Thanksgiving Tebasaki Chicken Wings 感謝祭の手羽先の唐揚げ

Uploaded by cookingwithdog on 04.11.2011

Hi, I'm Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let's make the Tebasaki sauce.
Combine the soy sauce (2 tbsp),
sake (2 tbsp),
mirin (2 tbsp),
sugar (2 tsp),
and the grated garlic (1 tsp) and ginger root (1 tsp).
Turn on the burner.
Stir evenly with a spatula.
Bring it to a boil to let the alcohol evaporate.
Turn the heat to low, reducing the sauce for a few minutes.
Turn off the burner.
Pour the sauce into a bowl.
Add the vinegar (½ tsp) and stir with the spatula.
Let's prepare the chicken wings.
Place the chicken wings onto a paper towel.
Cover with another paper towel
and press with your hands, removing all of the excess water.
Remove the paper towels
and sprinkle on the salt.
Lightly pat the salt onto the chicken.
Flip it over
and sprinkle on the salt again,
lightly patting it.
Place the chicken into a bowl.
Add the sake (1 tsp)
and ginger root juice (1 tsp).
Rub the seasonings into the chicken thoroughly.
Press to lightly remove the excess liquid from the chicken.
Put the potato starch (2 tbsp) into a food storage bag.
Place the chicken wings into the bag.
Shake vigorously to coat the chicken with the starch.
Place the chicken wings onto a cooking tray.
Let’s deep-fry the Tebasaki chicken.
Heat the vegetable oil over medium heat.
Drop in a sprinkle of sesame oil for added fragrance and taste.
Remove the excess starch from the chicken.
Be sure to drop in the chicken when the oil is still cold.
This will help the chicken heat up slowly,
cooking the inside with the juices while deep-frying the outside to a golden brown.
The amount of the frying oil should be enough to almost cover the chicken wings.
Deep-fry the chicken without stirring until the surface is cooked.
This will help hold the starch in place while cooking.
When the temperature begins to rise, ladle the hot oil over the chicken to cook thoroughly.
The hot oil tends to splash so be careful not to burn yourself.
When the edges of the chicken begin to brown, flip them over.
Deep-fry the chicken evenly until golden brown.
Place the chicken onto a cooling rack.
Turn off the burner.
When they are still hot, put the chicken wings into the bowl of Tebasaki sauce.
With a paddle, toss to coat with the sauce.
Serve the Tebasaki chicken wings on a plate.
With a kitchen brush, coat the chicken with the extra sauce.
Sprinkle on the toasted white sesame seeds
and a generous amount of the cracked black pepper.
Finally, top with the sansho pepper powder
and red chili powder to taste.
This spicy fried chicken is tantalizingly delicious.
Enjoy the freshly made, piping hot Tebasaki Chiken Wings!
Be careful.
Once you taste this chicken you could get totally addicted!
Good luck in the kitchen!