aetbaar part 7 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 06.04.2009

l have a personal question to ask you now
Yes. That is, if you don't mind
Go ahead - You haven't told me...
how you found my tea
Excellent! The way you talk, l found even better
You can now ask me a question
How did l find it to be here. - How?
Very nice. l feel as if l've found the family l had lost
You've cast a spell on everyone
lt's a different thing with your mother
But looks like your Papa doesn't like me
You're still sitting here like this? Aren't you going to change?
Not right
What? What's not right?
This boy's not right for Ria
l know what you're thinking about
That he's still not self-sufficient. Right?
But it's all going to be okay
What is most important is that he'll keep Ria happy
We aren't getting them married immediately anyway
Once he starts earning enough...
lt has nothing to do with earnings. - So what is the matter?
l see. You're worried that you will have to separate from your daughter
You're already about sad how you will manage without Ria?
That's not the matter, Sheetal!
l have seen this boy somewhere
Where, l do not know
But l do know so much
The things associated with him... aren't good at all
They aren't good at all
Enough! Boss, Auto Trader is here. Time for you to get to work
He calls himself a car-salesman, but he's plain phony
One minute, one minute. How will we steal it from here?
lf a customer wants a new car, where else will he go?
What's your plan? - Just that...
there is no plan. - What?
What are you doing, Aryan? Have you gone mad?
Don't go in there, Aryan! Where are you going? Wait... !
lf you want to spend time in jail, come with me, l'll arrange it
Wait there, Aryan. Listen to me!
Hey! What's happening here?
Hey! Who is it?
Debu, get the car keys!
Get the keys!
Move it! Hurry up!
Get the keys! Give it to me!
Give me the keys. - Hurry, Aryan...
it hurts! l'm bleeding like mad! Take me to the hospital!
lt hurts... - Skip the melodrama
You know how much this hurts? And you're joking
You guys went to sell the car! - Smartass!
Where'd we get the money, if we hadn't sold the car?
This is a five-star hospital
The nurse is as beautiful as an air-hostesses
When she gives you a dressing with her soft hands... it'll be fun!
Move it. Time for your operation
What happened to him? Sit down here
Some guys use the finger, this chap shoved the whole arm inside!
Show me the wound. - l bled two buckets!
Get this injection from the chemist downstairs
How much is it worth? - l'll go and get it
The good news is that there won't be a need to bandage your face again
But how about these scars, doctor? - They'll go away, gradually
l'll prescribe some creams and tablets for you
Come and see me in a week's time. Everything will be fine
All right
Doctor! lt's him...
What happened? - That man...
What happened?
This is the man who brought me to this state, doctor!
Catch him! Don't let him get away!
l've become the captain of the Cricket team!
That's not happening, Ria! Give me a hug!