Superman Returns (2/5) Movie CLIP - In Love With Superman (2006) HD

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[birds squawking]
[playing simple music]
I want egg rolls.
Lois: Nice try, kiddo.
Only steamed chicken
And snow peas for you. Hey, mom.
Richard: Why do you order chinese if he's allergic?
Because he loves the peas.
And I think we all prefer egg rolls
Over macrobiotic shakes.
Heh. It's a good point.
[playing "heart and soul"]
So I noticed you've been acting a little different lately.
Have I?
You know, lois...
That article that you wrote...
"why the world doesn't need superman"?
No, no, no. No. The other one, from years ago,
Before we met.
Well, which article? I wrote dozens about him.
I was practically his press agent.
"I spent the night with superman."
Come on.
It was the title of an interview.
Plus, it was your uncle perry's idea.
I-- no, no. I know, I know. It's okay-- it's okay.