Teen Thay Bhai (2011) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie

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'Listen. Listen.'
'Listento me carefully.'
'Listen. Listen.'
'There were three brothers.'
Otherwise you will be beaten
Did you inform yourfamily that you are going to die?
''Listen. Listen.''
''There were three brothers.''
''Pigeon. Pigeon.''
''Parrot. Parrot.''
''Pigeon. Pigeon.''
''Parrot. Parrot.''
''The third is butterfly.''
''There were three brothers.''
''There were three brothers.''
''They would quarrel and leadtheir life''
''They wouldtake money fromtheirfather as well.''
''They would quarrel and leadtheir life''
''They wouldtake money fromtheirfather as well.''
''They would drink bedtea.''
''They would drink bedtea.''
''ln a cup and a saucer.''
''There were three brothers.''
''There were three brothers.''
'You must be wondering that in this snow storm.'
'..when everybody is running in the other direction.'
'..they must not have come here for a vacation.'
'You are right.'
'Let's begin the story.'
'Fromthree years ago.'
'ChigarJeet Gill.'
'Alias Chiksi.'
'Bathinda's famous grumpy man.'
'Love. Friendship. Brotherhood.'
'These words don't exist in his dictionary.'
what happened?
Glady has prepared 'Samosa' (Fried snacks)..
..so affectionately.
Uncle, Glady?
Call Glady.
Come, dear.
Listento me.
Bye. Bye.
what happened?
'Another boy left.'
'This is Chiksi's problem.'
'His daughters are not cultured.'
'And Chiksi is not so richthat somebody..'
'..will marry his fat..'
You think you have become rich by opening a shop of drawstrings
l was crazy that l married you.
Go to yourfather's house.
Why are you living here?
l will go.
Once my daughters get married..
..l won't stay in this pauper's house.
Swat flies.
How many more teeth will you extract, doctor?
l am not getting relief from this pain
'Harpreet Gill.'
'Alias Happy.'
'He is a dentist.'
'He has only one solution for all oral ailments.'
Shifting pain.
This is shifting pain
lt keeps shiftingfrom one toothto the other.
You broke my tooth.
lt doesn't meanthat l will waive this month's rent.
l will recoverthis month's as well as previous five months' rent..
..along with interest.
'He is fed up of shifting his clinic the way he shifts pain.'
'But his income doesn't increase.'
'Andthe queue of moneylenders doesn't diminish.'
'Shifting pain.'
'Fancy Gill.'
'Punjabi films'..'
Village head.
Village head.
You didn't let my sister get married.
Today, l will take my revenge with this gun.
l will kill you.
Each bullet of my gun is craving for yourblood.
Village head.
l will rip open your chest and drink your blood.
You doggie. - Cut.
Again English
You can't say a simple, easy Punjabi dialogue.
Asimple, easy Punjabi dialogue
Nether is it simple nor is it easy nor is it a dialogue.
Nowadays English is in vogue.
English clothes
English movies.
English dialogue.
You will teach me?
lt will be good if you learn now.
Once l go to Hollywood..
..l won't come back.
Throw out this Hollywood chap.
what will youthrow me out?
l am leaving your Punjabi films
l wanted five muscles.
You made me compromise withthree.
You don't let me work on the character.
Alta Vista, baby.
'what a style!'
'Like his name Fancy wants everythingfancy in his life.'
'There is just a shortage of money and brains.'
One. Two.
Hey, handsome.
Pick up your phone
Hey, handsome.
Wait, darling. - Pick up your phone.
Hey, handsome.
Today is grandpa's fourth day death ceremony.
See this foolish guy.
At least today you should have worn suitable clothes.
what, man?
Grandpalovedthis shirt.
Yes But what will people say?
You are so concerned about people.
You didn't even attend grandpa's final rites
what will people say?
l had an emergency operation.
what emergency do dentists have?
He must have gone to clean Prime Minister'steeth.
All of you meet after alongtime.
And you start fighting without wasting any time
You created such afuror at yourfather's funeral too.
At least show some respect for your late grandpa.
Mr. Chaddha, he started it first.
Shall l show youwho started it first? -Stop it.
Stop it. Again the same thing.
l want to talk to all three brothers urgently.
Come to my office tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
whateverwork you have, finish it today.
l can't tolerate them fortwo days continuously.
Yes whateveryouwant to say, say it here
who will again cross swords with him tomorrow?
Legal work is done inthe office.
And l don't work on Sunday.
Me too.
Tomorrow morning.
10 o'clock.
ln my office
when did he buy an office?
Take this You read it.
Very good, Mr. Chaddha.
Eco-friendly office
Did you read it?
l don't understand anything.
what legal nonsense is this?
So this is your grandpa Khetrapal Gill's last will.
what did he have?
That he made a will.
Did he leave debts for us?
Many years ago your grandpa bought a British man's hill..
..in Himachal on my father's saying.
ABritish man's hill.
He wanted to cultivate an apple garden.
lf he had cultivated an apple garden..
..he would have at least eaten those apples and made his health
Yes An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Look. The doctor spoke.
Doctors cure people
They don't extract healthy people's teeth.
what do fifth standard fail and nursery fail know..
..about medical profession?
l will show you.
Brother, what isthis? -who is nursery fail?
what isthis?
Can't all three of you live without fighting?
At least listen to me
Exactly. Silly kids.
Yes, Mr. Chaddha. Tell us
what was l saying?
Yes. Apple - Not apple Hill.
The hill is 2 1/2 hours away from the canal.
Andthere an important project of..
..animal welfare trust is going to be passed.
Should we collect animals' dung?
First let me finish. - Tell us.
ln afew years' time whenthe trust's project will be passed..
..that landwill cost billions.
'Now, let me see who calls me pauper.'
'Alongwith all my three daughters l will send-off Billo too.'
'Acting smart.'
'Now, nobody can stop me from goingto America.'
'l will directly go to Hollywood.'
'And l will make agood actionfilm with beautiful foreigner girls'
'Return of Blue Lagoon.'
'Enough of working.'
'l will throw the money on the moneylenders' face'
'And l will open anice shop of dry cleaning.'
'l will live peacefully.'
'Peacefully.' -where are all three ofyou lost?
You have still not got the wealth.
And all three of you are weaving dreams
Forget being rich.
Now, we will become very rich.
Not so easily, Chiksi.
why? We will inherit it, right?
But as perthe will all three ofyouwill get the land..
..three years after his death.
Afterthree years.
Should we sit idle till then?
Why will you sit idle?
Your grandpa has made arrangements forthat as well.
As perthe will, your grandpa's inheritors..
..that is, all three of you will get the land..
..when all three of youwill perform.
..his death anniversary on that hill forthe next three years.
Youwill have to reach the hill before 12 o'clock..
..onthe day ofthe death anniversary.
And spend the whole day there.
Sounds like reality show.
Big Brother's Punjabi version.
Three brothers.
Shut up,
Not just that, if any ofyou don't fulfill the condition of the will..
..then his land will be sold and..
..instead of you somebody else will get the money.
That person's identity is mentioned..
..in your grandpa's second will.
And his identity will remain a secret forthree years and 30 days.
..fromthe date of his death.
lt's abit confusing.
Will you please explain it again?
Stop your nonsense.
l don't want to stay on a hill.
That too with these two foolish boys.
l also don't want to waste my two days.
l also don't want to stay onthe hill.
Fine. As you wish.
But think about it.
Hill worth billions
British mansion.
And just two days in a year.
Find some other solution.
Think of a scheme
Your grandpa hatched a scheme
what do l do?
As perthe will all three brothers will have to..
..keep your grandpa's ashes with you for a year.
And each year you will have to take it with you.
what place he has selected as his home!
Light. Light.
what amess!
Come on.
Oh, no.
To hell withthe light.
l don't have to see beautiful faces.
where is the door?
Brother. Brother.
Brother, are you alive?
l won't die before killing you.
why didn't you switch on the light?
Did Fancy come?
You started acting smugly as soon as you came.
''Brother, are you alive?''
''Did Fancy come?''
''Why didn't you switch on the light?''
Yes. Yes.
Break the door.
why are you moving so much?
l am searching forthe signal.
l don't know where Fancy is
He is Fancy.
He must be playing aruse somewhere.
who is it?
Fancy, you.
Fancy, you.
l am Fancy.
l am Fancy.
One more Fancy.
Come on.
Come on.
Fancy might forget to bringthe ashes
Stop talking negatively.
Even a fool like Fancy can't forget ashes worth billions
ln such a weather? On amotorcycle?
Afool like Fancy can do anything.
Shut up,
Don't increase my blood pressure.
Blood pressure has to increase.
l had never imagined that my efforts of two years..
..will be wasted like this.
All my dreams will shatter.
what are you blabbering?
You rememberthe condition, don't you?
We have to reach before 12 o'clock.
lf he doesn't come on time..
..we won't get the wealth.
And your old age won't be comfortable.
what's the time?
Now? -No. when yourfather got married.
what'sthe time now?
Let him come.
Today, l will meet him lovingly.
l will shake hands.
l will hug him
l will give him a few kisses.
when he will relax and sit, l will kick himfrom behind.
This is what Fancy deserves
l think in ourentire family you are the only sensible person.
No. Really, brother.
That's why l respect you so much.
Get lost.
lt's very cold, right?
Light the fire.
Brother, you know.
Last year too l couldn't light the fire
l will make apegfor you.
You light it.
No. Really, brother.
lsthis done?
No care. No worry.
He. His bike. And his dog.
Don't talk about the dog.
Last year he gobbled my entire bottle of digestive pills.
And he shitted all overthe house. lt was reeking so badly.
Brother. Brother, do something about the smoke.
lt's blowing inside
The house is so dirty.
Oh, no.
l don't know what filth is it.
Brother, do you remember?
Monkeys usedto frequent the well of love.
You remind me ofthem
Brother, why are you beating me?
Brother. Brother, l was just..
Brother, no.
Now, laugh.
Shut up,
Brother. Shut up, Shut up.
l told you Shut up,
Brother. - Shut up.
Shut up. Shut up.
Don't you understand Hindi?
Listento me..
l amfeeling cold.
That's all that l wanted to say.
Brother, you again got angry.
l was just. - Get up.
No. No, brother. No.
Get up,
Brother, l..
Carry the door. l have to hammerthe nail.
Yes. Yes.
Yes. Door.
Tell me one thing.
why did you say, ''You are very sensible?''
''l respect you a lot.''
when did l say that?
You said it just now.
You didn't say it?
No. l didn't say any such thing.
lt's done.
Brother, you are a carpentertoo.
Yes l will show you my carpentry.
Take this Get lost.
Openthe door.
Openthe door.
Break it and come in
This is called being sensible
Brother, open. Please open.
Brother, open. Please open.
You feign innocence
You know how to cross swords.
Brother, l don't cross swords
You are aliar.
Come on. Say it openly. -what?
Say, ''l, Harpreet Gill, amthe biggest liar, the biggest fraud..''
''..andthe most quarrelsome person in the world.''
And you are the worst brother in the world.
l know that.
But you can't come in by sayingthis
The password is something else.
Say the password. Openthe door.
Otherwise do rock and roll outside, in the snow.
Okay. Fine
l, Harpreet Gill, am the biggest liar in the world.
And what else?
The biggest fraud andthe most quarrelsome person. -Yes
l, Harpreet Gill, am the biggest liar, the biggest fraud..
..andthe most quarrelsome person in the world.
Say it loudly. - l didn't enjoy it.
Yes. l am aliar.
l am afraud.
l am a quarrelsome person.
You are feeling cold, right?
l will give you cream.
Apply the cream
And youwill be fine.
Take this.
what happened? -where are you applying it!
what happened? Tell me
l don't know what grandpa was thinking..
..when he kept this crazy condition.
lf he hadwatchedthis, he would have cried.
Come hail or storm
Your head will bow in front ofme today.
who whistled?
This is 'Ram Leela' (Play based on Lord Ram's life).
Not amarriage
That you are whistling.
This ape will surely be punishedfor his insolence.
Set his tail ablaze
You fool.
You are right. - Be in character.
Be in character.
Tie the ape tightly.
We won't offer him Lanka's buttermilk.
We won't offer him Lanka's buttermilk.
This land is our livelihood.
lt's our mother. Let me tell you.
Uncle, your mother is like my mother.
And you can have meals in our resort.
Don't you understand simple language?
l don't want to sell my land.
Get lost.
Otherwise l will bury you inthe ground.
Get lost.
Talking nonsense.
He will buy my mother.
l will remove your clothes and make you naked.
l will show you.
He will buy my land.
Look, Chiksi.
Not just me, but the entire village knows.
For Khetrapal Gill everybody is equal.
He sees everyone equally.
He has only one eye.
So he is boundto see everyone equally.
Pump the water.
So you have decided?
l am not afraid of anyone.
l am not afraid of anyone.
How dare you!
You soldthe land without my permission.
You are not willing to give me money.
l will have to do something, right?
You sold your motherfor 500,000.
Don't you feel ashamed?
l explained to you so many times..
..that there is nothing inthe city.
lf not about yourself, at least think about your small brothers.
Don't run away from your responsibilities
Let me tell you
You can also take care of them, grandpa.
l will go to the city and open a shop of clothes
l will do some suitable job.
All my friends have gone to the city.
And l am taking care of the fields forthe past four years.
And l have become their mother.
You shouldn't follow suit blindly.
ls there any shortage in the village? Tell me.
Yes. There is a shortage
lf there is no shortage, we have not prospered too.
lnthis decrepit village.
You argue with me.
Go and cancel the deal.
l don't want to sell my land.
Grandpa, l have given my word.
As it is, l am selling only my share ofthe land.
You are talking about share.
Listento me carefully.
You won't get a single piece ofmy land.
Since that day l didn't enterthat house
Grandpa deliberated added this clause inthe will.
So that after his death we also fight and die.
And we don't get apenny.
That's why l am saying.
Have some mercy.
We have spent two years peacefully.
Let us spend this yeartoo peacefully.
Fine. We will be peaceful until Fancy comes.
Afterthat l will have to vent out my anger on him
After all, he also has a share inthe wealth.
Come. The door is open.
Come in.
Brother, l think he is not in his senses.
Did you recognize me?
l am your elder brother.
Brother Chiksi.
l suggest make a pegfor him too.
He might come to his senses after drinking liquor.
l will make a peg.
But if he is again doing some drama..
..l swear, l won't spare him
Come Fancy, come
Come. Come
Fancy, here
He is stuck to it. Sit.
Take this. Give it to him
Brother Chiksi's liquor.
Beware if you wasted my liquor.
Drink liquor.
And tell us where the ashes are.
where are the ashes, Fancy?
where is grandpa?
He is dead.
Wow! Wow!
This smart guy's mind is working.
He is dead.
We didn't know.
Brother. - Happy.
Fancy. - Fancy.
Brother. Okay.
Okay. We gave ourattendance
Now, shall we come to the point?
where is grandpa?
Oh, God.
Fancy. Fancy.
Drink liquor in leisure.
l will make another peg for you
Yes. l will make anotherpeg.
ls it yourfather's liquor?
l am amurderer.
All this happened because of me
Have you gone crazy?
All this happened because of me, Happy.
lt's not yourfault.
Yes, Happy. lt is.
No. Yes.
what isthis?
Yes No. Yes. No.
l am responsible for everything.
Fancy. Fancy.
Drink liquor and listen
He was suffering from heart problems.
He had grown old.
He wasn't that old.
You fool.
Brother, you also say something.
where are the ashes, youfool?
l had tied himtightly.
l don't know how all this happened.
what happened?
My motorbike slipped on the way.
And he fell down
what man? why did you change the song?
'Change the song, Shanky.'
'Shanky, change the song.'
'What happened?'
'Change the song.'
Brother, relax. Relax
l hadtied him so tightly with my pajama's drawstring.
Youtied him to the motorcycle with yourpajama's drawstring.
You fool.
Brother. Brother.
Brother, sit.
l can't believe it.
Brother, he is not in his senses
He is unconscious since birth.
lt's been three years since the old man died.
And he found out now.
Brother, l think it won't be so bad.
Fancy, did it break?
Tell me, Fancy.
Did it break?
Oh, God.
How badly did it break, Fancy?
Very badly, Happy. Very badly.
Oh, God.
The new drawstring of the new pajama broke
And he fell down
My sweet child.
My sweet child.
Sweet child?
Fancy. Fancy.
what child? whose child?
Shanky. He is dead.
He istalking about the dog.
l will chop him into pieces.
Brother, relax.
Shut up, youfool. - Brother.
l want the urn of ashes right now. -Yes.
Ask him where he has kept it. Ask him.
l am asking him, brother. l am asking him
Ask him. - l am asking him
Tell me
where is grandpa?
Do you remember?
We came here last year too.
l brought grandpa here.
Andthe year before that brother Chiksi brought him here.
This year it was yourturn Yours. Right?
Tell me. where is grandpa?
Yes Grandpa.
Happy. Yes.
Grandpais dead.
l will.. Brother. Brother. Brother.
One moment.
l know.
We know that grandpais dead.
But where is he now?
ln hell.
Oh, God.
Brother. Brother, one moment.
l didn't meanthat. - So?
Ash. Did you bring the urn of ashes?
Shanky andthe urn were together.
Brother. - Shanky.
Shanky. Brother. Brother.
Fancy. -Yes.
Forget Shanky for one minute. l can't forget Shanky!
For one minute! Focus! Focus! Focus!
You.. - Me..
Grandpa's. -Grandpa's..
You.. - Me..
Grandpa's.. - Grandpa's.
Why are you making dirty gestures?
Ask him directly where are grandfather's ashes?
Yes, where are his ashes?
Ashes? -Yes, the ashes
Ashes? -Yes.
lt is inthe ice box.
You have kept the ashes inthe ice box? -Yes
My Shanky!
Oh, Shanky!
l will not spare you alive today. - No, brother..
Come here l will cut you to pieces today and fly it in RDM.
No, brother! - Come here.
No, brother! Brother, listen. lt was some misunderstanding.
The ashes are safe inthe ice box
With Shanky, right?
l will bring and show it to you right now.
Yes, grandfather and Shanky are together.
Oh, yes, in the ice box
And the ashes are inthe pot.
Yes. Hey, the pot is inthe box too.
And Shanky is in the box too. -Yes, yes.
Shanky is in my mouth, wretched guy! Here!
Here it is! Here it is!
Stop it, brother.
Brother, what are you doing? what are you doing?
Keep patience, he is still akid.
You go and bring Fancy.
Today l'll feed you Tandoori fancy andwhat do they call it..
..yes, hot dog.
l had aterrorin my heart.
Thank God everything else is fine.
He will come to his senses by the morning.
He has not come to his sensestill the age of 40 years..
..how the hell will he come to his senses in the morning?
l think let's put him out on the sofa.
l think let's keep him lyingthere.
..and let's run away by setting fire to this place.
By the way, it is so cold, but still you didn't light the fire?
l had made an effort
Yes, l know what efforts youwould have made
Global warming.
Forget it. l can't light this fire.
Come on, let's go and repairthe doorfirst..
..otherwise we will freeze in cold.
Relax. Chill.
We will really chill till then
The cold is getting in.
Then you do it yourself.
Let me relax first.
All right Then why shouldn't l relax too?
Yes So you too drink, Chiksy. who has stopped you?
l amtalking about real relaxation.
Press? How can you relax by pressing?
l wonderwhen youwill give up your girlish habits
By God, l have a doubt sometimes.
Drink quietly. You don't know what pleasure it gives
You don't know, l know everything.
You are unable to forget hertoday too. -whom?
Gurleen Kaur.
lt is written on yourface
''Acrossthe sea, beyond the sea..''
''..the promise of friends lies amidst it.''
''Someone should come and ask about the well-being offriends.''
''Acrossthe sea, beyond the sea..''
..the promise of friends lies amidst it.''
''Someone should come and ask about the well-being offriends.''
'This girl is a big liar.'
'Wait, l'll send your copy to the head mastertoday.'
'why you didn't do your homework?'
'whose wedding is it? - Mine'
'whom are you marrying? -With a doctor.'
'lt's a lie. - No.'
'Of course'
''There is friendship across and beyond, Raavi flows amidst it.''
''Raavi urges the friendsto drown at night..''
..and swim during the day.''''
''Drown and come to meet, be victorious''
''Give afake hug, be victorious''
''Sometimes get drowned. Be a winner.''
''Sometimes swim Be a winner.''
''Sometimes get drowned. Be a winner.''
''Sometimes swim Be a winner.''
''All the talks came to my lips.''
''But l couldn't tell any.''
''My heart consoled me a lot.''
''ln your name in your name.''
''The memories of separation have spread.''
''l have followed many shadows.''
''l have undergone so many sorrows''
''ln your name in your name.''
Fancy, what are you doing here?
Go back! Scram! Oh, darn!
what is this, Happy?
These are caps.
Shall l wearthe cap? -Yes, wear it.
Oh, look at these caps.
where is your brother?
l don't know. why?
He ran away with my clothes from behind.
which clothes?
lt was anew suit which aunt had gifted me on my birthday.
The expensive one.
lt's alie - No.
Of course - No.
Good grief! Look at this shameless boy.
He is up to mischief the entire day.
Have you got admission at Amritsar Dental College?
l have got a scholarship at Law College in Chandigarh
lt's alie. No.
Of course No.
Give me.
Come on, give me. No.
Give me.
lt is a gift.
There is ateddy bearunder it.
what have you brought for yourself? Abunny, rabbit.
Return it. Come on, return it.
lf you don't want then return it.
No, no. l won't return it
Light it. lt has burst. Very good.
Oh, my God! Happy!
Happy, stop! Stop.
Oh, l am on fire
Happy! Happy, stop,
Grandfather, look what Happy is doing.
''Acrossthe sea, beyondthe sea..
..the promise of friends lies amidst it.''
''Someone should come and ask about the well-being offriends.''
l was separated from my Gurleen because of you.
You have ruined my life
Yes And haven't you ruined my life?
Me? How?
Because ofthe cap you had made me wear..
..first that fat aunt thrashed me and then grandfather.
l was thrashed so badly that today too..
..my hands and feet run cold on watching aladies banian.
Did you ever spot her afterthat?
l don't keep a watch on otherwoman
But if l knew that you affectionfor her..
..perhaps l would have found out something.
Forget it. She was a Hirni (deer).
She was not a deer but horny.
Hey, mind yourtongue!
l am just joking. l am just kicking.
Never mind. Never mind.
l'll help you
Give me the best. Give me the best.
And you too have a drink till then. Come on
l am sorry, Happy.
''Oh, love you, baby.''
Hey, do you remember Manpreet?
Happy, very fast.
Manpreet. Uncle Dhillon's daughter.
Oh, Manpreet. Yes
what aname! what a doggie!
She was a very smart doggie Yes.
She was very trained.
She wastrained but she had a drawback.
She used to smell awful.
Dirty girl. Like like.
Hey, my shirt!
No, she is dirtierthan her.
You have burned my shirt.
Oh! Happy, l am sorry. l am sorry.
l am sorry, Happy.
what will l weartomorrow?
Youwear my shirt, Happy. lt's okay.
Happy, l am sorry.
You don't touch my clothes.
l won't touch it, l will just press it.
Youwill not do anything. Return my press.
Look, don't get angry. l will press all your clothes today.
Return my press.
Happy, l am sorry.
Return the press
Take it.
Ouch! l have already given it, why are you shouting now?
You have burned my hand.
Liar! Just now you said that l have burned your shirt.
Bloody liar!
He is needlessly creating confusion.
Sometimes he says l've burned his shirt and sometimes his hand.
lt's okay. Not bad.
Look, it is repaired.
Fantastic, Happy. Very good.
You are a carpentertoo. Acheap carpenter.
Come here Have you gone crazy?
Everyone is mad. Happy, you are mad, l am mad, he is mad.
Give me wine!
From where are you speaking. Happy?
From where are you speaking? Give me wine
Brother! Brother!
Oh, you are alive.
Brother is alive. Brother.
Brother is stuck, Happy.
Fancy. Fancy. Yes.
Brother. Yes?
Please sit Sit.
Sit. Sit down.
Give me wine.
Brother! Give me wine.
l have it, brother.
Shanky, l mean, Fancy.. Yes?
You prepare the drink for brother, l'll be right back.
Me? Okay.
Anew bottle Give me wine.
How desperate he is forwine! Very bad.
Drinking is injury of health, brother.
Oh, shut up!
Here, brother.
Brother, listen Listen to me.
Brother! Wake up, brother!
Brother, slap me now.
who had hit on my head?
Hey, this dog! Throw this dog out of here.
Relax Relax, brother.
Throw this dog out of here right now.
Oh, Shanky! My Shanky!
We'll have to open the doorfirst.
He too. Throw both of these dogs out ofhere
Shanky! Shanky!
Doctor, l am having a splitting headache.
Do something about it too.
lt is done
Fancy, brother has fainted again.
lt's tonic time
Fancy, brother has fainted again.
But brother is senseless since childhood, Happy.
l'll bring one blanket.
Roll, baby, roll. Roll, Shanky, roll.
Roll, baby, roll.
Fancy! Fancy!
Brother's head is invisible.
lt is visible again.
l am sorry. l am sorry.
l had mistaken.
lt is visible. lt is visible.
Brother is sleeping.
You too are not feeling sleepy, right?
No problem
Shanky will sleep with uncle Chiksi today.
With whom?
Good boy. Good boy.
Hey, the doorhas fallen again?
No problem. l will adjust it. l will adjust it.
There is snow fall outside andthe doorfall inside.
Hey? Happy is also sleeping? He didn't wish me good night too.
Happy is also sleeping.
Brother is sleeping too.
Shanky is also sleeping.
l'm also sleeping.
Bottle of wine, good night.
Happy! Good morning..
what happens?
who has done this?
where is brother?
where is Shanky!
Shanky! Shanky! Shanky!
l have buried one wretched dog.
Now it'sturn of these two dogs.
Happy, tell me where is Shanky?
Brother Chiksi hastaken him.
Brother has taken Shanky for a stroll?
Not for a stroll, to bury him
You have killed Shanky?! My Shanky?!
Brother, you have done a very wrongthing..
l will make everything right now.
Adramahadtaken place here last night.
what had happened?
Someone had hit a solid blow on my head.
who had hit it? Yuck!
Oh, darn! This morning time is really bad.
Open it and go to the latrine.
Will l open it before you?
what, man? Openthe ropes and go to toilet.
The gas is formed due to empty stomach last night..
..nothing else.
l'll eat something and thenteach you a lesson.
Hey! This is dog food!
where is food?
where is food?!
l am asking you.
why are you asking me? Have l hidden it?
l am askingthis baldy.
what do l know where he has hidden it?
Say where you have kept it.
Nowhere. why will l keep it anywhere?
You have just said that you have hidden it.
l meanto say have l hidden it?
You haven't? - No.
Then what'sthe problem? -You
You should know about it.
Youwere supposed to bringfood and ice..
..and you have brought thisthis wretched dogfood.
Here, you only eat it
Tell me
l forgot.
Now you have forgotten where you have kept the foodtoo?
No, Happy, am l mad that l'll forget the food somewhere?
l forgot to bring the food.
Oh, l am sorry, brother!
Liar, l will teach you alesson just now.
Brother! Brother, l am sorry.
So you forgot? Youforgot? No!
l haven't had amorsel of food since last night. - Fancy!
And you are saying you have forgotten?
Brother! Brother, don't make me run please.
..l am already having abig hangover.
So you couldn't digest my wine, right?
Firstly you drank my wine and rest of it you gave to your dog.
Brother, don't involve Shanky in it.
what do you know how l feel about him.
Scoundrel! - Brother!
Firstly you ruined my night and made me starve inthe morning.
Onthe top of it, you feel about a dog?
Brother, don't. - Come here You come here
Brother! Brother, stop.
Brother, stop l say.
Hey, don't touch it.
lt is aproperty worth millions.
Oh, my God!
Just wait, wretched guy!
Wait. where will you run and escape.
where will you runfrom me?
l will neverspare you.
Wait, brother. Wait.
Not now.
where hasthat rogue gone?
l see. He has climbed up Mt. Everest.
lfyou are Henry, l am Ten Singer.
Oh, brother is coming up,
Brother, what are you taking? Thirty Plus?
Brother! Brother, don't be crazy.
Happy! The door, fix the door.
Happy, please save me from brother.
l will show you brother Chiksi's magic just now.
Brother, no!
Help! Oh, brother!
Scream! Shout on yourtop.
Not even your angels can save you now.
Brother, l am sorry.
what is it? what do youwant?
Quiet. why are you making me quiet?
Talk softly. who are you, brother?
what are you doing here?
Have you gone crazy?
With whom are you talking?
Brother, l think this man has lost his way.
which brother of yours has come now?
Oh, darn!
Brother, leave me and think what hasto be done about this invader.
This gun had rusted while lying unused since such a longtime
lt will be useful today.
You should have asked before shooting him.
Really? So now l will have to take your permission..
..before doing any work?
Not me but him
Him? Should l ask that scoundrel?
''Brother, will you like to die or something else?''
l mean to say you should have askedwho he is
why? Did you had an appointment with someone..
..to break yourteeth?
Oh, oh! what hasto be done now?
Brother, you are havingthe gun with you.
what should we do?
Wait. Huh?
Wait. when any bird will come here to drink water..
..l will shoot it.
Awesome planning, brother.
what if the bullet hitsthe bird?
That's what l want, idiot.
what if the bullet hits your invader?
Don't worry. l never miss my aim.
lt's my turn lt's my turn now.
Don't you dare!
No one will dare to touch my weapon.
How did it fire automatically?
Do you think any bird will come in such a coldweather?
The rest of the birds must have also flown away..
..on hearing the sound of fire.
We shouldforget about food for some time.
Look there. The sky has cleared.
The way will become cleartoo.
Someone will definitely come.
The snow has fallenthe entire night.
No one except we and this invader must be crazy..
..to come here in such cold.
lt must be. - No.
There must be someone who must know..
..whetherwe are here ornot.
l have forbidden you so many times not to read..
..the comics of Chacha Choudhary.
Get aside!
Brother! Brother, it is a property worth millions.
..andthe otherwill with it, accordingto which..
..someone else too can get the property.
Will anyone let millions of rupees slip out ofhis hands easily?
He will definitely keep a watch on us
But who?
lt is possible he is some manfrom the court.
You mean that Chadda.
No, no, not Chadda. Not Chadda, brother.
lt is possible.
lt is possible that the man of the otherwill..
..has appointed someone else forthis work.
Like like like one name
Defective! - Shut up!
Hey? Find him! Come on, find him!
Brother, where are you?
Come out. We won't do anythingto you.
l swear by wine, l don't do any harmto you.
Oh, darn!
Youwill freeze in ice, brother.
lnvader! lnvader!
He is not inside
where are you, you lnvader?
Yeah? Yeah? Yes?
Fancy, did youfind him?
Don't worry, Happy. where will he go?
But he can never go in that box.
Happy, you don't know how advanced the technology..
..has become nowadays.
So find him Search him in the box, the trees.
..search him wherever you like.
Happy, you are too much.
He can never be in the tree. Dumbo!
Find him quietly, idiots.
Oh, yes l'll search him behind.
''Find him quietly, idiots!'' Huh!
He made our accident because of that invader.
Hey? Did you see? Yes?
whom are youtalkingwith?
Brother, your Tidda.
Then catch him.
l am holding it.
Catch him, fool!
Oh, yes Oops!
Oh! How he is shivering!
Will you have a small or large drink?
l want Patiala. Bring Patiala.
Sit down, brother. Make yourself comfortable.
lt is yourown house
He didn't even serve grandfather so much.
..as much he is serving this lnvader.
Brother, ifyou don't mind, shall l ask one thing?
why were you hiding on the terrace in such cold?
Andwhat about when you had tied me like a victim onthe terrace?
You shouldn't take such a trifle thing seriously.
How can't l?
what if l would have got a heart attack because of cold?
Say auspiciousthings!
May your enemies get aheart attack.
Do you know who is my biggest enemy?
Brother, don't pay attention to his nonsense Yes
You drink the whisky. The whisky.
Oh, the whisky! whisky!
No, no! Don't do that, brother.
when you couldn't kill me by shooting abullet..
..you want to kill me by serving me poisonedwine?
Sir! Sir, l think you are still angry.
Brother, you drink whisky comfortably.
Here. Take it.
Don't come closer. Don't come close to me
l wonderwhat sort of crazy brothers are they.
One gets involved in grandfather and dog..
..while the other bangs someone's head.
Someone makes aperson starve.
Don't talk about hunger.
You are talking nonsense since when.
Shut up!
No, brother, l have brought many such idiotsto right track.
Fancy, he is not a lnvader..
what ifhe is the lnvader?
l am not scared of him
Fancy, he is not an invader but a detective
lSl mark, right?
Remember one thing.
Our Chacha Choudhary is enough forJames Bond like you.
Hey, no. No.
Shut up, idiot.
He is grandfather's detective
Brother, neither l am invader nor a detective.
l am a shepherd. what?
l had laid abet to spend the night inthis horror house.
Do you consider ourhouse as a gambling den, scoundrel?
Bring the fire extinguisher.
Come on, bring the fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher.
Fire extinguisher. Yes, bring the fire extinguisher.
Yes, bring it.
Car burn TA. This is of the car.
Will you bring it whenthe entire house will burnto ashes?
Oh, yes
Here it is.
Come out.
Come out.
Brother, get aside
''There were three brothers.''
''Three three three three.''
''There were three brothers.''
''They were three.''
''Three three three three.''
''There were three brothers.''
Wow, man! Topless house.
Just likeAmerican cars and babes.
So you are not a detective.
You are not a spy too? - No.
And you are not James Bondtoo? - No, brother, no.
This is too much
Then why did you make such a big entry?
Forgive me, brother.
Forgive you? l will shoot you now, watch it.
Oh, darn! Brother, one more
Catch him Catch him!
Hey! Catch him!
ls it yourfather's glass? - l am sorry, brother.
Rogue, sometimes you pretend to be an invader, a shepherd..
..a spy, you can't escape like this. Stop! Stop!
what's wrong with grandfather's gun?
Brother! Brother, no.
Brother, where are you going?
Catch him! Brother!
Catch him. Stop! Stop!
You scoundrel!
No, brother!
Brother! Brother, where are you going?
Brother, you are too much.
Let him run away if he likes.
We shouldn't leave our house
Stop spitting on my face by standing next to me.
Give me your hand.
Give me yourhand fromfront. Yes
Has Fancy gone to drop him home?
Brother! Brother, stop this chase and let's go home.
Have youforgotten the conditions?
So call out Fancy. Fancy!
Fancy! Fancy!
Fancy! - Fancy!
why are you making me silent?
Did you hear? Did you hear anything?
what? This sound.
l am having gas problem. what should l do?
No, no, not this. But this. This.
Do youwant me to hear orsee something?
Hear this.
Yes Right?
Yes Yes, this is it. Yes.
Come on.
Oh, brother!
Oh, my God!
Brother. - Hey, leave me.
Get back!
Goodness me
Do you see what l see?
Yes, brother, the big.. Quiet Corrupt mind.
Corrupt mind? l am talking about the flat-breads
what were you thinking about?
l.. l.. l.. l.. l was watching the same thing, the flat-breads.
But these flat-bread makers..
There is Fancy.
Fancy! Fancy.
Extraherbs for my brother's flat-bread, please.
Come on, come on, strangle (sprinkle) some more
Wow, wow, flatbreads. Brother.
Come, brother, come, come.
Baby, brother.
Brother, Baby.
And he's Happy. Even l am happy. sit
Sit down.
Sit down, Happy. Sit down, brother.
Happy, you like cauliflower stuffed flatbread, don't you?
Yes, l didn't ask herto make that.
And you don't like potato stuffedflatbread..
..don't you, brother? No, no.
That's what l asked herto prepare.
l can eat anything today.
Eat, eat beer. That's done.
Wait, have patience.
Let me taste it.
lt's bitter.
The poorthing is preparing stuffed bread..
..and you are findingfaults.
Stop, stop,
Baby. lt's tasty, tasty.
Alittle fenugreek. More, more.
With love and peace.
lf Billo spots me she will make pieces out of me.
''when l lift my right leg.. the left leg comes up.'
''when l lift my right leg.. the left leg comes up.'
l am hot.
''when l lift my left leg.. the right leg comes up,'
''when l lift my right leg.. the left leg comes up.'
''when l lift my left leg.. the right leg comes up,'
''Hold my hands, friends.''
''l forgot how to walk.''
''l forgot how to walk.''
Hello, friends Hello.
My name is Shushila. Shushila.
Kamla, Vimla
Do youwish to smoke? - Karela. Kamla.
lfyouwish you can take a pack of..
..tobacco filled cigarettes from me.
Thank you, Shushila, but what that?
''lt's been spinning over my headfor so long?''
''ls the sky sick?''
''Everyone's at home.''
''ls it a Sunday, aholiday?''
With two butterflies. - Happy boy.
Do youwant to dent the car, you dentist?
''lt's been spinning over my headfor so long?''
''ls the sky sick?''
''Everyone's at home.''
''ls it a Sunday, aholiday?''
''Maybe l sprained my neck.''
''My leg bends''
''when l lift my right leg.. the left leg comes up.'
''When l lift my left leg..''
''when l get up from the snow l feel shy.''
''lts soft but it also feels hot''
''Ladies and gentlemen wheneverl try to speak..
..something stops me from doing so.''
''when l lift my right leg.. the left leg comes up.'
''when l lift my left leg.. the right leg comes up,'
Darling, did you hear that sound?
Shushila, we reached here hearingthe sounds.
She is pointing upwards and asking me to listen as well.
where are you running offtoo?
Let's go inside.
Hands up.
Hands up. Heads down.
Brother, youtied me up again.
what happened?
The handcuffs.
Andwhere are the police.
..the constipators (constables) taking us?
Home -You are mistaken.
Happy and l are bachelors
Why are you slapping him? - See, brother.
Punch him, kick him
He took usto those wretches
Brother. -what ''Brother''?
Your sisterin laws ran way by leaving us alone.
The flatbreads that we were eating..
..was stuffed with drugs, cocaine and what not.
what? Marijuanain the stuffed-bread?
Andthey think we are the drug-dealers.
How canthey say that?
l will talk to them
Listen, constable.
Actually, the matter is.
lnspector sir.
lnspector sir. lnspector sir.
You dare sell drugs and cocaine.
..in inspector Gabru Bawra's area. - No, no.
And that too in stuffed bread.
Do you know how much l like stuffed bread?
Tell me, what else have you done?
Look, inspector sir, without the girls.
..we cannot prove that these are not our stuffed bread. Yes
We don't even know how to knead dough?
Youwill learn it.
Kneading dough, using agrinding mill.
l will teach you everything in jail.
Teach those girls whatever you want to teach.
lt wastheir stuffed bread andtheir cocaine.
when you couldn't rape those innocent girls..
..you are not accusingthem -what?
what? -what?
All those innocent girls gave us stuffed bread.
They triedto tarnish our honour. l see.
So now girls have started tarnishing the honour of boys
why? Don't boys have any honour?
Want to know?
They don't. They don't.
Boys don't have any honour. - l know.
That's why youwill all be jailed.
And l will get promotion.
See, we are in jail now.
We have lost everything.
l had high hopes for the past three years.
..but everything is ruined.
Not just you alone but my dreams..
..have been shattered as well.
l have lost all hopes along withthe property.
We lost the property?
why are you sayingthat, Happy?
All my dreams will be over. - Shut up.
This has happened because of yourfoolishness
You are just as quarrelsome.
lf you hadn't quarrelled about that shortie being a spy.
..then this chaos would have never occurred,
And this fool wouldn't have got an opportunity to use his brains
Why are you yelling at me?
You two were enjoying the stuffed-bread as well.
You should have given us some poison as well..
..then at least we wouldn't have seen this day.
l am sure to be defamed.
You are concerned only about your respect.
what about my respect? -what respect do you have?
Auseless, fake doctor.
And a wandering street-performer.
l am a street..
lf l am a street-performerthen you didn't..
..become abig businessman with your drawstring shop either.
And what respect are you talking about?
You left your respect back at the village 20 years ago.
l haven't heard any less stories ofyour respect either.
Youwere caught nude with a girl. Brother!
Bravo! Bravo!
Now abuse me as well.
Forsake whatever little respect you have for me
Have you done anythingthat an elder does?
You wouldn't have run away ifyou really were an elder.
Stop your nonsense. -why? why?
Grandpa was right.
You ran away from your responsibilities
Responsibilities? You two were burdens for me.
what else could l have done?
Washed yourclothes all my life
Great. Great, brother.
Now l know how selfish you have always been.
l thought about moving ahead in life so l am selfish
lf your grandpahad given me some money at that time..
..then l would have been someone today.
But no.
He had to raise you two.
You were a leach.
And you.
Father's last mistake
You dropped in as well.
You ruined my life.
Yes. Yes, l ruined your life
And yours.
l ruined your life as well, isn't it?
Yes, yes, you did it.
Youtwo did.
Don't hold me responsible foryourweaknesses.
Why shouldn't l?
One brother left me to rot andthe other.. - Otherwhat?
How did l ruin you? - ln everyway.
You ruined everything.
lf l ruined everything. Happy, then you could've rectified it.
why didn't you look for her? - Don't change the topic.
This isthe topic, Happy.
You didn't look for her.
Because you didn't have the courage
And every time you simply cursed me.
Yes l did. -why?
Yes l did. -why?
Because.. l hate you.
And youtoo.
Not as much as l hate you two.
So, what have youthought?
Will you admit your crimes?
Why are you crocking like a rooster in the morning?
l said we didn't commit any crime
All three brothers are in a comic mood.
l am asking forthe last time..
..do you admit your crimes or not?
Why are you repeating..
what.. No, no.
Not that. - Do you admit your crime or not?
No, not that.
Do you admit or not?
lf youtouch brother again..
Such brotherhood.
lf he doesn't then you will admit it?
l will teach all of you.
There isn't a single criminal..
..who didn't admit defeat before Gabru Bawra.
Kick them, punchthem, make their plight bad.
Make mincemeat out of these apestoday.
Monster, bow before me.
Ravan is my name
Let's beginthe ultimate battle in this battlefield.
My left eye flutters.
Let's return Sita and be friends with Ravan
l have a solution for yourflutter.
My ten heads cannot be razed by any bow and arrow.
what is it? Free me.
My ten heads cannot be razed by any bow and arrow.
Fly away.
Fly away from here you dirty, black ape.
Hold this monkey's rope tightly.
'Hold this monkey's rope tightly.'
Hold this monkey's rope tightly.
We don't want to entertain him in Lanka.
We don't want to entertain him in Lanka.
So? How wasthe drama?
Come on. Hurry up,
Come on.
Let's go, brother. Wait, wait.
We should be heading that way and not this
Brother, the city is downwards
You are taking us on the wrong side
No, l am taking you to the right side.
We should be heading towards the hill and not the city.
Brother. Brother, forget about the property.
We might land in jail again forthat property.
Yes, brother.
The police will first come there looking for usthere
Happy, you saidthat..
..l neverfulfilled any responsibility of an elder.
So l am goingto do that.
whetherthe police follow usthere orthe military.
l cannot leave Lala all alone back there
what should l do with them?
They digtheir own grace
''Once a situation arose where''
''Once a situation arose where''
''lt was either do ordie.''
''lt was either do ordie.''
''Listen, listen.''
''Choose, choose.''
''There were three brother.''
Brother. Brother.
Brother, there are just two small hills left now.
Bring the hills here, l don't have anymore courage.
where is the sound coming from?
Wonderwho gave this huge ride to this coward?
Hurry up, fool.
No, brother. Slowly.
There is no hurry.
Thanks, brother, l am a bikertoo.
Brother. Happy. Girls.
Knowledge. General knowledge
Bye, girls
Bye, girls Let's go.
Brother, they didn't give me their number.
l took downtheir number.
Give it to me as well.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Are you here on apicnic?
Check whether anyone's there or not
The mountain police are very smart, brother.
They reached before us
There is a slight risk in bringing grandpa out
And where there's risk there is us, isn't it, Happy?
Stop clapping.
Shall we?
They even called atank.
Happy, Tank.
As soon as its evacuated..
..raze this junkyard down what?
Deaf, raze. this junkyard down. Yes, yes.
Right away.
We three will try to go in from different places.
As soon as l count three.. Listen
Don't talk.
One. Two.
He will get us in trouble
l hadto get stuck here.
Fancy Gill, performs his own stunts.
One shot.
Wow, True Lies.
See, what happened now!
Has the snow frozen your legs?
Get them out.
Don't spare them
Fast attack.
Hail Goddess.
Brother. - Don't worry about me.
Get grandpal will handle them.
Come on.
lt's very cold.
what happened?
lnky pinky ponky.
Father bought a donkey.
Donkey died, father cried.
lnky pinky ponky.
Come on.
Brother, do the twist.
Hey, you show him.
See. -Twist.
Leave me.
Cookie Singh.
who is Cookie Singh? -Me
People normally tattoo the names of their girlfriend..
..on their arms and you are carrying your own name.
Here, hold this.
That's cheating.
Stop it.
Can't you see there are people inside?
There are grandpa's. ashes.
l will be back.
Stop, stop the bulldozer.
Move your body.
Brother. Brother, come in
Tank commando.
Brother, careful.
Tank manhandling.
So this isthe mountain mafia.
Constable. Constable.
They killed him, run - Catch those scoundrels.
l will show these three brothers who Gabru Bawra is.
He has worn steel padding between his legs
You dare hit my brother.
l will rip open yourface
Well done, Fancy. Well done
Brother, go get grandpa.
l will handle this polar bear.
Shanky is alive
Shanky is alive
Shanky is alive
Shanky is alive
Shanky. Shanky. Shanky.
Sorry, grandpa. Let's go.
Brother. Brother, grandpa.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Shanky. Shanky. Shanky.
Go boy.
Shanky. Shanky. Shanky.
Let's go.
Come on.
Brother, careful.
Beware. Don't anybody move
Now this place is under my power.
Your power?
But this place is underour power.
Did yourwives bring this place in dowry?
Yes. We are the only Gill brothers
l will teach youthree a lesson.
Elopers. - Brother.
And you.
who are youto take control of this place?
who am l?
l am this. This.
Say something, Chadda.
Have you lost yourtongue?
what can l say, Chiksi?
Yourgrandpa sold this land and hill..
..three years ago to him -what?
On the conditionthat..
..he will be given possession today.
Brother. Yes.
Trying to fit in break dance in 'Bhangda'.
Throw him out. l will take youto Hollywood.
l will play to highway.
This is a shifting pain.
lf keeps shiftingfrom one teeth.. to another.
Let's go.
where is yourfather?
Listen, at least talk Glady alone.
Look, brother.
l will treat yourentire family's dental problems forfree
what happened?
what about the hot pizza? Pizza.
Forthe past three years you were saying..
..that you will return with huge wealth.
''There were three brothers.''
'Their hearts united, so did theirfate.'
'They even got each other's company.'
'But some dreams were still left unfulfilled.'
'Well, at least these three got their brotherhood back..
..due to grandpa's will.'
'Like its said all is well that..'
'what isthis?'
what bad news it is now?
Sign here.
what happened?
But what happened?
Brother, Happy.
He has changed completely.
He has progressed alot.
He called us here?
Not me, Baggasu, Chandigarh.
..who has your grandfather's secondwill.
Anotherwill, anotherproblem.
who are you in all this?
Dang. Detective Dang. Detective.
Baggasu hired me to see..
..whetherthe three ofyoufulfil the conditions of the will or not.
Andwe didn't fulfil those conditions.
You didn't fulfil the conditions?
Detective Dang. They did, madam, they did.
They don't know.
what do you mean by l don't know?
Please shut him up,
why are you ruining your future and my reputation?
Madam, tell them about the property.
Mr. Khetrapal sold his property three years ago..
..to theAnimal Welfare Board.
On the conditionthat..
..the boardwill get possession three years later.
We already know that.
what is new?
The money attained after sellingthat property.
And this amount is to be given..
..to Mr. Khetrapal's successors
17 crores. -Yes.
23 rupees -Yes.
We will get that. -No, he will.
Lie. No.
''Across the sea.''
''Across the seaisthe dwelling place of lovers''
''Someone come and ask about their condition''
Gurleen. -what Gurleen?
You didn't eventry to find me afterthat night
No, l did but.. - But what?
You must have married some wretch.
No, l am still single.
Lie. - No.
Happy, catch that shortie. - No, brother.
No, brother. No.
No, brother. No.
Didn't you hear? That shortie got our property.
You conman, detective.
why are you peeking there?
Let's go.
No, brother, he didn't get the property.
She didn't mean it. - She didn't mean it?
You didn't mean it?
She didn't mean it? -Yes, brother.
She didn't mean it.
She didn't mean it.
Fancy, she didn't mean it.
She didn't mean it.
She didn't. She didn't.
Youfool, she didn't.
'Really, grandpa was visionary.'
'Great scheming.'
'He brought everyone together.'
'lt's rightly said.'
'Afather is afather..
..andthe grandfather is the father's father.'
'Hail, grandpa. Glory to you.'
Kidney stone.
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.''
''The heat scorched my feet.''
''The cool shadow gave me relief.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.''
''She couldn't stay too long.. with herfather.''
''She couldn't stay too long.. with herfather.''
''She had to go away.''
''She had to go away.''
''The lonely night was darkerthan alie''
''The night of separation was longerthan hertresses''
''The lonely night was darkerthan alie''
''The night of separation was longerthan hertresses''
''She came home at dawn''
''My kin returnedto me.''
''l neverforgot the doorto your house.''
''There weren't any latch or any sign''
''l always said so but you neverlistened.''
''Listen, God.''
''Listen, God.''
''Now l don't want to go home.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.''
''My feet make me go round and round.''
''The milestone of my village was somewhere around.'' 00