Summer Plans & Justin Bieber Goes Country - Everything That Really Matters - Ep. 9

Uploaded by dreammining on 03.06.2011

Sarah: What’s up, guys?? Lilly, do you
know what time it is?

Lilly: Hmmm, I want to say lunch, but I think it’s time for

Sarah: You know it!! Our Show The Rundown about all the stuff
Really Matters coming from our Really Cool Dream Mining School!!  
You know, I gotta say, that assembly we had where the school chorus sang
that song I love by Mattisyahu “One Day”  Ok that made me cry...
Your solo was awesome...

Lilly: Gee thanks! We’re doing another concert before summer..
stay tuned..
Okay, big topic this week. Justin Bieber. He’s nominated for a CMT award—
that’s a country music award—for his song “It Shoulda Been Me” with Rascall
Flats. So, Sarah, what do you think?
Do you like the idea of Country Justin?

Sarah: Hmmm, Cowboy Bieber… as long as he
doesn’t go full on country like
Miley Cyrus’s dad or anything. [to camera] No mullets, Justin!!

Lilly: And he’s gonna be in a movie—a DRAMA—about street basketball.
Sarah: What’s street basketball?

Lilly: I don’t know…but it must be dramatic.
So, what do we think?  
Do you think the Biebs transforming too much?

Sarah: I kinda like that he’s branching
He can be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll if he wants.

Lilly: I dunno,
I disagree, I just want him to be the Bieber we fell in
love with.
[to camera] What do you guys think? Can the
Justin change his image,
or is he forever the Biebs?

Sarah: Yeah! Tell us what you think! Okay, moving on...Summer!
It’s really almost here! That means no school! Woohoo!

Lilly: But, we still have summer
projects, at Dream Mining kids can stay
over the summer and do special programs where they just work on their own
stuff. Like I’m just focusing on my music.

Sarah: And I’m working on fashion like a
And speaking of fashion and summer, lemme take a sec to talk about a new
trend I’m loving that’s just perfect for summer...nail art!

Lilly: Are you talking
about like those really crazy long nails with like
sequins on them?

Sarah: Well, sorta, not the super long ones--those are scary. But
instead of just painting your nails pink,
why not throw some glittery stars on them,
or stick on letters to spell your name.

[insert images, natch]

Lilly: Oh!! I saw
this in Teen Vogue! Oh, look hers are little tuxedoes!
Cute! [note to Rob: don’t worry, I have that image]

Sarah: Yeah, it’s really on
trend right now. And the reasons I love it are,
it’s cheap, it leaves a lot of room for individual creativity,
and it can be fun. Have a nail art party. Have friends over and go nuts!

Lilly: Will
you do mine for me? I always end up sorta painting my whole hand.

Sarah: It would be
an honor.

Lilly: Sweet!

[to camera] But if you don’t have a fabulous, talented friend
like me to do your nails, it’s super easy. Sally Hansen makes nail art pens. It’s as
easy as drawing!

Sarah: Or writing notes in [teacher’s name?] class! Not that we
ever do that...

Lilly: Of course not!