[APH] 7 Years War~The Battle of the Dying Heroes(chorus) [Eng,romaji sub & 中,日字幕]

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Seven Years War ~ The Battle of the Dying Heroes ~
An adaptation of Sound Horizon's song 死 せ る 英 雄 達 の 戦 い (Shiseru Eiyuutachi no Tatakai)
[Maria Theresa] The flag of black eagle that brings death. Fighting with them is .......
[Austria] What's the matter, your majesty?
Even if the country will become impoverished, you still want to get back the vital region?
Your majesty, those who should listen to the requiem are waiting for me.
You are really decided to go.....those people are.....
(ride away)
{ The chronicles of Mythos(legends) } { It's as rapid as the blink of an eye }
[Russia] The small countries buzzing around are so annoying
You only attack when you have the advantage in numbers. You damn cowards!
Not invading Berlin is still fine. Since the victory in Kunersdorf, they are nothing more than wrecks.
[France] Austria, that guy seems to be......
...a fool who only know to dash rashly.
[Hungary] You're right!
[Fritz] Prussia, lead your troops to the left and my troop will go to the right
We'll do a pincer attack!
Yes sir!
{ G O D W I T H U S }
The scarlet deathly shores where the immortal countries dance
The corpses who can't speak now once have their own stories
Even the tiniest hope(future) had not been allowed by destiny(Moira)
On the completely changed battle field the one standing at last
is not the Queen's country but the fierce black eagle only
{ Living Sword Prussia, he brings war as a war god }
{ Loner Prussia, he brings death as a war god }
It's been a long time, Austria. I won't forget.....
the battle of Kunersdorf.....the bullet that hit Fritz !!
Y O U R E X C E L L E N C Y G E N E R A L ! ! ! ! !
C H A R G E E E E E E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Mr. Austria, France is in a predicament!
What did you say?!
It seems that the reason is fighting for colonies as usual
That fool......devoted to save America...... and fights with that pirate......
Battle of Liegnitz, occupation of Berlin! I think that guy is in a predicament as we do.
France, defense at the boundary.
Just leave it to me
Russia, defense in the north.
Hungary, go to the battle field with me.
I'll protect you
Let us, the alliance, all meet again alive.
Wars are cruel but don't fear them!
Because if the countries don't fight they can never have long lives
We will not always be the wandering order
Because We fight! for a strong country and future!
{ Finally...the paths of the two beasts have crossed }
Austria you bastard!
Let's bring this to an end
the skirt wearing country!
the grudge of Berlin!
Let me be your opponent!
As you wish!!!!
Struggling for supremacy of the times, an everlasting melody
Armies running past, lives are like shooting stars, a blink of brightness
The surviving countries ran across the era of wars
Heroes killing each other are later companions in the underworld
the repeating destiny
{ Austria }
Prussia, to return evil for good is despicable!
{ Prussia }
I can't stand the hypocritical Habsburgs Only know taking advantages whenever suits their own convenience
Don't make me laugh!
Prussia, I'm tired.....
Old Fritz?......
the support from Britain was cut off already I don't want to see you being destroyed
damn it!!.....
Message from Russia!! Empress Elizabeth died of sudden!!
What did you say.....!?
{ The end of the war }
An adaptation of Sound Horizon's song '焔' (Honoo)
The era of great powers having their swords crossed
On that road, were always struggles
The soldiers in ranks were all the same, not saying a word
While fearing of death, they kept walking
as there were no other choices...
Hands were held together with the empire who took the hand
The glimpse of light seen in a glance was a small hope
(affirmative word) [Ja] ended the peace conference and resumed history
On the new land obtained at last was the beat of people...
If you notice, the journey was always with wars
Things like unbearable pain, are things that never come
Heading east and disappeared was the white knight
Heading north in triumph was the black eagle
Let's link the wars we had to the newborn people...
Who left his land was the lady of nation
Who got his land was the man of nation
Let's leave the places we got to the beloved people...
{ Does history create nations? }
{ Do nations create history? }
{ People who cannot live forever } { have no way of knowing all these }
{ Revolving at horizons between nations } { is "the history of wars" }
{ Will a day ever come } { when divided lands becoming one? }
{ But the season just vanished with the brief sheen }
{ A nostalgic melody, who's lips are they? } { Ah...the one who chants ROMAN(epic)... }
{ ...I wonder if there's ROMAN... }
{ Thank you! }