Grand Opening Celebration - UO's Lewis Integrative Science Building

Uploaded by UOregon on 29.10.2012

>>Kimberly Andrews Espy: Now I declare the Robert and Beverly Lewis
Integrative Science Building officially open.
>>Lorry Lokey: For years and years
thousands of people are going to benefit from it.
It's a great feeling.
>>Jeff Lewis: We're extremely proud.
I know that my father, if he were still alive, would be beside himself today.
>>Congressman Peter DeFazio: This is world class.
It will be world class for our students,
our faculty and it's an incredible amenity for the university.
>>Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici: The work that is going to be done here
in this integrated building
is going to be a model for the rest of the country.
>>Mayor Piercy: This is an enormously innovative concept.
It will attract business and build our economy.
>>Thomas Hacker: Integrative science will give something
really profoundly important to the world in the future.
>>Jennifer Pfeifer: We're so excited to get down to the business
of amazing science.
>>Dave Johnson: The Lewis's have created a fantastic opportunity
in the space of this building.
It's really pushed forward the fronteirs of science.
>>Mike Wehr: While they are celebrating out there in the atrium
we're actually doing experiments and doing some science in here.
>>Lorry Lokey: We made a darned good investment.
>>Jim Hutchison: This is an awesome party
but tomorrow we've got to get to work.