Real Estate Investing Tips on Seller Financing

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welcome to real estate investor online Real Estate Investing Tips on Seller Financing episode his he did that come on you're most bits
of party around but as c_n_n_'s
talk about seller financing alibi houses and
leave the loan in the seller's name so you have to worry about the mortgage
one of the ways you do this is always a purchase also different ways the solid
south amherst but today we're talking about the hymie
what is that we've talked a lot of previous
endeavors subject to subject to his land
you buy a house from your seller
ambitiously there were jaan actually own the house
but is that you did not get into more haitian
there's no rule in your name
you just make their mortgage payments so i'll have to be done properly keep he's
watch you know for a future videos will be actually go into more subject to a
detailed were teaches steps on how to a subject to the transaction
subject to laws when
you just when you start
and by the house was that he will not get my home mortgage relieve your
mortgage on it and so i need to refinance or until someone else buys a
house for me pets
that's probably the most important
federal agents are financing your bank by seller financing
at least you not get on pal
yakima malicious in some cases you are getting a loan from
from the seller which are getting a traditional you're not going to any
review process you're not submitting your
your credit here
his lawyer without by the seller as we were the storms will use all the house
in most cases there's no money down i have
altogether who might happen if what i also support for his life is in nineteen
ninety-four i don't want to know what's up with some two hundred fifty dollars
dallas once sold
subject to law enforcement
promoted by with seller financing
as a wrap around mortgagee
wrap-around wrap-around
and that's what the seller
is very similar subject to but instead of the sellers as deep in the house now
you were on the house and you make their mortgage payments verde
yes you can create a new more if you create a mortgage
from them
to u now any other case study it
on this one because it's not going are you going to slavery
also your case it's a question for your comment
your neighborhood development actions
deduct the taxes that you came at the end of the year
with such excellence along by a reaffirmation of the seller does and i
actually has been working on a messenger to deals with us or stacy realize
all known as the morning
mortgages and then they can no longer to get those taxes
he asked me how i know that one dealing with them out but negation singer maria
biggest yeltsin
figures from relish
you mentioned that worries creative
from that sergeant so you're actually pay work history you can negotiate
interest-rate negotiated serves where there's a little girl is not a balloon
as you should all who is a certain date that you agree to pay the mortgage off
in full body
so right around one ish
there's two mortgages about there's more is that the order the seller has to his
there's no worries in orissa is from you
to him or you're buying the house from camp
and also for the same thing i think that's the case that the seller has
mortgage and houses not pay for
strangely enough resolve is what i was not in the market for and that you'll
fully with so if i can see where the seller owns the house outright there's
millions on it
and their own selling the house used along the house
you know that you are
before his again creative
and the house
uh... we just negotiated
i suggest a brutal adam acceptance of the island tomorrow so it was a lot is
going to go towards detail how talks the sellers whoever sent the contract out
this is n_p_r_ sierra atlantic city
there's no interest involved
we told the seller
it's two hundred and fifteen thousand army told solar
will place order fifteen thousand dollars for the house
you're going to do with the mortgage last year and create a mortgage were
working in you know he owns the house outright
and we thought we were in two thousand dollars a month for a minute
every month
thousand dollars comes off the price of the house
with five euro
so we're going to a thousand miles so in five years we will get him sixty
repairing into fifteen and then
the trash experience a settlement by we were right about four would pay off
their mortgage in five years
rolling along
a hundred and fifty five thousand dollars so
every thousand dollars waking up in this coming off of
off of the press the house doesn't get any better than that we're not paying
whenever he won't be making a thousand miles
and five years and so to fifteen we all know
two hundred swill five or something
so there's a lot of people when you do insular financing
and the last one is a lease option there is a force of organising ung
you never buy a house
with police in russia purchase from somebody if they're in trouble if
there's seller financing tips for real estate investor
every chance that they might be
habitation group at the end of the other way off your well wisher somebody who is
underway now for him for four months
gerencia if there are problems with the house
it's mickey mouse or
if there are problems with the house
in u_s_ house from them
what happens in six months rehear
interviews soon but everybody else and i think there will also not a hostage
that those parents give you a good chunk of money five or six or eight or ten or
fifteen thousand dollars
now houses for close up
so in any case of subjects who wrap-around mortgage
orono industrial orations are much
better their lease knows what all of you always want to get the here
one exactly
doing in this instance
it wasn't is that we want to buy a house just wondering
the sort of legal as a hundred and fifty thousand
a lot of cases maybe
maybe solitude for two hundred he rose one fifty west fifty thousand dollars
that he wants one of the seller wants that equity
blackaces you can negotiate to give him that money at the end of the deal you
can start with the rent the house out of some pitfalls won't work with them with
their credit would help them get their own mortgage at that point mercury
waffle fault
and that's when you're going to get your fifty thousand dollars
now in some cases that's not over
in some cases they were money up front
how about this
util sellers just tell you what fifty thousand dollars of francois who had to
do this you on the house free and clear
you have that much equity got yourself a second mortgage on the house
minor in genetics two thousand dollars
will make the payments on it until we sell it
so this is all right now you're getting your fifty thousand dollars up front
living under fifty thousand dollars right now
and moguls in his name that you're next year not liable for
mitzvah it sounds a little
may feel for we have some people do it but i guess we've agreed
it's not that much of the people we deal with it they want ten brendon out the
rest later
or maybe get slowly on this handwritten
so i thought just bought a secondary parliament house and dollars will make
the payments that you get the same grand you walk away
in your gut in an election go forth song
when you buy a house
mysore financing
if they still have a lower on the house
trying to send your monthly check not to the seller trying to send your monthly
checks in the more troubling he hopes to eliminate museum is a seller
here you are trailer
and seventy-seven this view of the soviet union and this is an attractive
i want to make sure that guy makes those hands on one of the responsible for a
house in the contents of the house
democrats are problem on his part
who happens okay
if you will never stop arrogance they are the numbers you know you're paying
little bit higher than his mortgage payment send a check every month maybe
write-ups more child
he has the check
that when he knows he's been paid
he says that check rights mortgage company
that way everybody's happy
just want to make sure your money who's going to be underlying won't house you
eliminate brands were sharply
but sometimes the house outright
don't worry about it unless it was so like i said before i talk about how to
talk to the sarcophagus unless you have a house and seller financing
on what to say what benefits and a lot of interest to them tax benefits to
accept his benefits dental benefits
there's a lot of reasons why sergeant someone's or policy
just over the right way to break it off
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