Baava (2010) w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 1

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God's wonderul creation in this universe is earth,
our country lndia is one of the greatest countries on earth,
temple of beautiful nature.
Amidst such beauteous nature and green fields,
with our air breezing across,
gushing sound of flowing river Godavari,
our Village Venkatapuram is waking up to a new dawn,
people are innocent and simple here,
this is Venkatapuram railway station,
as an indication of train's arrival, the bell in ringing,
entire village is coming to give send off to a man,
he's man on a mission, a warrior,
a great man who lives for others not just for himself,
his name is Veerababu,
only Veerababu can bring peace to the village,
that's why he took the onus on himself,
and leaving the place for the sake of people of the village,
one man for an entire village,
an entire village for a man,
a sea of tears is following him,
with heavy hearts and silent voices.
What an over acting!
To give send off to Veerababu... - Stop it!
Why? - ls such build up necessary?
Why? Not that much? - No way!
Do you think they are crying unable to leave me?
That's for getting rid of me. - What mistake have you done?
That's the right question... - Mistake? Great mistake.
Do you know what did this fool do?
Why is he taking off shirt?
Bloody fool! ldiot! Never does anything correct.
Take bath that side, you're spilling water on us.
Are you feeling it hasn't fallen on you?
Bloody idiot!
Today it's fish gravy in my home.
l've caught exotic fishes. Plenty! Come for lunch!
Wait, you didn't have any cloth while jumping in, right?
how did you get it now? - That, at the right time of catching fish,
l got hold of your loincloth.
lt's open air theatre down there! Please return my loincloth.
Fishes will jump into water.
lf you don't, l'll come out like this.
Making such big fuss for a small thing. - Small thing?
You don't know about it and blabbered, you'll know about it, if l come out.
Don't scare me, come out l say. - Watch out, l'll come.
Come l say. - l'll come out really.
Let me see, come out.
He may come out, let's go.
Why should we go? Let's also see it.
What do you want to see? Come.
Why are you swimming here and there?
Godavari has changed colour that side.
Stop tales and tell me the truth.
l've trapped Kanakam, right? l'll meet her once.
Fair Kanakam to crow like you?
Kanakam for you? - Want to see it?
l'll show you. - Go!
l'll go now, my father will get angry.
Why are you calling me like wife?
Aren't you satisfied with bashing l gave earlier?
You've come back again.
l didn't come on my own, my friends had doubt and sent me.
ls Santoor soap your fair skin's secret?
No, coconut fibre! You want it?
Has he really trapped her? - No way... may be...
lf one has to be beautiful, our parents also must be beautiful, fool.
Whose parents? - Don't ask silly doubts.
Pull up your shorts, bloody fool. - lt's slipping.
She has fallen for his shorts.
Bloody... fool... idiot... never gets sense.
Dark fool... jug head...
Do you believe me now? - We do, why did you point at us?
That's, if we've problems in our love, l told her l've friends to support us.
l've mother, father and today l've a sister too,
you've brother-in-law to support your love.
Why so many cars are going? Any film shoot in village?
No, proposal for Kanakam.
Engagement of Kanakam.
Why didn't you tell us about this? Are we dead?
Friends don't mean taking bath together.
Friends don't mean smoking together.
Friends donit mean ogling one girl...
Seeing your friendship is making me puke.
This friendship is enough for my life.
lf l've next life, it's for Kanakam.
You'll marry Kanakam in this life, come with me.
Sir, please exchange the proposals.
Stop it!
Why? - l don't like this engagement.
Her parents are there, his parents are here,
when we like this proposal? Who are you to object and refuse?
Sinners, wretched and pathetic people...
Don't cry... l'm there for you...
Though parents don't support you, l'm there to support your love, sister.
Are you drunk? - You keep quiet, Veeraraju.
Sir, Kanakam and my friend love each other.
Without knowing this, he fixed the marriage with your son.
This is wrong.
Which idiot did you say l love? - Appalaraju!
Yuck! Do l love this buffalo?
He said you both are in deep love.
Hey! Did l love you?
Did you ever see your face in the mirror?
Stay there, l'm coming. Wait, don't run away.
lf you're a man, stay there. Bloody fool!
Dark buffalo!
Father, bride is like Goddess Kali.
l don't want this bride!
Die... die bloody fool.
Just used friends name for fun, didn't expect Veerababu will do like this.
No, l didn't...
l didn't do anything...
Because of those rogues, we had to meet at night like robbers.
Tell us your problems.
Those rogues spoiled my daughter's engagement.
They spoiled your daughter's engagement only, but spoiled my life.
My wife has grown old, so l took a concubine is farm,
this rogue brought her there saying l had an heart attack.
Such rogue must be stripped and made to run around the village.
Don't give everyone a idea, tell me what should we do with him?
l think Veerababu is mischievous boy but never harms anyone.
Upcoming season is marriage season,
let's banish him temporarily from this place.
Why temporary? Keep him here permanently, we'll leave this place.
We'll sell our property and go to some other place like refugees.
Why are you taking hasty decisions?
Didn't the officer talked about sending a boy to Assam for model farm training?
lf we pack him to the training, it'll be good riddance.
Send him!
Wait... no use in saying send him we must pool in money too.
My contribution is Rs. 100.
lndeed quite a lot of matter. Take him quickly.
Go... go l say.
l beg you, please leave me.
We'll fall at your feet, please go.
l'll pray at temple. - We've already offered prayers.
Please listen to me. - You might give us a slip.
Just 3 months only, get trained well.
l beg you sir. l don't want training. - No, they want you only.
Come, the train may go. - Please listen to me.
l beg you. - Get in quickly. - ls it flight?
No flights to our village.
We've packed home made goodies for you.
Savouries. - To sell in train?
To last for 3 months.
Don't come back if it's empty.
Give us a phone call. - Go now!
Think over again please.
He's waving green flag, go on.
Why did the train stop again?
My son is so innocent that he doesn't know to bite an ice cream if kept in mouth,
choosing a time when l'm not in station,
are you making plans to send him away from here?
Officer wanted to train someone in new farming techniques,
since Veerababu is very smart boy, we are sending him.
Don't try to out smart me.
Do l look like a foolish voter during elections?
But still what was my son's mistake anyway?
My daughter's marriage got cancelled because of your son, isn't that enough?
lf that marriage had happened, they'd have spent honeymoon in Chellapalli jail.
Do you know Bin Laden? - He's not my relative, right?
But the man you chose for your daughter is his relative.
He's a gun totting terrorist. - Really?
Your son spoiled my farm playing gilly with his friends.
lsn't that enough? - Come here l say.
What's the price of your farm? - Rs. 3 lakhs an acre.
Now it's Rs. 33 lakhs. - How is that?
While my son was playing there, a Central Minister saw this,
and sanctioned a windmill for our village.
Really sanctioned it?
My foot! They are listening silently, why are you asking questions?
Shut up.
Tell me now, though hasn't eaten your salt,
he has helped you a lot, is it his mistake?
for the welfare of this village, he got himself abused by you,
is that his mistake?
you feed milk to the stinging snake,
but never offer even a cool drink to the watch dog.
Son, this is the world.
Father and son are no ordinary people.
... time is your friend, Mustafa...
Mother is working.
Has he returned from the training so quickly?
Who can dare send him away from here when l'm in town?
l'll play with them.
Say that loudly and you'll be the first one to away from here.
lf they send me in train l'll come back in flight.
What's this? - l'll do it.
Washed clothes are there, dry it.
Dishes are inside, wash it.
Subbalakshmi, you don't have work, you can go.
Sir, l'll go to watch matinee show.
Son! Come here.
Catch it.
Hold it... hold it tight...
Never do anything correctly.
A monkey has joined another.
Wash your faces and come for lunch.
l've saved curd with cream, have it.
Will you pass the exam atleast this time?
How can l answer if you ask such tough questions while eating, mom?
He'll pass, l've made the arrangements.
Arrangements? Copying?
Copy? Making inquiry?
l've made arrangements to get him through the exam.