Alejandro & Diego - 015 [2/2] (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 15.02.2012

You're high.
You're like a fountain. You can't stop sweating. How can you, how can you get high right on Rodrigo's funeral?
How do you think I feel?
Like a dog! No shh. I gave Rodrigo that pill.
And look at him.
But I also took it, and nothing happened to me. -The three of you were in really bad shape.
And what came after was too much. Okay, yeah. We made a promise to not talk about that.
That video never existed, dude.
If Rodrigo and Sebastián's dad find out about that, you know where I'll end up? In jail, dude.
That's not going to happen. We already deleted the video.
And now Rodrigo nor Oswaldo can say anything about it. So it's only between us. So calm down.
Yeah. Between you and me.
But he, the up there knows it all, dude.
We can't lie to that one. Neither you, nor me.
Are you okay? You look kind of pale.
Loosing a child is the hardest test a parent must go trough.
Hey, so what finally happened with the address I gave you? Did you go see the guy?
What's the matter with you and JP, huh?
I think those two are in Barbie and Ken situation. That's why JP go mad about the Miranda bet. Just look at how he hugs her.
They're like a couple.
Here I have the address you gave me of that dude. See you.
Okay, bro-in-law. See you.