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I'm certain that he's a substance abuser.
Or is it a woman?
Living in a small apartment, with her paranoia.
Her paranoia is of little interest to me.
But I can say this. By looking at her through the lens...
I believe that I've salvaged her soul.
A tragedy occurred at a subway station.
Shot by freelance cameraman, Takuyoshi Masuoka
who happened to be at the scene of a bizarre suicide earlier today.
Don't do it. Calm down.
Keep out of here!
Let go of the knife.
Calm down!
Arei Kuroki was without a steady income, just like me.
He was paying no attention to anybody at the site.
He was too terrified to notice them.
Did he stab himself in the eye to avoid seeing
what terrified him?
I want to see what he saw then.
Among the images I'd captured
there were strange images that looked like ghosts or UFOs.
Things both strange and mysterious.
But they mean nothing to me.
Probably because these things have already been defined as strange.
Seeing these images makes the viewer feel anxious...
Unlike the look of absolute fear on that man's face as he killed himself.
Even if this is really a person actually dying...
The terror on her face doesn't seem quite real.
If the ultimate terror is to have your own mind and body
destroyed by others...
I'd go so far as to imitate a psychopath
to record the terror of the victim on my retina and video tape.
I did not feel that sense of terror at all.
What is she looking at?
Takuyoshi Masuoka who happened to be at the site of
a bizarre suicide earlier today.
He captured the incident in close proximity...
What was he watching that was so terrifying?
The answer was underground...
I quit taking the prozac to control my serotonin level.
I have to stay focused.
Otherwise I won't see what I'm dying to see.
They weren't terrified to see whatever they saw.
They saw something because they were terrified.
I had it all wrong.
I was with a documentary TV crew on that day.
We were on our way back from a shoot.
Now I'm back at the scene...
And I realize that the image on the TV is more realistic.
What did Kuroki see?
Do I have the courage to open the door to the passageway of terror?
Can I face terror from which the only escape is to kill myself?
Fear of the unknown compels me to open the door.
These stairs were built not so long ago.
Beneath Tokyo lay hidden tunnels and passageways.
It's a well-known urban myth.
But obviously it's not just a myth.
The underground development was a reminder of the second world war.
This must be one such war time memorabilia.
Stay away!
Sorry to bother you...
Homeless people usually stay in populated areas.
But not this one. He rejects society completely.
Why is he so alarmed? What's he scared of?
It's so safe down here...
It's not safe at all.
Why not...?
Because of the "Deros".
If they find you...
they'll suck your blood dry.
He is definitely haunted by terror.
The underground development of Tokyo was not...
just from the second world war.
It must have been done throughout history.
Connecting new tunnels with old ones.
Who's beyond the wall?
Who hides behind it?
I've crossed the boundary to the netherworld alive.
It must mean that I'm sufficiently terrified.
I've been invited here.
Invited by who? And why?
I'm too exhausted to think straight.
I'm not sure if I can make logical conclusions.
I haven't seen you around.
Are you new here?
This must be the netherworld.
Many think that beneath the earth is the netherworld.
It's because they don't know what's underneath.
It's widely conceived as the world beyond.
Mr. Kuroki, you're a talkative ghost, aren't you?
Do you think I'm really a ghost?
My name is actually Kuroki.
Have we met?
You haven't seen me before but I've seen you.
I saw you through the viewfinder.
You are different from those who come here to escape.
I just saw one of them.
I saw him back there.
But I don't think I'm all that different from these people.
I didn't know that Tokyo had such a developed subterranean complex.
It's not just Tokyo.
Populated places all over the world all have access
to the underground world.
Are you referring to the Hollow Earth Theory?
As you know, there are two versions of the theory.
One version is that the earth is hollow like an eggshell.
Another view is that there is a complex subterranean system.
I'm short of evidence to support the former version.
The latter seems true as we stand in that very complex.
Entrances to the subterranean world do exist in South America.
It's a well known fact that underneath Brussels lays a subterranean city.
Below the Patala shrine in Tibet
there's a utopia called Shamballa. A very well accepted idea.
And Agartha is its capital...
It's history as foreseen by Madame Blavatsky.
By the way, the under dweller I stumbled upon earlier...
He was very afraid of the Deros.
It's short for the detrimental robots.
They are indeed dangerous.
They can hardly see but like dogs they hear well.
You'd better be careful.
Right... I'm beginning to remember...
Is it the creature described by Richard Shaver
in the fantasy book he wrote in the 20s?
It was a book of fiction.
Until the book turned out to be a prophesy.
Then fiction was no longer fiction.
I see.
You're saying that the Shaver Mystery was fictional when it was written.
Now it's recognized as the truth as well as the hollow earth theory.
You're a quick learner.
Wait a minute.
I understand nothing yet.
I want to know what was so terrifying when you died.
The horror I saw on your face...
I came here wanting to find that out.
So you're saying that I'm dead.
I lost my life before I reached Agartha.
If I really died in front of you
you shouldn't be with me like this.
It doesn't matter if I have lost my mind.
But I want to stay sane enough to recognize the terror.
The Moutntains Of Madness.
There must be ancient ruins down in the ravines.
This is not the creation of man but of the under dwellers.
I know I'm not the only living being here.
I can feel it.
Sorry to have kept you waiting. I'm Mori.
Isn't it hot in here?
So Mr. Masuoka, are you a trained news cameraman?
Not just that but my last company was affiliated with the news.
We do industrial videos, too.
Sometimes even TV dramas. Anything goes.
We can register you as camera crew.
When we have a production, we'll put you down for it.
That's fine.
Deal, then.
Here's the one.
The main feature is the "movie mode". A video telecast function.
Do you have a pet, by any chance?
You can check how your cat's doing from wherever you are.
Great image quality. We only have one left.
Would you like to buy it? Thank you very much.
I decided to tentatively call her "F".
Not that I actually call her by that name.
My little Kaspar Hauser.
I don't know how old she is but obviously
this is the first time for her to meet a human.
I wipe her once a day and that's all I can do for her.
F doesn't eat nor drink anything.
She's only awake for 3 hours or so.
This is Atsuko Ono in Shinjuku.
I'll show you the latest fashion trends so check them out.
Let's see what I can find...
Any young couples? Let's have a look.
Over there!
Excuse me. Want to be on TV?
Stop the camera! They don't look like they're in love.
Lose this thing!
We're moving.
The next location...
It's right over there.
A new boutique in the mall.
Not again!
Just a little interview.
Maybe her vocal cords are impaired from being inactive.
She came from a world where vocalizing was unnecessary.
How old is your daughter?
No, she's not my daughter...
Is this a gift then? How tall is she?
150? Maybe 160 cm...
In that case...
How about this? This is so pretty. It's popular now.
This one will look great on her.
I think I want something plain...
Who's F talking to?
What's wrong? What's happened?
What's wrong?
You should have drunk what I gave you!
12 seconds...
What happened in those 12 seconds?
Who is this?
Who I am is irrelevant to the problem that you have.
You have the wrong number. I'm not...
I have the right number, Mr. Masuoka.
You're in serious trouble. Do you realize that?
What are you talking about?
There's someone there who shouldn't be.
She can't survive there. Do you understand me?
You think that you're saving her life.
But you're actually killing her.
What can I do?
She eats nothing, drinks nothing!
Tell me what I'm supposed to do!
"From public pay phone"
Should I just observe F as she weakens?
What do I expect from her?
Even if she could be taught to behave like a human...
what would she gain from that?
What are you recording?
You were recording me. I saw you.
It was turned off.
I don't like it. Give me the tape.
What's the matter? Did you do something wrong?
Okay, wise-ass. Give it up!
Hand it over.
Give it to me!
Hello. I'm back.
Were you sleeping all day again?
It's nothing. I slipped.
I liked it.
I wanted to keep feeding her.
Until she's totally satisfied.
Of course what it means is my own death.
I don't care if I died but...
what would happen to her if I died?
She didn't complain much about animal blood but...
Nothing made her content like human blood.
I gave up treating her like a human.
I treat her like an animal, like a pet.
That's all she should be for me.
That's all I should care for her.
Recently she has begun to behave like a human.
That's probably...
just her imitating me.
What is F anyway?
Why does she only feed on blood?
My speculation is that from the day of her birth
she was raised on blood instead of breast milk.
No human would have done it.
It must be someone from underground.
Perhaps I can assume that the "Deros" brought her up.
Did you hurt yourself?
Who are you?
What's wrong with you? Listen to me.
Who are you?
Are you joking? Fuyumi's missing.
I told the police already.
But I...
Is she with you now?
I don't know any Fuyumi. I'm innocent.
Don't know her? She's your daughter.
I don't have a daughter.
Madness is contagious.
Recently I attract madness. I wonder why...
If she left my apartment on her own will...
She's not so far away. She can hardly walk.
But if somebody took her away...
I'm not giving up F.
I found her.
I want her back.
Please tell me...
Has she gone back to the subterranean ruins?
So you failed, didn't you?
I had a little hope that you might be the one who could tame her.
What did she eat when she was away?
I don't have any idea.
But one thing is clear.
She needs nutritious food desperately.
Don't walk away!
You have to listen to me.
You owe me an explanation.
Are you going to ignore me forever?
I'm going to make you talk today.
Stop pretending that you know nothing!
Stop treating me like shit!
I know you can hear me.
I know Fuyumi's with you.
I want to see her.
I know you're hiding her. So stop pretending!
Say something.
I have a right to see my girl...
Do you always take that video camera with you?
You're a pervert, right?
You have to make me look pretty.
Never tell the school about this.
I'm dead meat if they found out.
Are you going to sell this? Give me 50,000, then.
50,000 yen is enough?
I should have made it 100,000.
What are you drinking? Are you hungry?
It's low-cal diet food.
I have a hungry girl back at home, too.
So? Are we going to have the interview here?
I lost my virginity...
When was that?
Was it yesterday? Or was it the day before that?
Over there?
Are you serious? I don't think so.
There are better places than this.
What are you?
Throat fetish?
Anybody in fear is beautiful.
But if it's fear of death, it's mediocre.
I don't recognize myself any more.
"Call from public pay phone"
F is content now.
Because I made her content.
You should have nothing to complain about now.
No complaints. You're right.
Roll camera, Masuoka.
Are you ready, Tanaka?
Action in 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2...
Reporting from the murder site.
At a public toilet not long ago,
a high school girl was found dead.
No sign of theft, her personal belongings were found intact.
The police has been examining the site for further evidence.
The victim has not been identified yet.
We'll give you updates as information comes through.
Good, cut!
Masuoka, we're done here. Let's go.
I think humans are a degenerated species.
I believe that our ancestors were more perceptive than us.
They could see creatures from a different dimension...
sneaking into our dimension...
The creatures... The strangers...
Come on, let's go.
That's enough.
You've had enough.
I took a train without deciding on a destination.
I don't remember how long I've been here.
I might as well find ajob in the village.
And work until the day I die.
Maybe that's how my life should be.
Do you want to come home?
We have come from the depths of the ocean.
Have you forgotten that?
No, I haven't.
Crawling under tremendous water pressure,
our people used to be so much wiser then.
What did you see?
When you poked your eye out in the subway tunnel.
You looked as if you'd seen something most terrifying.
Yes... That's right.
I don't know why...
But I long for your terror.
I long to experience the terror that you'd felt.
That's because it's something unknown.
The feeling we know as terror...
is actually ancient wisdom that's sealed in our subconscious mind.
So I wasn't really mad.
It was just pretence.
I longed to be mad. I just hoped to be so mad
that I could someday witness the terror.
As a result, I killed my wife.
And treated my daughter like an animal.
I even killed somebody unrelated.
All of that was not enough to drive me truly insane.
That's how degenerated I am.
A "Dero"?
The creature still exists in my apartment.
Looks like she's hibernating...
came back to me...
From now on I'll never speak.
Because I need no human words now.