Mauvaises Fréquentations (1999)

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Come on, Delphine, get up.
Five more minutes.
Three, and no more.
Have you passed out?
Okay, okay, I've finished!
You'll use all the water!
I'm sorry. I didn't see anything.
Don't call me that!
- You need to eat something... - I'm not hungry.
You will be by 10:00.
What have you done with my keys?
Drink your chocolate at least.
He's not here yet.
Have a good first day back. See you tonight.
- Know where 4C is? - Over there.
We're over there.
Hi, Justin!
- I'm glad to see you. - Me, too.
- Get my letters? - Yes. Get my card?
Thanks, I loved it.
Good holiday?
Useless. The only cinema showed turkeys.
I'm your math teacher and your main teacher this year.
Any questions about the timetable?
We only have two hours of classes on Friday.
Couldn't we...
Come in!
I missed my bus.
You're the new girl?
Olivia Monti?
Jesus, look at her.
Sit down. There's a place at the back.
Any more questions?
- Could we open the windows? - They're open at the back.
You all have Pythagoras?
Let's get straight to the point.
We'll start with the first chapters on equalities.
Page 18.
x squared plus 2ab gives us 10x...
plus b squared gives us 25. Okay?
The remarkable equality only helps...
- Coming to the movies on Sunday? - What's on?
Dog Day Afternoon.
I've seen it. He holds up a bank to pay for his wife's operation.
She's a transvestite.
No, she's a woman.
You're sure?
Lend me your pencil-sharpener.
Thank you.
What's your name again?
Dorothée Sinclair.
- Come up here. - Why me?
Why not? What's going on back there?
She's got her finger stuck!
- Take her to the nurse. - It hurts!
Can I do anything?
Yeah. Shut it.
- Hello. - What's wrong, Delphine?
It's not me. She's got her finger stuck.
- Does it hurt? - Yeah!
How did you do it?
Get it off!
I don't know what to do.
- I'll fetch my husband. - Or my father?
- Why? - He's a doctor.
- Okay? - Take this back.
"What does being an adult mean?" The subject didn't inspire you.
Did it, Florent? 3 out of 20.
Benjamin, don't laugh. 5 isn't much better.
Maité, 6 out of 20.
Natacha, watch your spelling. 10.
"I'll drive." Thrilling.
8 out of 20.
"I'll be able to stay out as late as I want."
8 out of 20.
A lovely essay.
I've given you 18.
Will you read it out?
I'd rather not.
- Shall I read it then? - If you like.
"Being an adult"...
I'd like to read it after all. Please.
This is for someone I love.
She's got a nerve!
Could Dorothée go out? She bothers me.
Are you kidding?
Out, or I'll send you to the headmaster.
Be quiet, please!
For Linda...
"Being an adult means no longer dreaming.
"It means the journey's over.
"You put down your bags.
"It means becoming resigned...
"no longer desiring, but accepting things.
"I'd like never to become an adult...
"and keep thinking life lies ahead...
"that everything's possible.
"I'd like never to stop...
"to be at the start of things like at dawn.
"Believe it will start anew tomorrow...
"that life will be beautiful and changing.
"A child dreams of the life he'll have.
"The adult mourns the life he missed.
"Can we ever become adults...
"or should we die before it's too late?"
- Hi. - Hi.
I just wanted to say I loved your essay.
Thanks, but I didn't write it.
My sister did.
- How old is she? - She's dead.
I never had such a beautiful letter.
I could have written every word of it myself.
I didn't read it. I felt it, I lived it. You're my reincarnation.
You know, I don't know why I sent it.
Look, I'm the queen of dumb bitches.
You saw we were similar.
I thought you were cooler than those other sluts...
but you're middle-class all the same.
I mean, this is telepathic.
I read we all have two doubles in the world.
One identical physically, the other mentally.
You're my double. That's why you wrote to me.
What's your sign?
You don't look it. I'm Libra, rising sign Leo.
I live with my mom. Dad left with some bimbo.
I hate her. I hate him, too.
I've had four guys:
Louis, Vincent, Miguel, and Patrick, my current boyfriend.
I'm no slut, I'm not all that keen on sex.
What I like is when they hold me tight.
Sometimes, I get so cold here...
and, I don't know...
if no one comes to warm me up a bit...
I think I'll shrivel up and vanish.
Think that's dumb?
Move it! Hurry!
Here, a present!
- What is it? - Nirvana, my favourite.
- Does stealing shock you? - No.
Look what I got for The Leader on Saturday.
- Do you go often? - Every week.
Mum works nights so I can stay till dawn.
- You go with Patrick? - No, we split up.
I'm single again.
You ought to come. How about this Saturday?
Come on, it'll be great.
I don't know. My parents wouldn't like it.
Look out!
Building B. This is it.
Should I come up with you?
- I'll look pathetic. - I'd prefer it.
What if she'd come with her mum?
- It wasn't the evening. - Nor was it this place.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Come in.
Olivia's in her room.
Knock harder! She can't hear you.
Come in!
What do you think of my room?
It's my sister's room, in fact.
I decorated it the same.
I don't know. I always liked her room.
Is that her?
Yeah, two years ago, at Fine Arts School.
She was at Fine Arts?
For 10 days. She killed herself on her 20th birthday.
I still can't understand why she did it.
The last thing she wrote was:
"The scope of our solitude is only equaled by that of our thoughts."
That's beautiful.
She was so talented. As a writer and as a painter.
This is the only painting she left.
My 13th birthday present.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Brilliant, you mean. It's my most precious belonging.
Even if we were homeless, I wouldn't sell it.
I bet it's really valuable.
Come in!
I'm off to work. Your supper's in the kitchen.
Don't stay up too late.
She doesn't want me here.
She's always like that.
- Are you going like that? - No, I brought this.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Hi, Olivia.
- Want to dance? - No.
- You've got one thing missing. - What?
A brain.
Okay, guys?
- Hi, T-Rex. - Don't call me that!
- Just kidding. - What's up?
I'm getting nowhere.
It's the weather.
Hold on...
How about her over there?
That girl over there...
She's a fucking dog!
- Looks don't count. - What a jerk.
He's going...
Sorry I'm late.
- Hi, Alain. - Hi, Agnès.
Didn't we say 1 1:00?
Yeah, but I'm here now.
You almost found me gone.
You're sulking because I'm late?
You're always late!
You should've turned up at 1 2:00 then.
Change the subject, okay?
- Go on, don't mind me! - Don't start again!
He brought you?
No, but he'll drive me home if you carry on.
Yeah, I don't have wheels.
You really piss me off!
Go on!
He looked at me. I thought hard and he looked.
-Who? -That guy. Not so obvious!
- In the jacket? - No. Here he comes.
- Want to dance? - Yeah...
Want to dance?
No thanks.
I've been watching you.
You have?
My pal's with your friend.
He looks nice.
He's a good dancer.
What's your name?
Nice name.
I don't like it.
You ought to.
Want to dance with me?
It's just not my day.
- I've never danced before. - What?
I've never danced.
Come on.
Delphine! Where were you?
- Dancing. - Who with?
Some guy.
This is Alain. Delphine's my best friend.
We're off. Want to stay longer?
Guys who cry at films are wet.
No, not at all.
I love it when they meet and you know they'll fall in love.
It's brilliant when they dance.
But you know it's all going to end in tragedy.
Simone Signoret's so beautiful!
When she wakes him, she's like an apparition.
You know Becker worked for Jean Renoir?
It's amazing when the car blows up.
A car doesn't blow up in the film.
- I'm sorry. - I was just testing you.
All my talk about films bores you, right?
I met a boy last night. I think I'm in love.
- I keep thinking about him. - You love him then.
Ever been out with a girl?
Yeah, three times.
Three girls or three times with the same one?
I don't like talking about it.
Sorry. I don't either. Shall we go?
Where were you? I've been looking everywhere. Guess what?
We're invited for New Year's Eve.
- Who by? - Alain.
He's invited us to a party held by Laurent's brother.
He said you could come.
Laurent's his friend from The Leader?
The one going out with that cow Agnès Calvet.
I had a fight with her once.
Have they been together long?
- Why? Interested? - No way!
My parents won't agree.
I'll handle them.
We'll dance, talk... They're decent people.
Can I?
You're not even 15 yet...
I understand. You hear things.
When I have kids, I'll be scared, too.
What do your parents say?
I live with my mum.
She worries a lot like you.
But we've got this deal.
She gives me just enough freedom...
and in return, I don't screw up, to keep her happy.
You must get on well.
She has enough problems, raising me alone.
She doesn't need hassle from me.
We'll see.
We've wangled it. "We'll see" means yes.
If not, they're jerks.
Not much room, huh?
Light off?
You leave the shutters?
I don't like total darkness.
Good night.
May I?
I've got cold feet, huh?
What're you thinking?
That I'm glad you're here.
Me, too.
What're you thinking about?
About Alain.
You love him?
I don't know.
But when we sleep together, he drives me wild.
He's got 100 fingers!
That's all I'm telling you.
I go crazy every time.
Yes, but do you love him?
I don't know. He's really sweet.
He's different with others.
I'm like that.
I'm only really myself with you.
That's really dumb. It's pathetic.
You're so generous, sensitive, cute and all that...
It's as if you don't want people to know.
You're like Zorro!
- Zorro? - Yes, you're Zorro.
What are they doing?
They're going to make us late.
Here we are!
Help me. They've been in the bathroom 2 hours!
We're ready.
What do you think?
It's a bit of a shock...
but you're very pretty.
You look great, really good!
Come on.
Let's go.
Don't look so grim, it's only a party.
Hi, girls. I'm Fabrice, Laurent's brother.
You're his friends?
Laurent's at the bar.
Cut it out, there's other girls around.
Girls keep saying all guys want is sex.
Girls are worse. They only want to fuck you over.
Look at Delphine!
- Your brother's cool. - You don't know him.
He's in a foul mood tonight.
Come on, Olivia.
What does your brother do?
He's a student and acts like my dad.
Want a drink?
What is it?
Punch. Know what punch is?
Alain's right, I'm no fun tonight.
I hate New Year parties. They get me down.
- How about you? - A little.
This is my last. Next year, I'll be far away.
Kingston. You don't know Kingston?
It's in Jamaica.
Bob Marley's country.
I have to get there or I'll die.
Will your parents let you go?
I hardly ever see Dad. He lives in Paris.
He's got a wife and kids.
I wish he'd forget us.
He pays our upkeep and bitches about it.
And your mother?
She took off when I was 2.
My grandparents raised my brother and me.
They lived here.
- You never see her? - My mum?
From time to time.
She's in Australia.
A real soap opera, huh?
You don't like it?
I do, it's great.
I never tell people all that.
Are you still mad at me?
What for?
At The Leader. When I kissed you.
I'd had a fight with Agnès, my girlfriend.
I understand.
It's over now. She's cleared off.
Wait here.
Hear that? It's Bob Marley, for you. Want to dance?
7, 6, 5...
4, 3, 2, 1 ...
We're going to Alain's. His parents are out.
Where are they?
They've gone.
Happy New Year.
Want to go for a walk?
I fell asleep.
You think I'm stupid?
- We were worried sick. - Mum...
The punch made me doze off with Laurent.
That's his name, Laurent.
René, calm down.
"Calm down"? You thought she was dead!
Dad, I promise...
No more promises!
I wanted to trust you, I'm disappointed.
I thought you were cool but you're an old fart!
I hate you!
Say it, you think it's my fault.
I'll never be a slave.
- How? - By making money.
Money makes you free.
You have to study hard.
My cousin did a degree...
he's smart and he's on some low-paid internship!
Students end up unemployed.
If you're so smart...
what'll you do?
I'm going away, far away.
It's better there?
We've got a plan, Laurent and I.
Do we tell them?
I already told you. We're going to Jamaica.
Yeah? That's brilliant!
- When? - This summer, if it works out.
You'll stop working for your dad?
What about us?
You could come, too. Why not?
Yeah, why not?
Go somewhere else. We're watching this!
Can we use your room?
Yeah, feel free.
You don't like it?
I do...
Is that lie true?
I swear.
What if they come back?
No chance of that.
Don't be ashamed.
You're beautiful, really beautiful.
Want to suck me off?
I don't know.
I love you.
About time!
You were due at 7:00.
I missed my bus.
Let's eat then, I'm starving.
- Okay? - Fine.
Hand me your plate.
What did you and Olivia do today?
We watched TV.
You could have gone out.
Did you have a good time?
I'm not in, okay?
Just a second.
Who is it?
Who's Laurent?
Want to meet at the park at 3:00?
Hold on:::
I had a great time this afternoon:
Justin called earlier.
Are you going to the movie tomorrow?
Before, when I saw people in love, I hated them.
I thought it would never happen to me, that I'd always be alone.
You've had loads of girlfriends.
It was different.
- It was different. - Tell me!
I don't know. It was different.
Do you ever think of nothing?
All the time. I never think.
There's always something.
You think too much.
Know what I do when things get too intense?
Just a second.
Screw you all! All of you!
We're leaving, you won't piss us off then!
Come on.
Go on, try it.
What? Go on.
They can't hear you. Say it.
I love Laurent!
She loves me!
Hi, Justin.
- You didn't come? - I forgot to call you.
It was great, 12 Monkeys, by the guy who made Brazil.
- I saw a movie, too. - What?
Some Van Damme movie.
I didn't see much. I was with my boyfriend, Laurent.
- Second year? - No, at the pool.
Shit, I forgot!
See you, cocksucker!
Why do you call her that?
She used to suck Gilles off anywhere.
Sucking a guy off isn't wrong.
You suck T-Rex off?
You know we split up!
There's three kinds of girls.
Sluts who suck for fun, for money, and girls who don't.
Where were you?
Shit, I have to see my dad.
Dorothée said something...
What's that cow said now?
Sluts suck guys for fun or money and decent girls don't.
What's the problem?
Laurent asked you to?
Did you do it?
All I know is...
some decent girls suck guys off for love.
Wait here for me. I won't be long.
How about dinner?
Mom's waiting. Got the cheque?
We can't go on like this.
You owe us upkeep till I'm 18, in two years.
I don't mean that.
Why are you like this?
Want to know how mum is?
Want to know how Sandrine is?
You never come 'round.
I've got to go.
I just want to talk to my daughter.
Is that too much?
How's your mum?
Not great since some asshole dumped her when Linda died.
I loved Linda, too. I loved her like you.
I didn't scream like your mum, I didn't flay my skin...
but I really loved her.
I loved her but I decided to survive.
I left because I couldn't live in a cemetery like your mum.
I'm 45, Olivia.
Can you stop living at 45?
Don't touch me!
Just look at you!
Be brave and look at yourself. All your clothes...
belonged to your sister!
Even your looks and perfume. You're a copy!
I'd rather copy her than a jerk like you.
- Okay? - Don't ask!
He's a fucking jerk!
- Want to come to my place? - No.
I'll show you something I never showed anyone.
We used to live here.
- Scared of heights? - No.
Don't! It's dangerous.
It's okay, I'm used to it.
You wanted me to see this?
Yeah. My sister jumped from here.
There's still a small red stain down there.
Stop it!
I come here to meditate, to think about her.
I never told anyone.
Come here.
Triangles ABC and AMN have A as their common point.
The second is that M's position to AB...
is identical to N's to AC.
So if BC is parallel to MN...
we can say...
that AN over AB...
is equal to AN over AC.
There's a fight outside!
Get back to your seats!
Miss Vitrac, stay here!
Lie down, you have to rest.
- I want to go. - Your mother's on her way.
What about Laurent?
I hope we don't see him again. Lie down now.
Can I have some water?
Of course you can.
Are you hurt?
What happened?
He took the piss in front of everyone...
and they all laughed.
Stop it!
Dad wants me to go to Paris.
He wants to set me straight.
You're leaving?
Why not?
You'll be rid of me, too.
Why do you say that?
My brother's right.
I fuck things up.
I don't need anyone.
I need you.
You'll soon have had enough, you'd better go now.
Why are you like this? Why don't you want me to love you?
Because I don't love you, okay?
Your "I love you's" piss me off. Know what love is for me?
Nothing but shit! It's lies, nothing!
Get out! Go!
I'm sorry.
Don't be afraid.
I'll always be here.
I'll do anything for you.
You're still up?
I was waiting for you.
I fell in the schoolyard.
They sent me home but I went to see a movie and fell asleep. Sorry.
- Want something to eat? - No.
I'm not hungry, just thirsty.
- Where's Dad? - He's sleeping.
I told him you were staying at Olivia's.
Thank you.
No need to look for trouble.
Where did you fall?
Let me see.
Nasty bump...
How did it happen?
There was a fight.
I tried to see and got knocked down.
Why didn't you wait for me?
They called you? You came? They didn't tell me.
The nurse said she did.
I can't really remember. I was a bit woozy.
- Try to lie properly. - I'm not lying!
The boy who fought with a teacher...
Was he the one who called?
Laurent, is that right?
Is he your boyfriend?
Has he hurt you?
Why won't you tell me?
I know mothers are useless...
but all the same...
I love you, I can take anything.
Hi, Alain.
Okay, Laurent? You're early.
Hello, sir.
I hear you screwed up again.
You don't care now but you'll regret leaving school later.
Why? Did you?
What'll you do now?
I'll see.
- Can I go, Dad? - Where?
To a movie, then I'll sleep at his place.
- Your mum knows? - I told her.
All right then.
- Be on time tomorrow. - Don't worry.
Dad says he can start paying me soon.
We can start saving.
You'll always work here?
You know me, I love cars.
You want to end up like your dad? Don't you want to...
No, but...
You're scared?
You want to stay?
Hand me the towel.
Don't let me down. If my dad takes me back, I'll do myself in.
Cut the crap.
It's not crap.
He's got 2 months to decide...
so we have that long to get to Jamaica.
Shit, we need 20,000 francs!
Let's get one-way tickets.
My dad'll kill me!
And where will we get the dough?
Know what guys at school dream of?
They're all sex-obsessed.
They're all virgins and all dream of getting sucked off.
We get them to pay 50 francs per blowjob.
20,000 divided by 50?
With 400 blowjobs, we can get to Jamaica.
Who does them?
Who do you think?
You're nuts. Only Vincent would pay you to blow him!
You won't get me to do it!
You're pulling my leg, right?
I didn't mean us.
You're sick. We become hookers to pay for the trip?
If the guys at school were gay, I'd do it.
I just want us to go and be happy.
- This way? - Want me to hold up a bank?
You'd need balls for that!
Let go! You agree with this?
- Stop! - I want us to stay together.
We're out of here!
If you go, it's for good.
Get out of our lives!
You really fooled me!
Get off our backs!
Delphine, wait!
Don't go, please.
Delphine, stay!
- Hello, Gran. - Hello, dear.
It's nice to have you on your own.
Were you in love at my age?
No, not until I was 20, with your grandfather.
But imagine you're my age and you're in love...
and you split up after he asked you to do something you didn't want to.
And I'm sad...
and think I should have done it?
If you don't want to, don't force yourself.
If he loves you, he'll wait.
One day, you'll do whatever it is naturally.
- And you'll take your precautions. - It's not that.
Of course.
You know, Delphine, love can make you do anything.
At 20, I dropped everything for your grandfather.
He asked you to?
I couldn't live without him.
It was wartime.
He joined the Resistance with two friends.
I followed him.
People said I was mad to risk it...
but I loved him, I was with him.
He was arrested...
tortured and didn't talk.
They cut two of his fingers off.
Do you miss him?
It's Delphine. Is Laurent there?
Laurent's done something dumb:
Don't speak.
I'm here now.
We'll leave, you'll see.
You're sick! You know what we'd be?
Whores! Want to be a whore?
I must be dreaming!
Know what my life was like before I met you?
Everything scared me.
I had lice once and was so ashamed...
I told no one until the whole family had them, too.
My cousin just came out and said so.
It was easy for her.
It's easy for everyone but me.
What's this got to do with lice?
I never imagined I could be this happy.
If I'd known before, I couldn't have lived.
I can't live without him, I just can't.
Calm down, okay!
I want to live love to the fullest.
I'll do anything for him.
If he asked me to chop two fingers off, I would!
You're totally mad!
I'm proud of being mad!
It's all right.
We've told a lot of guys.
Most are interested.
We said blowjobs only, nothing more.
We'll have someone at the door to avoid trouble.
T-Rex will do it.
He wants to be paid in kind.
Two blowjobs a week.
I'd rather die than suck him off!
I'll do it.
We'll pick ten guys each day.
Five for each of you.
Between 5:00 and 6:30 in the park toilets.
We should be through by Easter.
But you can back out...
Booked the tickets yet?
I'm handling it.
You need a deposit so we need to start.
I like the "we."
When do we start?
Olivia, wait!
- What? - I need to talk to you!
I'll wait downstairs.
I didn't want this, okay?
I don't care whose idea it was.
I'm doing it for Delphine, not you.
We're finished!
- Wait... - Piss off!
Don't forget these.
We can't do this...
Five minutes! Give them a breather.
Go on in.
Got a light?
Hold on, almost there.
It's cold, that's why.
Can't you help me?
How was it?
She stood alone against everyone, against Creon, her uncle...
who's also the king.
"Your happiness sickens me...
"like your lives.
"You're like dogs, licking everything.
"We must never be too demanding.
"But I want everything immediately, or I won't accept it."
"I won't be silent. I want to know how to be happy, too.
"Tell me now because I must choose now.
"You say life is sweet."
"...he must not turn pale when I do.
"He must not think me dead if I'm five minutes late.
"He must not feel alone or hate me for laughing, without his knowing why.
"If he has to play the lover for me and learn to say yes...
"then I no longer love him."
You walk fast. I want a word.
- I'm in a hurry. - Five minutes.
What do you want?
It's not easy. Don't interrupt.
I'm taking Virginie Clavaut out.
- You're in love? - It's not that.
I'll be 15 soon. But it's not her I love.
What I mean is...
It's you I love. I loved you at 8, I'll love you at 80.
I know you love Laurent. I'm too young.
I only talk about movies to avoid other subjects.
I'm not asking you to love me.
- All I want is... - What?
I'd like you to kiss me on the lips. Even if I disgust you.
I want my first kiss to be with a girl I love.
I don't want Virginie to be my first kiss.
You don't know me. You shouldn't ask me that.
Thank you.
Hello, Olivia.
It's nice to see you.
- Looking for Delphine? - No, for you.
I have a friend who'd like to know...
How much is this worth?
Did your friend paint it?
No, her sister did.
Do you want me to be frank?
Yes, it's not for me anyway.
It's not worth much.
It has all kinds of influences...
but nothing new.
So how much is it worth?
I don't know. 500 francs maybe.
Have I hurt your feelings?
I have to go.
Will you do something for me?
- Never tell Delphine I came here. - Why?
Let's not do anything.
I feel dirty.
You're not dirty.
You'll never be dirty.
You're the purest girl I know.
You'll see, when we go...
I'll make you happy.
All the time. You'll have everything you want.
I want nothing.
I want nothing.
I just want you to love me.
Say it.
Say you love me.
Are you okay?
Think of the people you love.
Think of Jamaica.
The people I love are you.
The capital of Slovenia?
Are you listening? The capital of Slovenia?
I don't know.
Make an effort, please.
I slept with Alain again.
- It went badly. - You couldn't do it?
No, he couldn't manage it.
It's over, I know I don't love him.
Don't say that.
You must love him or you wouldn't have tried again.
Look at me. I've lost 8 pounds!
I can't go on.
Hang on in there.
It'll soon be over.
I'm scared.
I don't know how you can be so strong.
Dinner's ready!
We're on our way!
Got the tickets?
- Show the girls, they'll be pleased. - No.
- Don't tell them. - Why not?
- I didn't get them tickets. - You're kidding.
How'll we live if all the money goes on the flight?
By making them do blowjobs?
We can't do this. It's sick.
Are you stupid?
You thought we could go together after this?
Open your eyes, Alain. We're scum.
Real scum. We can't turn back now.
- You make me sick. - The world's full of deceit!
It's the only way to make it.
But why them?
It could have been others.
You can't wreck it all!
It would be worse if we left. They'd split within ten days.
You'll ruin her life.
She'll get over it.
Everyone does.
You have to live with your shit.
Does Olivia still love you?
Is the sex still as good?
It'll be a great honeymoon.
I'll never let you down, Alain.
You're my only pal.
You're my only family.
Olivia Monti and Delphine Vitrac are cocksucking sluts
Quiet, please!
Come in.
What are you doing here?
I've come to fetch you.
He's making you do it.
Come with me.
I'll kill him!
You ought to kill me, it was my idea.
He'd never make me do this.
I love him. You must understand that.
Were you doing this when you kissed me?
- It's usually Olivia... - She's busy.
You can wait...
No, let's go.
Fuck, the cops!
Police, nobody move!
Let go, I've done nothing!
Fucking let go!
Nobody move!
Cut it out!
Let go of me!
Let go of her!
I don't know those girls.
They can suck their guys off if they want.
They're minors.
That's not my problem.
I think it is.
You know the Vitrac girl a little.
You're looking at 5 years inside.
It was him...
He's the one who did it.
We wanted to leave and...
You were kissing in the toilets...
We can do what we want.
Did it have to be there?
Our parents don't like them.
So we hid.
We didn't want to...
But they said it would take less time.
It wasn't them.
Nor Olivia. She didn't want to do it.
If she hadn't, I'd have done it alone.
She agreed as a friend.
This is the booking.
Two returns to Kingston, 10,400 francs.
They paid a 4,000-franc deposit. For two tickets.
That's not true! You're lying!
They booked four tickets.
"Laurent worked it out. 5 blowjobs each a day...
"5 days a week and in 7 weeks, they had the money to leave..."
See, she's told us everything.
There's no reason to protect them.
They're bastards.
Did you hit Olivia?
Come in, Olivia.
It's not true. You didn't tell them all this?
They only bought two tickets.
Those shits only bought two tickets! Fucking listen to me!
He loves me.
Can you do that to someone you love?
What is it you want?
What's the sense in saying it was you?
Everyone says the opposite.
Laurent didn't want me to. It was my idea.
What's the sense in it, for God's sake?
Let go of me!
Leave me alone!
Stop it, René.
Get lost!
I'd like to see Olivia.
I must see her, please...
She's not here. She left an hour ago.
They've changed the lock.
It's me!
I'll be right down.
You see, you can't get rid of me.
I'm with my parents and my brother.
- Tell them to come in. - We can't stay.
We're off to Italy.
I made them take a detour to come up here.
- Are you alone? - Gran's around somewhere.
It's beautiful here.
I've brought you some tapes.
Chaplin's Limelight, Fellini's La Strada,
and Comencini's Misunderstood.
It's about children, a real weepie.
- Got a VCR here? - No.
- That's dumb. - I'll see them at home.
They're movies I could see 20 times.
I saw Olivia. She's sorry she can't write like you...
but she sends her love.
- Is she well? - Fine.
She looks after kids and she can't wait to get here.
You'll have a great time.
I don't write well either. I've started loads of letters.
- I couldn't say what I wanted. - What?
Things... All mixed up...
I'd prepared what I wanted to say but now I can't.
Never mind. You came, that's what counts.
The day you kissed me was the best day of my life.
I realised you can't make someone love you if they don't.
I mean, love me if they don't.
I have to go.
There's some great films out in September.
English subtitles: Ian Burley