The Pokemon Anime in less than 4 minutes

Uploaded by RakiRanga on 22.04.2011

This is ash. He's a jerk!
I'm getting my pokemon today!
Here I go.
I got this pokedex.
I think I forgot something.
I got a pokemon.
Get outta my shot.
Look a pokemon!
Pikachu do something!
Lazy butt I'll do it myself!
This is how real trainers catch pokemon.
I caught it.
Pikachu my first pokemon! (SNORES)
I'm walking.
It's boring.
I stole this girl's bike.
Someone told me you get badges here.
I got this badge.
Pikachu was worthless.
I'm gonna get my pokemon healed.
There all better.
I want a friend.
(Brock) Hey can I be your friend?
I have a friend. (Brock) I'm Brock. Get outta my shot.
This is a forest.
There's pokemon in it.
There are no pokemon in there.
There are just these guys called Team Rocket.
They wanted my pokemon so I gave them pikachu.
Five minutes later they threw it back.
I'm getting another badge.
I got another badge.
Pikachu helped a little.
Pikachu! Go away!
Brock left me, for some Women
I'm walking. My bike broke.
Heard you can get bikes here.
I'm going inside.
The bike are cool but they are 9,999,999$
Screw that.
I rethought it.
I'm gonna get that bike but first I am gonna need to make some money.
I tried to sell pikacu.
It didn't work. PIKACHU!
I bought all these fake badges at the badge shop.
I heard once you get all the badges you fight the elite four.
I'm going now.
I kicked their ass.
Pikacu was no help. PIKACHU!
I got all the pokemon.
I finished the pokedex.
I beat the elite four.
I'm done.
There's a whole new region to explore! It's called JOHTO!
Shut up pikachu.