Offset Arm Crunch on Stability Ball + Progressions with Jonathan Ross

Uploaded by ACEfitness on 11.04.2012

Jonathan Ross, Senior Consultant Personal Training: A great way to get more out of your crunches
is to do different things with your upper body.
We're gonna move our arms around to provide a different challenge for all of your ab muscles.
You'll involve way more than just the ab muscles in the exercise this way, and get a lot more out of every minute you spend
on your exercises and spread out the load across all of your different ab muscles.
To start this, we walk out and lie down on the ball.
And you'll make sure your head and shoulders are off the back of the ball so we've loaded up the abs.
Then we'll take one hand behind your neck to support the weight of your head.
The arm comes out to the side. So, my arm has weight to it. So now I have to support the weight of my arm as I perform a crunch.
So, this arm out to the side is giving me a bigger challenge through here, and it feels a lot more different than a regular crunch would.
The next progression on this, once this gets a little easy, is to take both arms and point them over to one side.
And now it's going to look like I'm doing the wave.
When I come up in the middle, I've got my arms in the air and then I go down to the side.
The key thing to note about this exercise is that there's no change in the shoulder and hip position.
That means I'm not rotating my shoulders. I'm just moving my arms. I'm not twisting this crunch at all.
The next progression would be to now go ahead and twist the crunch. So, I drop the arms to the side but I also add the shoulder rotation.
This is a very demanding progression, so be sure to try it only when you've mastered the first two.
Now, we come up, and, again, it looks like the wave.
But I'm gonna get way more range of motion now, and by adding the shoulder rotation you can see and hear
how much harder it's getting and you also want to let the eyes follow the hands so you get added range of motion on your rotation.
So, there's some really awesome crunch progressions. Just by moving your arms you can get way more out of your crunches on a stability ball.
For more information on this, check out my other videos and also grab a copy of my book, Abs Revealed.
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