PrisonPals Web Series - Trailer

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[80s corporate video music]
ERIC: Welcome to Prison Pals.
My name is Eric Brof,

and simply by watching this video
you are now part of a world first online prisoner rehabilitation project.
You can interact with the prisoners online.
VOICEOVER: Who's on the program?
SQUID: I would really like to meet a special little cutie.
Peachy [bleep], perky [bleep], smooth [bleep].
ERIC: Armed robbers.
[a man throws punches]
ERIC: Murderers.
[two men scuffle]
ERIC: And sex offenders.
[audience applause]
VOICEOVER: World first.
ERIC: Prison pals will help them to create new positive relationships via the internet.
That layer the internet layer, that's what connects us to the general public.
We can make new friends.

Sign up for internet dating
or reconnect with family members.
ERIC: Cats are very popular on the internet. I can has cheese burger, he's a bit fat.
If you struggle with the concept of email then social media can be a little challenging.
This is a facebook profile,
this is where you can put up pictures of yourself, like that,
and if someone comes along and ask you to be their friend then you can accept them, like this guy.
ANDRE: This is one of the most extreme videos ever made.
ERIC: I'm really really pleased with how this is going guys.
BAZ: Oh [bleep] turn this [bleep] thing [off] I said turn [bleep] that [bleep] thing [bleep] off, that's [bleep] disgusting.
ERIC: I think that went really well.
BAZ: [bleep] you. [a keyboard is smashed against a wall]
[80s corporate video music]