Karelian Front

Uploaded by RO2FI on 06.12.2011

1939, Finland is fighting desperately
against the Soviet Red Army
and is waiting help from their Western Allies.
Despite requests from their own people
neither France or England are
willing or able to take any
decisive actions against the Soviet Union.
Finally after 105 days of hard fighting
the Finnish army is near collapse
and Finnish politicians are forced to agree
to the Soviet hard terms of peace.
Finland "celebrates" that day by flying flags at half-staff.
Hard and fierce war is followed by a difficult peace.
With food storages depleted,
mass civilian evacuations,
with tens of thousands of men killed or permanently wounded,
the armed forces beat up
resources depleted, trade routes closed,
Finland is faced with serious problems.
Sweden cannot provide sufficient help
and of the two major powers around,
only Germany is willing to trade with Finland.
In the beginning of 1941,
Germany takes Finland "in to the circles"
and informs the civilian and military rulers of Finland
about their plans against Soviet Union.
Due to past agreements on troop and
material transports to Norway,
there are already some German troops in Finland,
and Hitler wants to open another front against
the Soviet Union, through Finnish territory.
It is made clear, that this will happen
with or without Finnish concent,
Finland sees this, as a chance for retribution
against the Soviets and agrees to join in on the fight.
And so, in June of 1941, the Continuation War begins...