Special Effects Stage (Full Show) Universal Studios Hollywood

Uploaded by sharpproductions on 09.01.2011

Hello everybody and welcome to the Special Effects Stage
at Universal Studios Hollywood!
I am Kurt, and I'll be your host for this whirlwind
tour of motion picture special effects.
You know, Motion pictures themselves are just one big special effect.
It's true. Because moving pictures don't actually move.
You see movies are made up of a series of single frames;
thousands of still images that run in a sequence.
So when you view that sequence
in the right order in the right light
at the right speed
you get moving pictures!
You may not know this, but Universal has been making
movies on this location for over a hundred years.
Turning out some of the most memorable
film moments in the history of Hollywood.
Hold on to your butts.
Come on huh? Ahhhh!
You see some of your favorites up there?
Everyone of those Universal Films
and in each one of those clips special effects.
Now since the dawn of movies there have been visual effects.
And although technology's come a long way since the early days of film,
the basic concept behind them still remains the same:
to make you the audience believe that everything you see is real.
And for over a century now Universal effects wizards
have made us believe that fairy tales can come true,
that dinosaurs still roam the earth,
and that cute cuddly little aliens live among us.
Now to help me demonstrate a bunch of these
techniques lets welcome back my colleague Alegra!
Alegra: Hi everyone! Hi!
Kurt: Alegra?
Alegra: Hey, Kurt, hey.
Kurt: Come on out.
Kurt: Oh, I thought you were supposed to come out over here.
Alegra: Wow. Kurt this is great what is this?
Kurt: Oh this, this, this my friend is a Petty Phone Magic Lantern
It's one of the earliest projection devices from Universal's archives.
I thought it'd be a great way to showcase the studio's special effects legacy.
Alegra: Nice! We're still going to talk about state of the art techniques right?
I mean computer generated imagery and you know motion capture?
Kurt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure.
Yeah I just want them to look at the classic practical effects first.
Alegra: Why?
Kurt: Well I think a lot of us prefer the ingenuity,
the craftsmanship of some of the old techniques.
Alegra: Really, who?
Kurt: Me. Me for instance.
Alegra: Oh okay that's cool.
Kurt: No I mean it takes a real artist to make a miniature model,
anyone can work a computer.