The Google Beat for October 15, 2010

Uploaded by Googlebeat on 14.10.2010

Anne Espiritu here with the Google Beat -- bringing you some of the week’s hottest
searches on Google in the US.
Let’s take a look. First up, and perhaps not a surprise, we saw a 450% increase in
searches for [columbus day], the Federal holiday that fell on October 11 this year.  Related
searches like [post office], [columbus day banks], and parade also popped up. There was
a 250% increase in searches for [christopher columbus] and related searches for quotes
and facts.
And as we move into mid-October, office closures weren’t the only seasonal term on the tip
of your fingers: [pumpkin carving template] and [pumpkin carving stencils] were two of
the top 20 hottest searches on October 9 -- suggesting many people got into the Halloween
spirit last Saturday.
In the sporting world, the American League West champions [texas rangers] advanced to
the league championship series against the New York Yankees. The excitement around the
Ranger’s first appearance beyond the division playoffs drove a 160% increase in searches
this week.
And the investigation into the past conduct of Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre
has driven strong interest in terms like [jenn sterger], [brett favre] and [deadspin], all
of which secured spots in the top five hottest rising searches for the week.
And searches for [karen owen] -- the Duke student who created a slide presentation on
her personal relationships, and subsequently found posted to the web -- increased by 500%
in the last week. Related rising searches include [thesis], [download], and [presentation].
On a final note: The  2010 Ryder Cup has come and gone, but there is one golf fan who
has clearly made an impression. This week, we saw a 2100% increase in searches for [cigar
guy], referring to Rupesh Shingadia, the 30-year-old from South London.  His outfit -- a wig,
cigar and mustache - was captured in the background of a photo at the tournament and ignited a
new Internet meme. We first saw a spike in searches for [cigar guy] around October 5th,
two days after play concluded; and then we saw another surge around October 9th when
Shingadia’s real identity was revealed. Looks like I found my Halloween costume!
Well, that’s a look at the hottest searches on Google. We hope you enjoyed this week’s
edition of the Google Beat. See you next week!