Gonzalo is jealous and... gay kiss xD ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1834

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Hey, it hasnt done anything to you
The poor napkin
Are you like this because of Max?
I was just absentminded
Go to see him
What do you say?
That you should go and see him. Talk with him. It doesnt bother me. I understand it
We already have seen each other
When? Today?
Yesterday evening
You could have told it to me
Yes, I know
And what? Does he remain? Does he want to go back together with you?
What do you want me to think? You see Max and dont explain it to me
We found each other by casualty at the square
And we just talked for a while
I gave him condolence andand nothing more
So, how is he doing?
He isnt well. His mother has died
Hey, calm down
Max hasnt returned because of me. He has come because of Claras funeral
You expect someone?
Lets see then
Ah, Gonzalo
Hello, Beni
Come in, come in
I want to talk with Max for a moment
Ah, well then, here you have him
I know that this will seem a little strange to you but you know that Im with Iago
I know that you have seen each other and I want to make things clear
I would like to know your intentions
I return to Mozambique in 10 days
10 days?
What do you want? That I leave tomorrow?
No, no, no
What I want is that you dont make Iago suffer. He has already suffered enough
Listen, look
Im sorry if I have offended you but this is what I think
Have you finished?
Look, it has cost Iago a lot to decide and we live together. I love him and I dont
want to lose him
You can be calm
I will be calm when you dont approach him
Look, listen, back off
What do you do, coming to my house to tell me what I have to do?
Im here because I love Iago
I told you to back off!!!
his guy is dumb
He is right. Iago has happened to feel very badly
If you love him a little, it is better that you dont see him again
Beni has told me that I could find you here
Yes. Im always the last one who stops working
Gonzalo came to the house today
And why?
He is right. I have made you suffer. And it wasnt my intention
It wasnt what I wanted. But you are there and things feel different
There are so many things to do that at the end you forget about everyone
It doesnt matter. I understood it already
I didnt reply your e-mails, nor your calls. I didnt notice that you needed me by your side
I thought that you were fine and that you did your own thing
I have been a fucking egoist, I neither thought of you nor of Beni
now it is already done
Are you doing fine with Gonzalo?
Yes, he always is pending on me
Im sorry
When I explained you that about the operationYou remember?
You told me that like this I could understand what it feels like to help others
You made me so angry that I wished a car would knock you down
I thought: If Max isnt here, I will not suffer that much
But you had have to tell me it
I noticed that I couldnt stop loving you
but at the same time I didnt want you to disappear out of my life, you know?
But nothing. Now Im fine
In 10 days I return to Mozambique
If this makes you happy
I also want you to be
No, stop. I dont want to hurt you more