Clemson Tour

Uploaded by ClemsonUniversity on 27.04.2010

(Morgan Milano) We are standing outside of the 1944 Visitors’
Center, and it is connected to the Alumni Center here at Clemson. We hope that you will
come and visit it, and leave an alumnus.
Right now we are standing on Bowman Field. And this is really a center hub of campus.
If it was later in the day, you’ll see people laying out, playing Frisbee, and playing soccer,
football, whatever they like. And you get wireless right on Bowman Field.
We like to think of Clemson’s campus as a bull’s eye. The center would be the library.
And the next ring, is the academic buildings. The next ring is the residence halls, and
then we have parking.
And then we have Brackett. This is kind of the “-ology” building: Sociology, geology.
Then we have Hardin, which is now the home to the history department, but you can’t
really see the name, like I said, because all the trees are in full bloom. But it’s
this building right here; that’s the first academic building on Clemson’s campus.
Thomas and Anna had three children. However, they outlived all three of them. So when deciding
what to do with their property, they decided to donate it to the state in the form of a
land-grant college. That is how Clemson was created. We are a public university; 14,000
undergrad, and 17,500 with graduate students.
And there’s nothing like Clemson on game day. We are said to have the 25 most exciting
seconds in college football, when our tigers rub the rock and run down the field.
These have tile floors and a sink in each room, as opposed to the other side of campus:
have carpets and no sinks.
And this building right here, Riggs, is another engineering, general engineering building.
When we pass by, I want you to look up, and if you can see those little gargoyle kind
of looking things on the top – those are said to be the faces of the professors giving
their first engineering exams.
On the 5th floor we have a coffee shop, and that is open until 1AM, so a lot of times,
the late night study, you can get that extra boost of energy.
Academic Success Center. That is a resource for all students here at Clemson. It’s free
tutors for their students.
We have, obviously, the East Side Food Court that we just walked by. We have a Barnes and
Noble’s bookstore, and that’s where you can order your textbooks. We also have McKissick
theatre, which is a movie theatre on campus for students, with either free or super-cheap
tickets. And they have different programs and movies going all the time.
It has bunk beds, but most people are going to loft both beds, put a futon under one,
and a TV on top of a mini-microfridge.
One of the football games last year, he dressed up as the tiger mascot, and every time our
team scores, the tiger does pushups, however many points we get. So President Barker jumped
on and did his pushups and everything! So it was super-fun. And he helps with move-in
day, and everything like that.
There is no place like Clemson, and especially on game day. So this really concludes the
formal part of our tour. I am going to be walking back up to the Visitors’ Center,
so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on the way.