Nicolas MAHUT and the longest match in tennis history (2012) - Road to Roland-Garros

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Hello Nicolas. How are you doing?
Hello. Nice to meet you.
- Where are we going? - At home.
If you could take something from a player, what and to who would it will be?
I would take Djokovic's backhand, Rafa's forehand, Roger's serve and Paul Henry-Mathieu's volley.
No I was joking. I would take the volley of Mickaël Llodra.
What does it feels to beat Andy Roddick?
It was the victory I was looking for.
It is my 10th Roland Garros and I won only one match here in the past.
The organization gave me a nice gift to book me on the Lenglen at the end of a day.
So the court was packed and the crowd supported me the entire match. I really enjoyed it.
Do you have a crazy habit?
I prepare my rackets all the time.
For every game I have a new grip that I always change.
So I can't bare when someone touches the handle of my racket before to play.
If someone takes my racket by its handle…
- Do you change the grip? - I change the grip!
Your biggest regret?
Do you have any regrets about your match in Wimbledon?
No, I do not have regrets against John Isner.
Simply because I gave my best.
I had to accept that he was better than me this day.
- It is the longest game ever played in tennis. - Yes for the moment.
Somehow, with this game, I left my mark in Wimbledon, where there is a slab on court 18.
Do you have a message for Isner?
He's become a friend.
I'm really happy he's here because he can see my son.
Today, we are really close as I met his family.
I hope he'll have a great Roland Garros this year.
Anyway, it was cool. I had a really good time.
Plus you gave me a lift to my home. It's a luxury, isn't it?
A thousand thanks Nicolas and good luck.
Thank you.
See you soon.
See you in a few days then.