Wiew of Earth from Space

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North-West Coast of the United States and Central America on the night of August 19, 2011
This passage begins in the southeast Alaska,
ISS passes over San Francisco and surrounding areas.
A powerful cyclone and lightning on the Pacific coast.
ISS passes through Central America (the green light on the left), the Yucatan peninsula.
On the left Panama.
South America
The capital of Bolivia, La Paz.
Passage of East Asia to the Philippine Sea and the island of Guam. Starts on Mongolia
looking west towards the Pacific Ocean - China and Japan are seen (white lights on the islands).
Well seen all the major cities in the electric glow, bright at night the island of Guam,
further through the Philippine Sea to the Pacific Ocean
Light of the South Pole over Australia and the Indian Ocean.
Flight of the international space station on the South by lands of the Indian Ocean and Australia.
Aurora in the south of Australia.
Shooting for the top-down pass near eastern Australia to the eastern part of New Zealand.
Australian aurora.
Shooting the ISS in the ascending line from south-west of Australia in the Indian Ocean towards Madagascar.
Distribution of the Northern Lights over the territory of the United States.
Night view of the rising passage from the south-western United States to the south-eastern province of Quebec.
The outline of the peninsula of Michigan is easily visible along with such a large city like Chicago. Bright electric light roads and cities in the U.S. erodes a thin cloud of smoke.
Evening pass over the Sahara and the Middle East.
Early evening, the beginning of October allows us to see relief from the red sands of the Sahara Desert, along with a few lights of human settlements.
The brightest light is on the Nile.
Visible to illuminate the road to Jerusalem, then the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.
Further, the ISS is close to the Caspian Sea, the most lighted city - Baku. Further views of Kazakhstan.
Night Scene ISS Mediterranean.
Clearly visible Balearics. Next, Corsica and Sardinia are distinguished by their lights in front of the peninsula of Italy.
The passage continues over the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula, a dark spot among the lights of human settlements - the Black Sea.
Night pass over Southeast Asia.
October 7th, 2011 at 12:41 with a shot at 12:50 GMT on the island of Java in the north-east of Japan.
Cloudy. Bright lights of Tokyo are seen in the easternmost part of the island.
October 8, 2011 (early passage) Central Atlantic
North Africa, the Sahara desert.
Mediterranean, the Balkan Peninsula.
Russia, Kazakhstan
The beginning of the passage of the North Atlantic
Spain, Portugal
North Africa, the Libyan Desert
The passage ends on Sudan
North Atlantic October 15, 2011 00:47:28 GMT
London, Amsterdam (left), Brussels, Paris (right)
Snow-covered Alps and the Italian peninsula, where the storm covers the southern part of the peninsula.
Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, the Suez Canal, Red Sea
North America. Alaska. October 16, 2011 9:07:37 GMT.
Canada. Vancouver.
Denver, Colorado
Dallas, Houston, Texas
Gulf of Mexico
Caribbean Sea.
North America. South of Canada.
The United States. Chicago, Lake Michigan.
Atlanta, Georgia.
October 18, 2011 7:14:24 GMT. Vancouver, Canada.
The central part of the U.S.
Малые Антильские острова
Northwest Europe
South-East Baltic Sea. Poland. Warsaw
Ukraine. Kiev. Russia. Moscow (glow in the sky on the left).
On the left the Aral Sea
On the left reservoir Aydarkul
Lahore, Islamabad, New Delhi
Hong Kong and Macau. On the left the island of Taiwan. October 20, 2011. 17:48:40 GMT.
Rain storm over the Philippines
The border between India and Pakistan. October 21, 2011 at 19:53:26 GMT.
On the left Lahore and New Delhi.
Storm over the Bay of Bengal.
Western Indonesia, Sumatra (left).
Black Sea. October 29th, 2011 at 16:56:46 GMT.
The Caspian Sea.
Indo-Pakistani border. On the right port of Karachi.
Dim light of Sri Lanka.
Perth - Western Australia's largest city.
Greenish glow high plateau Himalayas. October 29, 2011 15:24:54 GMT.
Right brightly lit city of Calcutta (India).
The capital of Thailand, Bangkok.
Green and purple lights on the coast of Thailand, it lights of fishing vessels and oil rigs.
Singapore and the island of Java