[Eng Sub] Super Junior Show Ryeowook Diary Part 3

Uploaded by yeeyan94 on 02.08.2010

It seems like I need to go out and play more often
Sungmin who is more nervous
Sungmin hyung who is normally relaxed is also getting nervous
You will have good luck
Me too?
Same with him
A female friend will appear at the beggining of march
Just left a few days
Just hide, Sungmin hyung
There will also be 2 people appearing at August
It's really sad
Then the two of us will have fortune
We're so happy that we feel like floating in the air
Thank you
It turn out really good
The good fortunes were unusual
The most mysterious is 7/11
It's not good until 6/11. It's actually still good in one way
Although I doen't believe. But just still believe a little bit
The good things start from 2006. It'll be good.
Super Junior that start to received love at 2006
So, I'll believe this time
I'm still Super Junior Ryeowook. Please give us much love
I'll work harder to earn more love from eveyone
Me too, me too
Just in a short while, we're leaving for our next schedule
See you later
It's KM. It's KM
I will be headin to our next schedule with Sungmin hyung, Donghae hyung
I'm Super Junior magnae Ryeowook
Although ther's much more I wanted to learn from my hyungs and also things I need to learn, things I want to learn
But with my passion, I won't lose to my hyungs
Although my love for music seems insignificant
But as long as I have the heart, I will continue to move forward
As Super Junior magnae Ryeowook and future composer
I pray for myself a better future