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Corporate governance is basically the way a companie is managed,
and the credibility of it depends on how the companie is conducted.
About it, I'll talk now to Telmo Schoeler, founder of Strategos. How Are you, Mr. Telmo?
I'm Fine, it's a pleasure being here.
The pleasure is ours. In the Stock Market, Corporate Governance is basically know as the company's transparency in its management methodology.
What is the basic concepts of corporate governance?
Governance is the way that companies are managed. Transparency is the first concept. Equality is the second. Accountability is the third, and corporate responsability is the fourth.
It certainly is a subject that applies not only in the open capital companies. It's mandatory fo them.
What are the benefits for the companies?
Any company needs money to work. Shareholder's money or money acquired in the credit market.
Today, without transparency, without an adequate management, without accountability, adequate balance sheets,
Without corporate's responsability, that is envolved with the Corporate Sustainability, a concern of the community,
no one is inclined to invest or loan money at all.
We have a slide that will show the concept of Corporate Governance, isn't Mr. Telmo?
Yes. Actually, this is the first of them. In the modern world, we have always a doubt: where are we going?
In the companies, the doubt is: what are our strenght and weakness? This we know well.
We don't know what is outside, the corporate world, which is illustrated here. This is what brings changes, competition, opportunities and threats.
As we react to them, the process became much more complex.
Through this complexability, our other chart shows that governance is compound by partners, management's board, board of directors,
an external audit, and board of auditors. This structure is required by that complexity to make decisions and shows where the company is going to...
Mr. Telmo, we have huge companies in our stock market which has a strong govern participation. Sometimes, the transparency of them is in doubt.
How are Brazilian companies in corporate governance issues, compared to developed countries' corporations?
I can say that we are in evolution. Nowadays, this is a frequent theme.
The companies are increasing their requirements for corporate governance.
Certainly, we have a long way ahead. Transparency is easy to say, not so easy to practice. Accountabilty is the same. But I think, we are in a good way.
What about a family company?
In family companies, such as an entity in any place in the world, is composed in three levels of power:
Family, property, and company.
When we talk about governance, it's not only about the company's side, it refers also to the partners. Like we say, in the Sunday's lunch, the family usually interveres.
When it doesn't have a good structure. Corporate governance in family companies, it affects not only management, but also the family as well.
Now, as clients, of course you have large companies. Is it possible to small companies, like groceries' stores, have corporate governance?
Good question. Obviouslly, we work with large corporations, but sometimes small companies contact us.
And our recomendation is: the corporate governance principles can be applied no matter what is the company's size.
But it's level can be higher or lower. We recomend for smaller companies to contact Sebrae, which is a competent entity for emergent companies.
It is really competent in this cases and our recomendation is that.
On internet, is there any contact with Strategos?
Well, our site is We have an open contact.
Okay. Thanks for joining us on La Presse's website, Mr. Telmo!
I've appreciated the opportunity.
Okay. From the BM&FBOVESPA's Studios, São Paulo, Brazil. I'm Luciene Miranda.