The only survivor from Baghdad massacre كلمة الاميرة بديعة للعراقيين

Uploaded by tarahamdi on 27.02.2011

Not one year ever passed..
without bloodshed in Iraq..
[without Iraqis] hanged..
and hanged on the gallows..
and yet history never forgets..
as long as the moon keeps rising..
as long as the eyes keep seeing..
I want the Iraqis..
to know how much they had tortured..
my brother..
Why did they do that to him? for what?
He was not their enemy..
14 years of his youth..
14 years he gave them for Iraq..
where he worked diligently with love and pride..
He never made enemies nor oppressed anyone..
Why did they do that to us?
Why do this to us - we the great grandchildren of Prophet Mohammed?
And why Faisal, a young bridegroom?
A boy who was only 23 years old..
got killed just like that for nothing?
Was it worth it?
What you did was exactly the same thing..
that you had done to Hussain [grandchild of Prophet Mohammed]..
Hussain, our great grandfather..
O Iraqis: Why?
Oh Iraqis, I am asking you: Why?
Do you think we deserved it?
to have our entire family slaughtered?
Until today I don't know where the tombs of my mother, sister and brother are..
Where did they bury the pieces of their torn bodies?
Do you think we deserve this..
when we have never killed anyone??
nor stolen anything nor even threatened anyone?
I don't know what to say anymore..
Do we deserve to endure all this?
Did my brother deserve all this?
What did he do to you for God's sake?
Just tell me, what did he do to you?
He was an innocent man..
He never got drunk like what they said about him in the TV..
I swear to God I never saw him drunk on any day..
This is all what i want to say..
What do you want me to tell the Iraqis?
To forgive them for what they did to me?
I cannot forgive..
Translated by Tara Hamdi ترجمة تارا سليم حمدي