Black Jack OVA - Full Episode 2 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Phone's ringing!
Let it ring.
You are always like that.
I'm currently not in.
If you wish to get a medical consultation,
please leave your phone number, name, your complaint, seriousness of your condition,
and your affordability to pay me. I'll get back to you later.
Episode 2- Fake Funeral Procession
It was a sheer coincidence that I happened to drive through
the center of S City, known for its snow festival.
I was returning from examining a patient
in a small town far outside S City.
On the way back, I misread a signpost in the snowfall and became lost.
Excuse me, but can you tell me how to get to the airport from here?
But there aren't any flights going out this late at night!
Hey, maybe he's not lost.
He's just making an excuse to talk to us.
Excuse me!
Take Park Avenue then make a right onto the interstate.
Good luck!
Rie! Wake up!
Rie Fujinami,
a sophomore at a private all-girl high school.
Laceration of the forehead region,
four millimeters deep and five centimeters wide.
I applied emergency medical aid.
Since the wound occurred in a visible area, I performed a subcuticular suture.
Calm down and listen to me.
Even after it heals, you'll have a scar for a while.
It might be noticeable at first, but it should fade away.
I guarantee it will be fine after a year.
You don't need to worry.
How kind.
And it would be fate to bring me back to them again.
Half a year past, and a hot summer had begun.
Excuse me,
is this seat empty?
I never knew I would run into a friend.
Don't be like that. It's been a long time.
How's your uncertified medical business going?
The thoroughly unlikeable Detective Takasugi of the Metropolitan Police Department.
You're in non-smoking.
Don't be like that. I'm bending rules for you.
Is there a patient in S City?
No, I'm transferring in S City.
I'll be at the S City Police Station for a while.
Swing by on your way back.
Let's have some drinks.
I'm in department four.
Department four?
It's close to your profession.
We try to track down a drug that destroys lives.
I stopped by the S City Police Department, but he was out.
Since I don't consider him a person worth waiting for,
I continued on to the airport.
This was only the second time I had been here.
Both times, I was only passing through with no specific plans.
Both times, I was only passing through with no specific plans.
To airport.
Wait, cab!
Do you know that girl, sir?
I've been waiting for you!
This scar doesn't stand out so much anymore.
After six months, it will completely disappear.
I showed it to a doctor here, and he said it was cleanly done.
He said it was perfect, and
there aren't many who can do this.
He said I'm very fortunate!
You were an incredible doctor after all!
I couldn't recognize you at first.
I changed my hairdo.
Look, if you put it like this, it hides it well.
My school prohibits getting a perm,
but I got a permission thanks to this scar.
Including that, I'm thankful to you, Doctor.
Are they doing fine as well? Your friends back then.
So you waited for me...?
I waited for you at that park.
Since two months ago, I waited all day and all night long.
I believed you would come here once more, so I kept waiting and waiting.
I really believed that you would come.
For two months?
My gosh,
I've only come here by coincidence.
You did come back though.
You came back as expected.
I'm glad I waited.
Please, help me!
Have you heard about the accident at Mount Senin that happened
two months ago?
It was quite big in the local newspapers.
The suspension bridge got cut off,
so Yumiko fell to the ravine 80 meters below.
I was all right because I was walking behind her.
Two months from then,
Two months from then,
Yumiko has been in a coma since then.
They say there's no hope.
No matter what I ask, the doctors say there's no hope.
No matter what I ask, the doctors say there's no hope.
I want to help her.
I can't let Yumiko stay like that.
Poor Yumiko...
I don't want to lose
friends anymore.
Yuki was hit by a reckless driver and was killed instantly three months ago.
I cannot believe this, but Kaori
committed suicide ten days after that by jumping in front of a train.
S City suburb is
a commuter town of about 150,000 people.
Within this town,
there was this big general hospital,
occupying a huge area.
Doctor Utagawa, please come to the X-Ray room.
It was big and well-equipped enough
for it to be called a public hospital,
but it was owned by an individual.
Nice lap!
With this condition,
it wouldn't just be a dream to pass the Suzuka preliminaries.
Hah... Suzuka?
All right, 30-minute break!
Can you straighten out the spoiler?
I can't accelerate in straight courses.
Okay, Tokio.
It's about your concentration, Tokio.
Hi, Tokio.
Phone's for you.
It's a call from your hospital.
I don't know that kind of guy.
But he says you've requested him...
Doctor! Doctor!
He went into the D ward?
I told you not to let no unauthorized
person in there.
We are aware of that, but...
Doctor, Doctor! Please hold on!
Who are you?
I'm her physician.
I'm Yumiko Inoue's doctor.
I've read through all medical charts of hers.
Did you record these observations, by any chance?
That's right.
I'm sorry, but while I was waiting for you,
I ran a small test of Yumiko Inoue's urine and blood.
Then, an interesting result that isn't on her charts came out.
Tokio Umetani.
He's an ordinary surgeon graduated from a minor medical college.
He became the second president of this hospital
just succeeding his deceased father, who founded this hospital.
It's one of the types that causes the most trouble.
I've heard about you.
Right, I've heard of you from my father.
You are not a licensed doctor,
living like a parasite in this industry.
Black Jack.
That's right, you are Black Jack for sure.
Are you going to threaten me?
No kidding! I'm not going to show my weaknesses to someone like you!
I'd like to perform a surgery on Yumiko Inoue.
The fee would be 50 million yen.
This hospital should pay me.
Don't fool around!
I'm not fooling around.
The police!
Go ahead. Then I'll announce the blood and urine test result
that isn't on her charts to the public.
It won't work.
She's in a coma.
All the neurocytes in her brain
have been destroyed.
Surgery is not possible at all.
I have resuscitated patients in coma twice before.
I have resuscitated patients in coma twice before.
She's only a 16-year-old girl.
No one has a right to take
her future away like this.
Thank God, Yumiko! Dr. Black Jack
will perform a surgery on you!
Thank you, Doctor! Thank you so much!
-I love you. -Huh?
I love you! It's my first time
meeting an attractive man!
Surgery will take place tommorrow.
You should go back home.
Your family would get worried.
There's no family.
My school is a boarding school.
My family is in Tokyo.
I've been living by myself ever since I was in middle school.
It's the same for Yumiko.
Yumiko's case
might be worse.
Her parents are in Chicago.
My school is well-known
among parents who don't want to take care of their child
even if it costs some money.
It's called the orphanage school.
Let me stay!
Let me stay at your hotel.
You can't.
It's here. Thank you.
Hold on!
Is this really the dorm?
It doesn't look like one.
"Living in the dorms" is only an advertisement.
Most kids rent rooms in the city
with the money they got from their parents
and use it as "study rooms".
Doesn't everyone want to protect his privacy?
That's right!
It's also okay if you stay at my place.
Doctor, you aren't by no means
thinking that I haven't had sex yet, right?
Good night!
I can't.
I have to perform a surgery tomorrow no matter what.
You can't!
You promised you'd come home yesterday!
You promised you'd come home yesterday!
How come you are not coming?!
I made some special curry!
I have already made everything ready!
I have already made everything ready!
Depending on results,
I might have to stay here for another week.
You stupid!
All right.
That's it. It's over now.
I'm going to cheat on you now. Stupid, stupid, stupid!
I heard you came to the police station yesterday.
I have some beer in the fridge.
No, it's fine. I don't need alcohol for now.
Is it true that you are performing a surgery
on Yumiko Inoue?
I heard doctors talking
about it in hospital.
Yeah, well.
It doesn't matter.
Don't be like that.
I don't arrest unlicensed doctors anymore.
I just want to ask you one question.
Was the surgery requested
by the hospital?
Let's go grab some drinks this time for sure.
Now, then.
It's cold...
Don't do that. Kaori...
Keep the window closed, it's so cold.
It's warm here...
Come in.
President, we came here to request you something.
What is it?
I heard Yumiko Inoue's surgery is schedueled for tonight.
That man from yesterday is going to perform it.
That man is Black Jack, right?
His description fits the details
I heard while I was in medical school.
So what?
We'd like to attend.
We'd also like to attend the surgery.
I mean, please let us assist that surgery.
I want to witness
the brilliant skill of that genius.
He's an unlicensed doctor!
President, please! Please let us!
You can go and ask him directly!
Doctor Black Jack,
Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
At 6:47,
the sun set.
Five minutes after that,
the intracranial hematoma elimination surgery for Yumiko Inoue begins.
the intracranial hematoma elimination surgery for Yumiko Inoue begins.
Upon their requests,
I've allowed two anesthesiologists,
three surgeons,
and four nurses to be there.
I alone, however, will perform the entire surgery.
I alone, however, will perform the entire surgery.
That's because this is the way I always work.
I will now begin.
As expected.
No wonder the hospital president's office costs so much.
Who are you?
I'm the manager.
I'm Dr. Black Jack's manager.
Every now and then, you gotta learn the skills of that doctor.
You were thinking the same thing, right?
Even though you succeeded the hospital
without any proper skill, you are a surgeon after all.
What did you say?
Don't be so mad. I'm telling the truth.
Get out! I'm going to call the guard!
Calm down.
All right, all right.
Good luck with your study!
Gradually add one unit of plasma.
Yes, sir.
Add gamma globulin.
Check intracranial pressure.
Heart rate is 60. Blood pressure is 100/50.
ICP is normal.
All right.
We'll now eliminate the hematoma that is
pressuring the brain neurocyte.
Be careful to not give the patient any stimulation.
If there's the slightest injury to a nerve,
the patient will be in a coma forever.
Yes, sir!
Keep the light centered.
Set it at 2,000 lux.
Light centered at 2,000 lux.
"Please take care of her."
That's what they said.
When I called Yumiko's parents in Chicago
last night to get their consent, they said that.
"Please take care of her."
is what they said.
"Please take care of her."
Even when she could die.
"Take care..."
Even though they are called a family, an individual life is a life.
Man knows instinctively that
one cannot save other one's life.
All man can do is
to mourn death and shed some tears.
That, I know.
Maybe that is why
I'm doing things like this.
Before such death, not only shedding tears,
but to leave evidence that
I have tried something to save person.
As futile as they might be, there's some joy in
finding people I have helped so far.
It's getting close to dawn.
It's a huge surgery. It's taking more than 10 hours.
Here honey, have some.
I don't want it.
I have some oguras.
Some donuts as well.
We finished.
Move the patient to ICU.
Don't forget to watch for any sign of post operative infection,
and do an intracranial check.
Yes, sir.
I'll take some sleep here.
Get out of the way!
All right, let's go.
Isn't he racing the circuit again?
I have found his tail.
Now the question is about when I catch that tail.
Doctor, listen.
Yumiko ate two pieces of apple.
She said it's delicious.
Surgery was successful.
Three days after the surgery,
Yumiko was moved from ICU to a private room.
Her recovery is steadily improving, and she did not show any signs of
post operative infection nor increase of intracranial pressure.
She showed her bright smile often.
The only thing that worries me a little
is that she tends to exhibit slight dymensia.
She occasionally says strange things.
We should decorate with white flowers.
It wasn't the circuit today, Detective.
Hey, tap the call.
Yes, sir!
It doesn't work! He's using a special frequency,
so I cannot tap it!
I don't want to hear excuses.
It's all your fault.
Yes, I do know. So...
If we decide that it's dangerous,
then we will move by ourselves.
Then your safety won't be guaranteed.
Hold on! I did everything I could do!
I'll call you again.
Dang it!
Where's Rie?
Why doesn't she come?
I don't know.
She's probably cold and shivering.
In summer?
Rie Fujinami has not come to the hospital for the past five days.
It was very odd, even after considering her moody nature.
She used to worry more about her friend
Yumiko than herself.
Turn left at the next intersection.
This is fine.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Yumiko? Kaori? It's Kaori, right?
Take a look at this. My cactus have died.
It used to be pretty.
Now it's all dried up.
It left me. It left me all alone!
Who are you! Go away!
It's cold.
It was clearly drug withdrawal symptoms.
It was clearly drug withdrawal symptoms.
Come here.
Rie Fujinami.
I cannot let this 16-year-old girl be like this.
I was only focusing on that thought.
Your party is waiting at the window table over there.
Wow, I didn't expect it at all.
I never expected you to call me.
I never expected you to call me.
Take a look at this.
Hey, hey...
South American Peruto. Known as "Party of the Heavens."
It's a plant that's been recently discovered as narcotics.
Especially when it blooms,
you can get intense hallucinations just by getting your fingers pricked by it.
This is what you're investigating, right?
Stupid. Do you think I'm going to leak classified information to an outsider?
This spring,
four local high school girls went on a hike up to Mount Senin.
It was my idea.
I wanted to do something special
before we move on to the next grade and become separated.
But a heavy fog rolled in, and we couldn't find the path.
We got lost, and stumbled into that flower garden.
We got lost, and stumbled into that flower garden.
It was filled with cactus plants
that had red and pink flowers.
The first one to touch it was...
It feels so good.
My body feels numb.
You are right!
We all became hyper.
In the end, all of us climbed down
the mountain with some of those plants.
A week after that,
Yuki Nakajima was killed in a hit and run accident.
Ten days after that, Kaori Goto committed suicide by the train.
There is a doubt of murder.
Two months after that,
Yumiko Inoue and Rie Fujinami,
who were completely addicted to Peruto,
went to Mount Senin for more of the plants.
went to Mount Senin for more of the plants.
And that's when the suspension bridge collapsed.
Who's behind this? Is it the mafia?
Is it Medojin Cartel?
Until I'm sure of it, I'm not going to tell you anything.
Two 16-year-old girls have already died!
I can't act so rashly.
I've got orders from above.
As expected, I don't feel like having drinks with you.
Where are you going?
Please keep an eye on Rie Fujinami and Yumiko Inoue.
Please keep an eye on Rie Fujinami and Yumiko Inoue.
Even without your request,
we have already been watching them from earlier enough.
Oh, my.
Is that heroin, cocaine,
or the newly discovered Peruto?
In your condition, you couldn't even perform hernia surgery without killing the patient.
In your condition, you couldn't even perform hernia surgery without killing the patient.
You are not qualified as a doctor.
Leave it!
I hear that Mount Senin
has been in your family for quite a long time.
So what?
I heard you offered Mount Senin
for the secret cultivation of Peruto.
That's not true!
And you had to shut up four high school girls
who happened to come across your private garden.
It's none of my business. I don't know!
Ever since I found trace of mescaline from Yumiko Inoue's urine and blood,
I knew drugs were related.
You had been injecting drugs to her regularly
to keep her in a coma state.
I don't know!
I don't know any of it!
About that surgery fee of 50 million yen...
I'm sorry, but I'll have to raise it.
I'll have to receive 5 billion yen.
Cartels should have that much money.
You'll get killed.
They might go down first.
You're crazy!
I sometimes want to be crazy!
You said you would call first before coming over.
Tokio, we decided to pull out
from this country.
We wrapped all our equipments up.
Good! Set it to 15 minutes.
Let's go!
Bye, Tokio...
Have a sweet dream.
It feels like I'm floating in the air.
I'm having beautiful hallucinations.
My brain is...
It's quiet.
I don't feel any stress.
Pulse 40,
highest blood pressure must be around 60.
This is right before going into shock.
A similar effect to opium.
Good, good. It's all right.
I spoke to another me who was dissolving into a state of eternal bliss.
I spoke to another me who was dissolving into a state of eternal bliss.
It's all right.
There's a part of me
that won't accept losing.
Inside of me is a "Black Box"
that has helped me overcome death and despair.
The "Black Box" is commanding me.
I cannot give up here!
Will I be able to meet you again?
Coincidence doesn't happen for three times.
I see.
It was like that until now.