heavily criticised by local and international rights groups as failing to
protect key rights. President Mohamed Morsi has pledged to allow the Christians equal
rights, but the once banned Muslim Brotherhood to which Morsi belongs has repeatedly said
it wants to gradually impose an Islamic state. Copts, the Middle East's largest Christian
community, suffered an increase in attacks that killed dozens of Christians after the
overthrow of Mubarak, and many opposed Morsi's election in June.
Thought for the Day Eid, Dewali or Christmas? I am going to read a short news item that
was passed to me by our European reporter, and it has incensed me so much that I am writing
a ‘thought’ on the whole situation as I see it. I quote – ‘Battle over Christmas
in Denmark. From "How one local decision created a national 'War on Christmas'"....Christmas
is typically such a festive time, but for one housing association in the Zealand town
of Kokkedal, it has, thus far, been anything but.
It all started when the association’s 9-person board, 5 of whom are Muslim, voted against
having a Christmas tree this year. They apparently balked at the estimated 7,000 kroner price
of the tree, but earlier had no qualms about spending some 60,000 kroner on a party celebrating
the Muslim holiday of Eid.  On BBC radio yesterday, they interviewed some Danish citizens
on the issue.  The first one said that this was a matter of "democracy".  If the association
voted this way, then that was democracy and he was fine with it. Our Reporter thought,
"Huh??"  What if they voted to institute Sharia law in Kokkedal?  Would that be fine
too?  Fact is, no association, no organisation, can vote to contract themselves out of the
laws of the country.  This case clearly was discrimination against Christian beliefs.
‘On the plus side, it does appear to be a wakeup call to the Danes about Islamic supremacism
and separatism.’ OK, seething over with now. But doesn’t
it seem odd that this should be coming from a batch of countries that started the Germanic
idea of Saint Nicholas, trees and presents? In fact if we were just celebrating the Birth
of Jesus we would not celebrate it until February I believe. There has been trouble in this
country over Christmas for the last 10 years. Some of it is our own fault, us Brits. We
have allowed Christmas to become a non religious festival and a purely commercial one. We have
tried to jump on the American bandwagon of toys, festivity and families but have sadly
missed by a mile. We Brits are simply not Americans, we are English with all the faults
that entails. Americans for the most part are derived from Europe, a combination of
Northern and Southern Europeans who celebrate Christmas in varying forms that have stood
the test of time. In the UK I remember Christmas as a family time or rather step family in
my case. I had food that was not imported all the year round and a Satsuma was a real
treat, crackers and presents and no tensions. It seemed that after the WW2 people were grateful
to have survived to enjoy Christmas even though many did not have much or any money to do
so. Nowadays most people have the money to buy a Turkey or presents even though they
might think they do not. Quite ordinary people with ordinary incomes seem to think they should
spend a minimum of £500 per child or adult and think they are hard up if this cannot
be attained. Celeb magazines and even ordinary papers fill their colour supplements with
stupid and outrageous gifts that only rich families in the real world can afford. The
guilt trip over whether you can buy little so and so a huge electric whatever with all
the bells and whistles weights more heavily that the celebration of Christmas itself.
Now we in the UK make nothing for ourselves so the months before Christmas, the entire
time is filled with the importation of various and many luxuries from mainly China and India
– who have no cultural bias towards any religion when it comes to making money. Our
greed keeps these countries afloat all the year round preparing for our Christmas and
yet within our own country this festival is assuming a second rate position with its own
people. It is our own Councillors who allow foreign people to be voted on and as with
everything they also allow themselves to be outvoted when it comes to displaying the main
event of the Christian calendar in public. For years, small towns and villages have been
prevented from ringing church bells and putting up religious decorations and lights in favour
of ‘Elf and Safety’ Reindeers and balls. The Nativity scene is actually nowhere to
be seen any more. The Sally Army are prevented from performing in a large group owing to
Elf and Safety supposedly although how one man can blow a trumpet and sound like a host
of Angels I really do not know. But we have allowed it. I asked way back in Surrey 3 years
ago why the large presence of the band of the Sally army was down to one man and he
said somewhat resignedly it was down to the Council who didn’t think a ‘large group
was conducive to Elf and Safety’. This is obviously coming from the same mindset that
allows hordes of rag heads and pantalooned bastards to gather in their hundreds and shout
abuse – wow I can really see that rule working for some!
My problem is that the powers that be obviously want to recreate Saudi in our green and pleasant
land. They want Eid to be celebrated by all as a sign of our acceptance of what they class
as inevitable or rather out of their hands. Dewali this same and no I personally do not
want to run around semi naked in November pouring red paint over all and sundry it simply
is not Christian or even human in my book. These so called religious festivals of other
cultures belong where the other cultures belong in their countries not in mine.
I do not object to their customs being carried out in their countries so why should we Brits
be so accommodating as to decimate and reduce our religious festival to a money making two
month binge? This reduces Christmas in foreigner’s eyes as to the old adage. If you cannot value
yourself why expect anyone else too? And we Brits do not value our own Christmas in the
spirit it was intended. The media is full of warnings of family rows
and stresses over Christmas, now that makes one really look forward to it doesn’t it?
This additional so called stress mixed with the inevitable money worries and whether you
can provide a meal similar to a feast in the time of Henry 8th on an income certainly not
on a par with good old ‘enry, kids throwing tantrums because they haven’t got what the
brat next door has and the whole essence of Christmas is totally destroyed – align this
with all the sodding pictures of happy families, beautiful, groomed and glamorous mothers and
daughters, smiling babies and everything pricey and tinsel town and even I am about to throw
the towel in. Now somewhere in all of this is a media based
army, telling you that you have to buy everything made in China, do not go to Church, stick
in front of the TV all that holiday, stay in your house in fact and drink yourself stupid
when the kids are in bed. Meanwhile don’t you dare object when posters for Eid and Dewali
are put up, cards for same advertised on the web when you cannot get a Nativity card to
save your life and never, ever question the fact that the decorations in your town or
village get even more ‘acceptable’ to other cultures.
The same media and companies promote Halloween because it is an anti Christian ceremony and
does not promote togetherness or Christianity in any dangerous form. It is also a money
spinner for the third world in its awful and shoddy costumes and geegaws. But us Brits
seem to love it and pay it more attention than Christmas, which just shows how propaganda
works both in education and the media. The truth is we must start celebrating Christmas
for what it is, a family time and a time for thought and luxuries you do not get through
the year. So many times I have heard the phrase from my progeny, ‘Oh I want to spend Christmas
at my home with whomever’ see you before or after’. So much so that I thought this
year I would not put up the tree, well sod that the tree is going up where all can see
it, if my family come round ok, my grandbabies are all grown up and doing their own thing.
Have you noticed that youngsters always do their own thing around Christmas never during
the year? I will dress up and my better half and we will drink to each other and absent
family and friends and of course the Party – because without the British National Party
the festival of Christmas would vanish all together! Bums Up mateys!
And finally – Gotta funny name? Traditional surnames are becoming extinct: farewell to
the Footheads and Pauncefoots. What happened to the Pauncefoots? It’s no good asking
the Bythewoods – they’ve gone as well. Many names, passed down from generation to
generation of Brits for hundreds of years are now becoming extinct, a new book claims.
Names such as Mackmain, Bythewood, Foothead and Pauncefoot are among those thought to
have died out in Britain, and researchers believe thousands more have vanished. Others
are on the brink of extinction, used by just a handful of individuals. Debbie Kennett,
from the guild, said: “There is a continual process by which some names thrive and some
don’t. The inheritance of surnames is purely random. An analysis by Mrs Kennett in her
new book, The Surnames Handbook, has put the number of names now in use in Britain and
Ireland at up to half a million, half of which have been introduced in the past century as
a result of immigration. This presenter says that if you want to name the cause as immigration
over the last 100 years try the last 50 years where there is a massive increase of immigration
from totally different and alien cultures – soon we will all be called Patel or Mohammed’
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.