Accessory Geeks Motorola Charm Unboxing

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 26.08.2010

Hey this is Julian with accessorygeeks.
And we are here with the new Motorolla charm on T-Mobile.
And this is Motorolla newest android phone.
Though its definitely not the feature pack like some the other ones.
This is really keyword towards the casual user, teens and people who really don’t need a full smartphone experience, I would say. 4 00:00:36,412 --> 00:00:41,411 But for what it is it’s a very feature pack phones. So what we are gonna do is quick unboxing right know.
So we purchase the chardonnay color with this is light purple they also have here, bronze as well.
But we chose this one just to get more unique.
So initial we have here pretty form factor it feels relatively solid and very plasticy.
But the keyboard does feel nice we’ll do some more test later but the keys got pretty travel.
So it’s a pretty solid device.
Inside the box, we have your manual.. battery door..
This one actually came with 2 battery doors which is something you don’t see too often.
We have your battery.. And we actually had your extended battery..
So what it looks like you do get an extended battery right in the box.
Which is really, really surprising you know very pleasant surprise.
Because fundamental factory are skipping these days on accessories include two battery one being the extended one with the door.
It’s a very nice to see. Standard data cable and your charger where you plug-in your data cable to charge it.
You have your basic really, really uncomfortable headphones that probably made poor sound quality.
So we’ll test this out but we don’t expect to much from it.
And a SIM..
We bought this unlock so we will be putting our SIM to test it out.
And for those stuff bunch of legal mumbo jumbo and that’s about it.
So this is what you get. We actually pretty exited to test this out it’s because it’s a something new.
It’s a really unique form factory the blackberry style but has the whole touchscreen with android.
So were gonna be going a few test coming up, so look out for that.