Death Hospital - SOVIA

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I am sorry but I can not leave any earlier.
OK. No problem.
Could you please hold her legs.
I got them.
Calm Down.
Everything is OK.
Stay calm.
OK. Thank you.
Stay calm.
Stay calm alright, now the drip.
Stay calm, calm down.
Everything is fine.
Everything is fine.
OK. Tighten the straps.
Calm down.
How can anyone do that to a person?
If your pregnancy disturbs your work,
you should go on leave.
You aren't serious are you?
We agreed not to have kids!
I wanted to tell about it but........
Bullshit, do you think I was born yesterday?
Listen, let's talk later.
There is nothing to talk about.
I'm not going to play daddy.
I have to go prepare the patients' room.
I'm sure she's noticed something. Now she wants to trap you with a child.
I'm not going to let myself be bullshitted.
Bring these files to the assistant.
Did you check the information?
Yes, everything's fine.
See you tonight, then.
Who was in charge?
Dr. Leyen.
He should make a report to the police.
Cause of death: external force.
And you go write your autopsy report!
Thank you.
Where were you?
Uhh, I was busy in the
I asked Sovia for help. An emergency, so to say...
Report to me tomorrow! 10 o'clock!
I'll be there.
No, but I represent Dr. Leyen. He'll call you later.
The patient shows signs of heavy abuse. She has multiple internal injuries.
Her back is covered with bruises.
At first, I suspected alymphoplasia, but now I suspect external violence.
My initial investigation indicates that the injuries weren't the cause of death.
I'll be able to tell you the actual cause of death tomorrow.
No, I told you before, she hasn't been identified yet.
Let us know if you find any other leads.
Good night!
What`s up?
2:27 AM...
Bodily harm with fatal consequences.
Bodily harm with fatal consequences.
Female person.
Female person.
Estimated age: 20 years old.
I'll talk to the team tomorrow morning.
It is already in the morning!
Give it to the missing persons department.
I'm going home now.
Well, I'm leaving. Have a nice evening.
Thanks, you too! See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, wait I've got something for you.
What is it?
What an asshole.
Can you page him, please?
No, he dropped it off and left.
Come on, answer it.
Damn it!
Everything OK?
Or should I call you a cab?
I'll drive her...
Where do you want to go?
Anywhere but here.
Everything OK with you?
Lovely evening after such a stressful day.
Shall I drive you home?
Really nice of you, but it's just across the street.
Well. Thanks for everything.
This is the mailbox of Dr. Conrad Leyen ,please leave a message after the beep.
A patient has been brought in.
Car accident.
She was hit by a car...
She`s back!
Who is it?
Sovia Wille.
Isn't she one of our nurses?
She lost her baby.
I can't understand it myself, genmtlemen!
Yes, Sovia Wille is responsible and reliable,
and she never made a similar mistake before.
But we're talking about the reputation of our hospital. It's our responsibility
to report this case and, due to this, I am forced to let Ms. Wille go.
I also hope disciplinary action will be taken and that she faces the legal consequences.
But I specifically said in my report that
it wasn't just the drip given by Ms. Wille that lead to the death.
I will not agree to the dismissal recommended by Dr. Storz, but
I would like to avoid that excess attention is given to the mistake of Ms. Wille...
Don't we need somebody to take Mr. Hagemann over?
Couldn't she do that? That way we could avoid the scandal of a dismissal.
I'm glad that the gentlemen could come to a solution,
but I must return to my autopsy report.
A variety of factors came into play her.
Yes, Ms. Wille was somewhat negligent, but her negligence is not the cause of death.
Therefore, I insist: Don't make it easier than it is.
Dr. Storz would like to talk to you, Sovia, after that you can go.
Yes, thanks.
Good afternoon.
I guess I am your new nurse.
Finally, I want to have breakfast.
Surprised, aren`t you?
Actually, I'm off today, but I thought I'd take over from the nurse and make some coffee.
I know the car is small, but it's fast.
Today, Conrad will instruct you.
You will have to make lunch and dinner
And now I'm going to sleep off my nightshift.
Oh, by the way, your room is under the roof.
Thank you.
You must be Mr. Hagemann? I'm Sovia.
Here's some more of your things.
I expected you later.
We have a lot to go over.
The red ones five times a day, these ones in the morning.
Conrad, I'm a trained nurse, you can tell me the names of the medication.
I just want to avoid further problems for you.
By talking to me like I'm the cleaner?
So, Metropolol five times a day.
Lepronex in the morning.
See, isn't hard, is it.
Any questions?
The cashbox in the kitchen is full, and list all expenses in the expenditures book.
I know.
I need your signature for the apartment.
Could we do that upstairs?
What's that supposed to be?
The list of keys, and please give me the key to my apartment.
Are you seeing somebody else?
That's none of your business! Just sign.
Listen I know it didn't work out the way we wanted it, but I really would like to give it another shot.
And I really miss you.
Just give me the key!
I was so naive and stupid.
You are an asshole! Did you know that?
Hello? Anybody out there?
That`s impossible!
Sarah? You cant be serious!
Oh, great!
For Christ's sake, what kind of game is this?
What kind of crap is this?
Hello, sweetheart?
Can I help you?
Sovia Wille?
We're from the police.You have to come with us to the office.
Please come with us
I have to put something on first.
I'm sorry, but I have to go with you.
If you consist on it.
Sarah? What are you doing here?
Keep walking.
Hey, wait a minute!
What is going on here?
Could you please tell me why I'm here?
Does this mean anything to you?
That's Conrad.
What happened?
Dr. Leyen died today of unknown cause.
According to Miss Berg, you just broke up with Dr. Leyen, so we would like to know
if you have anything to say that would help solve the case .
I am busy at the moment please leave a message after the beep.
Hey Sarah, it's me Sovia, I'd like to know what was between you and Conrad.
So, please call me back later. Bye.
What's taking you so long?
Why do I have to do everything myself?
Do you need anything else Mr. Hagemann?
A tea would be nice.
I always have problems sleeping
The sleeping tea is over there.
Oh, yeah.
This is a really good knife, you now, from a well-known brand.
How long was it going on between you and Conrad?
Three months, maybe.
Three months?
And of course he told you that he wanted to leave me anyway, right?
Yes, he said that.
And how much longer was the game to continue?
Conrad had already applied at other clinics.
Oh, really?
And when did he plan to tell me?
Sovia, I`ve got to go...
it's the clinic.
Hold on a second, I...
What do you want?
Never mind.
Good evening.
You paged me?
Yes, the new nurse has gotten sick, so they need you over in block C.
OK, I'm on my way.
Oh, yeah.. Tell them in maintenance to hurry up.
They should bring the sheets up, finally.
OK, I'll let them know.
Who's there?
You were right. There are similarities.
I knew it!
The police say it looks like an accident.
Well, I wouldn't say that those wounds really look like they're from an accident.
The detectives also found them strange.
Take a look at the arm.
Yes OK.
Looks like a scalpel did that.
Put the report on my desk, OK?
The nurse's arms, the doctor's legs.
The medical report says the wounds are similar.
They could be from a scalpel.
That would support my theory that it must be someone from the clinic.
The two nurses we questioned did act rather strange.
Should we bring Ms. Wille back in again?
No, We'll do that after we know more about what happened that night.
I think the janitor could be a suspect.
Maybe he knows more than he says.
Go take another look at the crime scene.
I'll go and talk to the pathologist again.
OK...but what about Ms. Wille?
Jealousy, or what?
Yes, could be, but...
The dead nurse is bigger than Wille, but was thrown that far against the wall.
It's physically impossible.
Yeah, but?
OK, if you really think so...
And when can I repair this thing?
Are you the engineer in charge?
I wish. Then I'd get more money for this lousy job.
You stand by your statement? You didn't hear anything?
My office is about 300 yards from here. I can't hear a thing from there.
I found her this morning on my daily patrol tour.
Anything else unusual?
Yeah, I found this in the hallway
And where exactly did you find it?
Who would've thought of that?
Hold on a second, please.
Yes, thank you Henning.
You wouldn't believe what my partner just found out.
That it was a murder?
But doctor, that is what you have to tell me.
Not from on the information we have.
I mean, this looks like a killer is involved, but we still can't prove anything.
We're not even sure that it's only one killer, am I right?
Did you know that the nurse had a relationship with Dr. Leyen?
Sovia Wille? Yes, they've been together for a long time.
No, no... I meant Sarah Berg.
Her as well? Dr. Leyen was quite popular among the nurses.
One question: Is Ms. Wille a suspect?
With the little evidence we have,
I'm not going to make a fool of myself in front of the district attorney.
But we're considering all possibilities.
It's about time.
The other nurse said I shouldn't watch TV during my meals.
Is that OK?
A little bit to the right, please.
Like this?
Yes, that's good.
Do you have any idea how long I've had that TV?
Maybe, 25 years?
No, no. 21 years by now. And it still runs perfectly. A brand product!
Can't I ever have one evening in peace?
Don't worry. Whoever it is, I'll take care of them.
Its you again?
Good evening.
Good evening.
I just need to ask you a few questions.Can I come in?
Of course. This way, please.
We need to talk about Conrad again.
You said you only recently found out that your boyfriend had an affair. How recently is "recently"?
Actually, I first heard about it at the station from you.
That's when you realized he was having an affair with your colleague? What are you called again? Ward sisters?
Yes, ward sisters. That's when I realized that Sarah...
Ms. Berg?
Right, that Ms. Berg had an affair with Conrad Leyen.
And you and Ms. Berg
If you really must know, we talked it out yesterday. Everything is fine, now.
Oh, interesting... and how did it go?
And, afterwards?
What do you mean?
What happened then?
What was supposed to happen? I think she went to the hospital and I came here!
What do you mean when?
Sarah Berg was brutally murdered last night shortly after 10 PM.
That can't be true.
When did you get home yesterday, Ms. Wille?
Around ten.
Can anybody confirm that?
Mr. Hagemann, I guess.
Mr. Hagemann?!
Let's see about that.
Thanks, I know the way out!
That was excellent work, gentleman.
I'm off for today.
Could you take over for me, please?
Just so know, as replacement for Dr. Leyen we've decided on
a colleague from Frankfurt.
What the hell is going on here?
Is there anyone there?
Storz here, I'm on 3-1 and the lights have gone out.
Hold on a second.
Well, everything looks OK from here.
Could you wave to me, please?
There you go, the lights are back on.
Yes, they're working again, thanks.
I spoke to the security guy and he said that the camera signal isn't easy to break.
Unless you hit it.
But who's there just then to do that?
Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe the murder wasn't supposed to be witnessed?
Let's stick to logic...
I think it was somebody from the staff.
Dr. Storz wasn't very popular.
True, I didn't like him much either.
Did you check the security guy?
He was totally rattled.
Mr. Hagemann?
Mr. Hagemann! Please!
Open the door. Please!
Wait a minute, did you notice anything strange about him?
He had a massive bruise on his arm.
From a blunt object or
Take a look at this.
What's that?
It's just like the bruises on the victims here in the hospital.
What? They all had the same hematoma?
Yes, I figured it was a coincidence, that they were normal hematomas.
Just a bruise! Like, whatever.
I told you about the girl that touched me when I was in coma...I have the bruise since then.
What girl?
The girl whose drip I opened too much.
The one that died last week.
I'm sure you have pictures of her... Don't you?
What do you think caused all the bruises on her body?
She was subjected to extreme physical violence,
but I don't know from what.
I wasn't able to find any trace of an object.
See that on her wrists?
Looks bad.
She must've been tied to something.
Yes, of course here in our clinic.
No, the injuries are older.
Maybe that's why she panicked so much.
We had to strap her down in the clinic also.
She must've been terrified by us.
Ms. Wille?
What's wrong?
There, there....
Is someone following or threatening you?
There was....
What happened here?
You really should talk to a psychologist.
Come with me!
You have anything to hold against Ms. Wille? Otherwise, I would like to talk to her.
Alright, for now. I'll put her under your surveillance.
But get in contact with us when you're finished.
And if it was her, after all?
You should have seen.
Totally off her rocker.
She's ready for the funny farm.
I think I'll a break for now. Should I take you anywhere?
No, no. It's OK, I'll walk. It's not too far.
See you in the office later?
Well, that's when I saw her the second time.
I don't doubt that at all.
But the day the girl died, was really dramatic for you!
You had a terrible accident, you have a lot to come to terms with.
I know.
Who knows what you brain remembers,
but it could cause the terrible nightmares and maybe even hallucinations.
Yes, but haven't you noticed that every single person on that shift has died?
But that's not normal.
More than 30 people were working that day.
Us too, and we're still alive, as you may have noticed.
Yes, as of jet. And hopefully it stays that way.
We will.
I understand.
But still, there has to be a connection with that girl
I noticed something strange during her autopsy
Yeah? What?
She possibly died from a substance whose presence I couldn't explain.
But I haven't had the time to look into it further.
There was a mistake somewhere, something else happened somewhere.
You mean, the drip had nothing to do with her death?
No, not just because of that!
I understand why the police is suspecting me.
I mean, it looks like the perfect revenge.
Conrad and Sarah betrayed me and Dr. Storz suspended me...
It's not hard to start looking my way.
Thanks for bringing me home.
No problem.
Do you want to come up?
Hey, you already sleeping?
Hey, I think we overlooked something.
Let's go to the hospital.
What do we do now?
I'm not sure what Bahm was on to,
but I think we should arrest Wille.
We can't risk it anymore.
Wait a minute, I'm sure we're overlooking something.
And what if it started here?
What do you mean?
What if she thought that she was being abused further here in the hospital?
Maybe she didn't even realize where she was,
or that we wanted to help her.
And what if she is the killer?
If she wants revenge...
I know it sounds weird, but I think we should check if she is still in the morgue.
In pathology?
OK, I'll go, but you continue looking through the files.
You really shouldn't be alone.
I'm not alone. There's a desk nurse outside.
I'll keep my eyes open... But please, do hurry... OK?
210 ml?
That can't be right.
Which page...
What`s this...?
This page belongs to another folder.