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SHEENA DIMATTEO: So You Think You Can Dance kicked off
Season Eight, Rihanna's getting ready to go on the
road with her Loud Tour, and America's Best Dance Crew is
inching closer to crowning a champion.
This is Just Dance for June 2, 2011.
So You Think You Can Dance is hitting cities across America.
They're all over the place.
And if you happen to be living in one of those cities where
the auditions are, you cannot escape the ridiculous mad
throng of dancers.
These dancers are serious.
And I know this because I've been one.
You end up making such good friends with the people who
are next to you in line auditioning because you are in
line for so long.
You're scoping everybody out, checking out the people around
you, checking out if they're good or not.
And definitely some awesome dancers.
And there's some where you're like--
On the season premiere when they were in Atlanta, those
judges were giving out golden tickets like they were candy!
Free candy!
After the judges wrap up their audition tour and callbacks in
Vegas, we will meet the top 20.
Take a look at our coverage of last season's auditions here
in New York City.
If you guys haven't been checking out America's Best
Dance Crew, there's only one more episode.
Check out Mario Lopez and his trendy jacket, bringing you
some of the hottest dance crews from across the country.
During Kanye week, the crews were given their task by last
season's champions, The Poreotix.
And the cool thing about it was they had to do three songs
with three different dance moves.
But every crew had to do the exact same moves and the exact
same songs.
So it was kind of going with the evolution of Kanye.
I aM mE always brings an amazing performance.
The things they do, just incredible.
So creative.
The fact that we get to watch it for free is just amazing.
ICONic Boyz were safe from the week before.
And the judges told ICONic Boyz that it was a good thing
they were safe because their performance wasn't their best.
They really have to bring it in the finale if they want to
beat I aM mE.
Phunk Phenomenon unfortunately was sent home.
But I just gotta say, on their final routine to
Kanye, killed it!
To lock in votes from America, ICONic Boyz and I aM mE had to
do one final performance.
ICONic Boyz had a theme, "ICONic Boyz in Hollywood."
They came out of a limo, they had sunglasses on.
Some of them had hats, and they were walking the red
carpet, acting like the paparazzi was all around.
I aM mE's second performance I just thought was unreal.
They mixed their vocals together.
They were a mini-Captain Planet team saying I am earth,
wind, fire, water, electricity and machine.
And what I really thought was cool is the overhead shot at
the end of their routine where they spelled out the letters
I-M-E. It was awesome.
So if you're a sucker for "S&M," and you want to feel
like the only girl in the world this summer, you better
high-tail your booty to Rihanna's Loud Tour.
It's kicking off in Baltimore on June 5.
Miss Rihanna is going to be busting out moves with help
from her choreographers Hi-Hat and Tanisha Scott.
And right now we're going to check in with MissP, who's
super stoked about the main event.
Have y'all heard that Rihanna's going on tour?
Lately Rihanna has really been showing me that she want to do
it live, and she really wants you to feel what she
is giving you, OK?
Now, the album was dope.
I've always enjoy Rihanna's albums.
I don't know what she gonna do.
I think she'll do really good.
If she's focused and she's ready, she's really going to
do good on her tour.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: Just got finished seeing the preview
for Zarkana, the new Cirque du Soleil show that is coming
right here to fabulous Radio City on June 9.
So if you want your face to be stuck in this position--
for a full show, you have to buy tickets
immediately to Zarkana.
The way that director Francois Girard mixes technology with
the crazy acrobatics and costumes and makeup and the
scenery, the rock opera singing--
it's just a stimulation overload.
There's so many things going on on the stage-- trapeze
artists, acrobats who are carrying each other on one
finger, 10 people high.
Zarkana is showcasing choreography from Debra Brown
and Jean-Jacques Pillet as they follow a magician who has
lost his powers.
It's a rock opera as well as an acrobatic spectacular.
Talking about it doesn't do it justice in the slightest.

-No one in this family has any imagination!
SHEENA DIMATTEO: When it's 95 degrees out this summer and
you're stuck babysitting your little nine year-old cousin,
you guys gotta go check out Judy Moody and
the Not Bummer Summer.
It's going to be totally cute.
Judy Moody's got her crazy messed up hair and her little
brother Stink, who wants to catch Bigfoot.
Aunt Opal's coming to town.
It's Heather Graham.
They get into all kinds of adventures.
Judy's very creative.
She makes up her little chart where you get thrill points
for how many adventures you go on.
Before Judy Moody realizes she's stuck home all summer,
she dreams of going to circus camp, where we're going to see
some really cool choreography from Sebastien Stella, who has
done aerial work for Pink's Fun House Tour and also did a
little circus choreography for the movie Water for Elephants.
So walk, run, skip, or swim to your nearest movie theater and
check out Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer-- for 10
thrill points!
So that is this week in dance.
If you guys liked what you saw and you want to keep yourself
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And I'll see you next week.
I'm Sheena DiMatteo signing off.

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