[eng] B2ST doojoon and F(x) krystal cut ep 117

Uploaded by hyunsyajoon on 25.11.2010

i'm home~.
ya, your friend has been waiting for you since just now.
jung soojung you're back?
yoon doojoon, why are you..here?
unnie, are you dating this oppa?
dating?! who is dating?!
it doesnt seem like it..
jun-ah normally girls doesnt like to mention about dating. you will see it.
you better look out!
saw it right? she's holding my hand.
yah yoon doojoon! are you crazy?! why did you come here?
because you didnt bother about me. and stop calling me yoon doojoon. start calling me doojoon from now.
mr yoon doojoon dont even think me calling you that.
anyway, you better watch out. i will not let you off!
how about we go eat some delicious food first?
where do you think you are bringing me to?!
it really hurts!
see? this is what you get! stop following me!
this ice-cream is really delicious. what flavour is yours?
_________. want to try it?
wow! its really delicious!
what? yoon doojoon is injured?
yah yoon doojoon.
your hand..how did it happened?
how did you think it would happen..?
this..is it because of me earlier?
dont blame yourself. its nothing much.
im going.
yah. yoon doojoon.
yoon doojoon.
you're here?
yoon doojoon, have you eaten?
not yet..i have to check that they are training properly. there's no need to eat.
ya! no matter where you are you still have to eat!
give it to me.
yoon doojoon, im sorry. because of me you have to suffer.
stop blaming yourself. its nothing.
sorry! i will get a tissue!
whooaa~ this is so tiring!
chief! please pass me the ball.
ya concentrate on where the ball is going.
ah! whoa pain.
wah~ no wonder he's the leader. there's nothing he cant do.
but why is he sitting there? he isnt injured badly right? and he's left handed.
dont you know? jung soojung is the girl he wants to be with.
he's acting like that to get her attention after they had a fight.
from now on, if you want to practice your left hand, you should learn to use your left hand.
try practicing it.
ya, cant you even do this properly?
*how old are you? what does your parents do? what do you do? are you ____now?*
uncle! what are you trying to do? go away!
ya. dont you dare do anything to soojung!
you have not yet know me! i specialized in taekwondo and hamdan(?) you better be careful!
ah uncle you are so noisy! yoon doojoon continue to practice ok?
you better continue to practice!
wah~they think i cant do anything well..
yoon doojoon, fighting!
throw it once more with more strength.
good job. with more strength now.once more. fighting!
you were doing well. what's wrong?
with more strength now. okay?
irs really hard to practice with left hand. i really cant do it.
my right hand's injured. if only..*sighs*
yoon doojoon, i will be there to support you
what? ya, for what? i wont be playing anyway.
i will go there and support your team.
that..if my coach saw us he will not like it.
i already tell her not to come but she didnt say anything.
yoon doojoon!
how's your condition?
of course im fine. who am i again?
i am the strong left handed yoon doojoon.
hey yoon doojoon!
soojung-ah, why are you here?
because i cant go there so i decided to see you before your bus left.
everyone's on the bus right?
driver, lets move now.
eh? what happened to you bandage?
ah that. because i didnt want the coach to know so i take it off
even though you still have to wear it. listen to the doctor's advice if you want it to heal quickly.
hold on. is yoon doojoon here?
no he's not here
driver please turn back.
wherever you go, you must cover your injury and never take it off
strong left handed yoon doojoon..?
yah yoon doojoon! quickly get on the bus!
soojung-ah, that..
yah, you lied to me all the time about the injury?
where are you going?!
yah! dont do that! it really hurts.
stop it now. stop stop!
bye! im sorry for lying! i will meet you soon! bye!
yah yoon doojoon! ya you ill-mannered guy!