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This is Ekta nagar. Appagaru wants this plot at any cost.
What's the problem then?
The problem is that people of all communities live here.
Different communities? Then the job is much more easier.
We need just 2 animals. Then Ekta Nagar would become..
..a thing of the past, overnight.
Bangare, take away this rascal..
I'm telling. I'm telling.
I'll tell everything.
Ok, tell me. Who were the people who attacked?
Had you seen them for the first time?
Look here, no need to feel afraid. Tell me.
Water! Water! - What are you shouting for water?
I shall give you. Shouting since morning! Driving me nuts!
A man is asking for water and you're standing here chewing tobacco?
Go and get water. You should be ashamed of yourself.
You rascal! Here people are dying and you're worried..
..about your newspaper? So that your newspaper sells?
So that more riots take place after reading your newspaper?
Get out! Get out!
Son, till date, in this hospital, I've seen..
..policemen taking statements or preparing reports and panchnamas.
I haven't seen any of them empathizing with living people.
I'm Khan Hindustani. - I'm inspector Ram Yadav. - Nice meeting you.
Sir, you've received a message on the wireless.
C'mon. Excuse me.
Sir, that man has revealed the name of the person involved..
..in the riots in Ekta Nagar, on the video tape.
Who's it? - Appa Rao.
Appa Rao.
Greetings! Appa Rao.
Best wishes on Dussehra.
You are here?
On Dussehra, Ram has to come to meet Ravan.
Today was the day when the demons were defeated by the Gods.
On the balance of humanity, there was virtue on one side..
..and sin on the other.
I have come to arrest you for the riots in Ekta Nagar.
Here's your arrest warrant. - Hey! - No!
Every Indian should respect the law.
Let the inspector do his duty. I'll do mine.
Your Honor. I don't want to repeat the happenings in Ekta Nagar.
But the corpses there, are proof enough that..
..the people were made to fight on religious grounds.
And Appa Rao and his men played this cruel game of death.
And there was just one reason behind it.
The reason was, to remove the poor people from Ekta Nagar..
..and replacing them with big buildings and earn millions.
I object, your Honor. I want to ask the lawyer something.
I want to ask the lawyer that what proof does he have that..
..Appa Rao was the one behind the riots in Ekta Nagar?
Your Honor, the man whom the police arrested from..
..the riot area, he himself confessed that..
..these riots were caused on Appa Rao's instruction.
All this has been recorded in this video cassette.
Arrange for a VCR and a TV.
Kulkarni, what's happening?
Sir, this is the same cassette on which I recorded the statement.
Silence! Silence!
Your Honor, now, will we stop this joke or continue with it?
Now do we have to discuss in court about..
..what's behind the blouse? Why, Mr. Appa Rao?
Sir, this is a plot to save Appa Rao.
The cassette has been altered.
What do you mean to say? Has the police department done this?
This cassette has come straight..
..from the police department to the court.
This court, accepts him to be innocent and sets him free.
Greetings! Welcome, inspector. Welcome.
By changing the cassette in the court..
..you've changed your fate, inspector.
I'm very fond of inspectors like you.
Greetings sir.
Man should follow the direction in which the wind blows.
You're right, sir.
If you move in the wrong direction, dirt will fall into your eyes.
You're right, sir.
You'll go a long way, inspector. You'll go a long way.
Everything is at your mercy, Appagaru.
Only your blessings are needed.
Take it. Eat the salt. Eat as much as you want.
Get going. - Thank you very much.
I shall leave.
Thank you.
Attach bigger pockets to your clothes.
You've to do bigger things for Appa Rao.
50 for 20, 50 for 20.. don't hit. 50 for 20..
Be quick, 50 for 20, 50 for 20.
So you're selling tickets in black?
What's new about it, madam? It happens everyday.
Even senior officers know about it. It's business time. Don't waste it.
Get lost. Else I'll show you the way.
Snatch all the tickets from him.
Yes Pooja ..I mean inspector.
Rascal, selling the tickets in black, eh?
It was not a such tough job. All that was needed was..
A little courage, style and property.
Courage I copied from Amitabh,
Style I copied from Rajanikanth.
And as far as this jeep goes, I took it from Ali Bhai's garage.
And then Chaganlal Dresswala has no parallel.
One can become a doctor, a lawyer, an inspector.
So I reached the Movie hall. I slapped in Rajanikanth style
Instead of the teeth the tickets came in our hands.
One fake lady inspector snatched away the tickets
..and you kept watching her face!?
What was the inspector?
Speak up, who was that?
That yellow dress girl.
Catch all of them.
Last show should be over by 12. This is the last warning. - Yes sir.
Yes sir. - Move.
Hello Inspector!
You are Mr. Ram Yadav?
Yes, but who are you?
Hey! You didn't recognize me!
In the Commissioner' house, in the party..
Yes, yes. In Mr. Pandey's birthday party!
Yes, Mr. Pandey's birthday party.
Seems you didn't recognize us. It's ok..
..no problem. It's ok.
Manager - Yes, sister.
What type of management is there in your movie hall!?
Can't decent people come to watch movie over here?
What happened sister?
What happened!! What happened!!
The rowdies troubled us so much that..
..we have to leave the hall in the middle of the movie.
Who are the rowdies?
We are here, inspector.
Hey Messers rowdies!
Catch hold of the girl and take out money from her.
Hey you! Snatched black tickets from us and escaped.
No, No..
So you are black ticketers. Oh god!
Yes we are blackies. But we pay the police for..
..keeping their mouth and eyes shut. Get lost from here.
You bastard! Swine! You talk of Appa Rao in front of me!?
Sister-in-law! Congratulations on the baby's completing five month.
Means happy birthday.
You are amazing, Ram. You have filled the house with toys.
Everyone celebrates children's annual birthday..
..and you are celebrating monthly birthday.
Very simple, Sister-in-law!
Before coming to the world people celebrate monthly birthdays..
..after coming to the world people celebrate annual birthdays.
Now look! This is bear. It beats the drum likes this.
Like it. Hold it. Now this robot for our baby.
See now light is on. Hold this also.
Sister-in-law, I was now thinking that for last five months..
..half of my salary goes in these toys.
But the little one inside has not told me thank you even once.
Come on, dear, say thank you to your uncle. Say fast.
Oh my God. Oh my God!
He is kicking so hard!
Son of Bruce lee, Juice lee, is very aggressive!
He is just like his uncle.
Not he, it is she. I want a girl.
Strange wish, Sister-in-law. Every woman wants a baby boy..
..you are wanting a baby girl.
I don't like girls. I want a baby boy clapping hands like this.
In this house there is already a baby boy.
Baby boy is there! Where is the boy?
Here, right in front of me.
For some one who has a son like you..
..what is the need for another son?
Look here! What, you don't see your mother in me?
Yes, Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law! You have never made the absence of my mother felt.
You take care of me a lot. But I'll not listen to all this..
..I need a nephew.
No. No. A small girl, a small boy, a small beautiful house..
..this is the message given by our country.
Great brother! Wow! Great!
Your love has turned a business executive into a poet.
Hey Pooja! Why are you just switching the light on and off?
Don't you know the bulb will get fused?
Hey pal! You are worried about a bulb!
And here I am! Totally fused myself! - What?
The way he fights!
That bearded fellow, right?
Shucks! I was talking about Ram.
Even if Rajnikanth sees him fighting,
Really pal! He will melt right from his head.
How he was running on top of the moving cars!?
Runs only on the cars!
See! Don't talk about him. I am getting goose pimples.
Even my plaits are standing straight.
Forget about your plaits. Think of an excuse to meet him.
Excuse me.
Hey! How handsome he is!?
May I come in!
Come in, come in. Please sit.
Yes sitting.
Say what will you have? Tea, coffee or soft drinks.
Here! - Yes madam.
Get some soft drinks quickly. - Okay madam.
Will I get admission here for the child?
Admission for the child? He is also married? Where is the child?
The child will be born soon.
This is the problem of building a good school.
Parents come for admission 3 years before the child is born.
Hey! Who asked to get soft drinks?
Take it back, man.
Tell me, what is the name.
You want to know my name!?
For filling up the admission form..
..you have to write down the father's name. Isn't it?
Have you been to school or not?
Write down. The child's father's name is Raj Yadav.
The child's uncle name is Ram Yadav.
I'm child's uncle, still a bachelor.
Bachelor! - Yes. - Hey!
Bring back the soft drinks. Bring it back.
Take it. - Thank you.
Excuse me madam! Sir has come to see the classes.
See, this is chocolate. Will give you one more.
What will you say to uncle after going inside the class?
Uncle! Uncle! Su, Su has come.
Uncle! Uncle! Su, Su has come.
Go and do it, dear.
Uncle! Uncle! Su, Su has come.
Uncle! Uncle! Su, Su has come.
Go and do it, dear. What can I do for it?
Uncle! Uncle! Su , Su has come.
Uncle! Uncle! Su , Su has come.
What can I do about it? I'll go mad!
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Go to your place to relieve yourself.
Don't drive me nuts!
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
I'm a govt. servant, I've to be punctual.
Let me go, I've so much to do.
I'll come to solve this problem of yours.
At short distances, I'll get toilets erected.
Go behind the bushes.
Don't feel shy, baby.
Go behind the bushes.
Don't feel shy, baby.
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force..what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
If someone sees us, we'll feel embarrassed?
How'll we face the world, after this defamation?
I'm standing here with a stick. I won't let anyone come.
I won't let anybody, hey kids, come near you.
O God save me!
Where have I got myself stuck!
O God save me!
Where have I got myself stuck!
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su.. Su..
With such force.. what to do?
Su.. Su..Su..
With such force..what to do?
So much!?
Wow, I realized only today, how kind God is!?
He sends such beautiful girls to the college, for us.
I don't like such talks. - But he likes you.
Yes. I am very much fond of you.
Leave me for God's sake.
Ridiculous! How can I leave a beautiful..
..thing like you for God's sake?
You should feel ashamed of talking like this.
Yes. I do feel ashamed.
I do feel very much ashamed, friends.
Inspector! Inspector! Some goons have kidnapped..
..my friend. I've seen them going towards Borivali ruins.
Her honor is endangered. Please do something before she is harmed.
Which place did you say? - Borivali ruins. - I'll be there.
Ram, turn into Shyam, my dear!
Madams, please don't tease me.
Sisters, one of you had called up at my place.
I was the one who called. - You?
So we could lure you here in these ruins and play with your chastity.
Look, I'm a decent and unmarried guy.
Please don't blot my honor. I beg of you..
This fair body, this physique, this youth!
All these are for us. Attack.
What's this attack?
Hey you're looting me!
Hey you'll kill me!
Let me go! Let me go!
Save me! save me!
You fatso! I'm going to..
Madam, these buffaloes raped me, kissed me all over.
Tore my shirt! What will I do!?
Seeing a boy alone, you try to tease him!?
Don't you've father's and brothers in your house? - Don't spare them!
Hey you, is he your brother?
Beat her! Beat her!
Don't leave that buffalo!
She tore my shirt! You tear her too!
Don't spare her!
Look down they're back!
Hadn't you come at the right time today..
..then I wouldn't have been able to show my face to anybody.
I don't know how to thank you.
There's nothing to thank me about.
If a human being doesn't help another, then who will? Yes.
Come with me. I'll drop you back home.
C'mon home. - From here!? - Yes. From where else? C'mon.
What do you think? You can fool me?
If you repeat this again, then I'll put you behind the bars. Idiot .
I'm waiting for that only. Shut up!
Hold this.
Did anything happen? - No, pal.
He crushed my heart and went away.
Rascal, c'mon let's try someone else.
Shut up! Did you expect me to be like you?
Pammi darling, what does a crow's crowing signify?
It gives a message of someone's arrival.
But here, it is informing about someone's departure.
I'm going. - Where?
I'm just going.
Beautiful girl, fair skinned! Beautiful girl, fair skinned!
You stole my heart without asking.
Oh my spicy curry, I'm not in control of my desires.
My eyes, nowadays, see a new dream everyday.
You gullible crazy, you gullible crazy!
He looted my heart without asking me.
He's so heartless!
Doesn't listen to anything I say.
I want to make him mine at this very moment.
Wet is this climate, the sound of these waves.
Under such conditions, a crazy heart can't be forced.
Wet is this climate, the sound of these waves.
Under such conditions, a crazy heart can't be forced.
My heart is also facing the same situation like your heart.
These flying tresses, these wandering steps.
Beautiful girl, fair skinned! Beautiful girl, fair skinned!
You stole my heart without asking.
Oh my spicy curry, I'm not in control of my desires.
My eyes, nowadays, see a new dream everyday.
I want to get lost in sweet dreams about you.
Rest my head on your chest and, my dear, and sleep.
I want to get lost in sweet dreams about you.
Rest my head on your chest and, my dear ,and sleep.
Come let me write my name on your cheeks.
Let me drink the juice of love from your lips.
Beautiful girl, fair skinned! Beautiful girl, fair skinned!
You stole my heart without asking. Oh my spicy curry.."
Greetings sir!
Yes, tell me.
Does Shankuntala sister of Jaunpur stay here?
Yes, but..
We are also from Jaunpur.
We've arrived by the morning train.
We wanted to meet sister.
Yes, come in. Come in.
Shakuntala, someone from Jaunpur has come to meet you.
Who'll be the one coming to meet me from Jaunpur!?
Greetings! Greetings! - Greetings.
Sister, my name is Lajo. I'm a native of Jaunpur.
I'm a maid servant in the neighboring bungalow.
When I went to the village, this girl..
This girl came along with me.
The priest in the Ram temple..
Who Sharmaji?
Yes. She's Sharmaji's daughter.
The Ram temple priest's daughter!? But he doesn't have..
You're absurd, Shakuntala. It's ages since you've visited Jaunpur.
How will you remember anything?
It's getting late for office. I'm going.
Greetings, sir.
Where do you stay in Jaunpur?
The Watch Tower, the market place near it, the Ram Temple..
..close to it? My house is just a stone's throw away from there.
Ok, ok. I understood.
Come along. Sister, I want to say something.
Yes, tell me.
The thing is that, after the sad demise of the priest..
..this poor girl doesn't have anyone to support.
They find it hard to manage the house.
If you appoint for some work, then it would be really kind of you.
Work? Yes, sister. For work.
From morning 5 to evening 7, whatever work you give me..
..I'll do it. The problem is that I can't see after 7pm.
You're not able to see after 7 in the evening!?
Yes, I've that Kadar Khan disease.
Kadar Khan disease!?
Sister, have you seen the movie Bol Radha Bol?
In that, after 7pm Kadar Khan is unable to see.
This poor girl has the same disease.
So, have you appointed her?
Yes. Yes.
You are fortunate.
I had told you that Shankuntala sister is very kindhearted!
Did you see it?
Now remain as one among the family members.
Win over their hearts.
Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!
What happened?
Who's this girl?
She's Puja.
Puja! Who's Puja?
She's a native of Jaunpur.
She's the daughter of the Ram temple priest.
I've appointed as a household help.
Ok, a maid!
He's my brother in law. He's in the police. Greet him.
Greetings! - Ok. Ok.
C'mon, remove that veil from your face.
This isn't Jaunpur. This is Mumbai.
Sister, I'm afraid of policemen.
What!? Will we policemen eat you?
Won't eat?
Then fine. I'll remove it.
Thank you.
Are you hurt badly?
You! How did you get into this house!?
First, you called me to the ruins.
Then you tried to rape me.
Sister-in-law, she is a rapist.
Sister, what is he talking about!? Ruins, and what's that word? R.. r..
Rape? - Yes. I'm sure that you're mistaken.
Sister, you tell him.
I've reached Mumbai by today morning's train.
Shut up!
Ram, what are you saying?
Do you know this girl? Sister-in-law, I know this girl very well.
She's the biggest fraud among all of Mumbai girls.
Sister, I'm telling you once again.
He is surely mistaken.
I'm sure he must've seen someone else like me.
This girl has given me a headache!
Headache! No problem!
Apply Emami Mentho Plus Balm.
I'm going to..
Good that he ran away.
Sister-in-law, this girl is fooling you.
That day she fooled that black marketeer..
Keeps calling me up throughout the day.
Nowadays he even calls me up at night.
At night!? This poor girl can't see at night.
Her friend Lajo herself told me about this.
You policemen have one negative habit..
..of always doubting on others.
Sister-in-law, try to understand me.
You don't make me understand anything.
Unnecessarily you are troubling a poor girl.
Sister-in-law, you go upstairs.
Sister, she is not poor.
Hey, you go.
I will handle you later!
Sister, what is this!?
Why are you laughing!?
How such a small sock will fit you?
Stupid! This is not for me. It's for the small guest..
..who is going to come.
Sister, I want to ask you something.
You are also a woman, I am also a woman.
Then why hasn't my stomach come out like yours!?
What? - Tell me, sister.
When the time comes you will understand everything.
That's fine. But tell me how it comes out?
See, when a man holds the hands, it happens.
But sister, in Jaunpur, many men have..
..held my hands when I was young.
But my stomach never came out..
..Say, how can it come out by holding hands?
Oh God! Man first holds the hands, then kisses..
..then this happens. If you ask anything further, I'll slap you.
Understood! Understood!
First a man holds the hands, then kisses, then the tummy bloats!
Sister, where are you going?
Ram is taking bath. So I'm going to give this towel to him.
Give me, I'll give it to him. - It's okay. I'll give it myself.
C'mon, sister. I eat the salt of this house.
Can't I do even this much for you?
Sister, where are you?
O God! It's 7pm again.
You wait here. I'll give it to him myself.
No, no, sister. When your eyes are closed, your brain works faster.
Morever, I'm used to this Kader Khan disease.
I have it since childhood.
Listen. - Who is it?
You!? - Why are you shouting?
Is the water cold? - Forget the cold. How did you come inside?
I had come to give this towel.
Didn't you see I was singing, I mean bathing?
Only if I could see you bathing.
I mean if only I could see after 7pm.
Then I wouldn't have come into the bathroom like this.
Am I fond of watching you bathing?
You're a weird girl.
You turn up into my bathroom. Do you have an shame?
Don't say such things, constable sir.
Constable!? You're calling me a constable!?
Do I look like one? I'm an inspector. Inspector.
Yes, yes. - Pushing me!?
Don't abuse my helplessness. I'm not that type of a girl.
I'm from a respectable family. My father is a priest.
I'm filled with noble characteristics.
Don't know what sort of a disease God gave me..
..that everything becomes dark after 7pm.
And you say that I saw everything.
Can't you really see anything?
Now will I joke about my blindness?
Yes. Why will you poke fun at your own blindness?
Look, please don't cry.
God is so ludicrous. Such beautiful eyes and..
Look, please don't cry.
I feel like kissing these eyes.
O God, what's this that you did!? That too with a priest's daughter?
O God, what have I done!? That too with a priest's daughter?
Ahead of Panchvati, Laxman cut off Shoorpnakha's nose and ears.
C'mon. Move.
What's this!?
Hey professor, the whole college will see..
..the consequences of slapping Janardhan.
You can see too. Move. - Stop.
Let go of me!
Leave me please! - Help me!
Leave me please!
This is the place where you had slapped me. isn't it?
This is the place where she had slapped me.
Today, you all will come to know that..
..for each slap, Janardhan will need one life.
Forgive me please. Forgive me.
Hey, shut up! You insolent one!
The one who slaps Janardhan cannot be forgiven.
They get death. Death. - No!
You burnt a girl!
You burnt a girl!
You burnt a girl alive!
You burnt a girl alive!
Hey, you were saying that your son isn't at home.
Is he the neighbor's son?
Inspector! - Quiet.
I've just started cutting the branches.
Slowly, slowly, I'll fell the whole tree.
Give me your hand.
Come, my son.
Appa Rao, I've paid back the debt of your salt.
By appointing a pig like you, the govt. has done a great favor to me.
But when inspector Ram asks you..
..what will you say?
Handcuff me to the jeep. Ram will get the answer himself.
Janardhan, you rascal. You killed my men.
You handcuffed me and went away. You could've killed me too.
I won't spare you! I won't spare you!
Sir, look what happened. Appa Rao's men came.
They killed all our men and freed Janardhan.
Look what they did to me.
Open my handcuffs, sir. I won't spare those bastards.
Look at what they did to me, sir.
I'm telling the truth, sir.
Killing the constables and taking away Janardhan.
I understood it very well.
But leaving you alive. I understood that better. - How?
Kulkarni, tomorrow the newspapers will carry the..
..headlines that Janardhan escaped after killing 3 men.
No sir.
If your name is included among the deceased..
..who will come to know of it?
Sir! No, sir. You can't kill me. Please forgive me, sir.
You're a policeman. You can't kill another policeman.
Yes, you are right. A policeman can't kill another policeman.
Either a goon kills a policeman.
Or a policeman kills a goon.
No! No!
Puja! What happened?
I'm feeling dizzy.
Feeling dizzy!? Are you feverish?
You feel like vomiting!? C'mon. let's go to the doctor.
Which doctor? - It's nearby only.
Take me to the doctor whom Lajo consults, sister.
You felt dizzy at first? - Yes.
Then you vomited? - Yes.
Has this happened before? - No.
Do you feel like eating sour food?
I mean, do you feel like eating tamarind?
You feel like eating pickles?
You feel like eating raw mangoes?
The case is very simple. No complications.
Call the eunuchs and make them dance.
Distribute sweets. Your sister is going to..
..be a mother of her own child very soon.
What nonsense are you talking? She and a mother!?
What do you mean by that? She's a woman, she can..
..only be a mother. How'll she become a father!?
What is this that I'm hearing?
What can I do about it?
I'll be the one doing something, after reaching home.
Talking of sonography? Whether it'll be a boy or girl?
We even have choice -o-graphy.
Choice -o-graphy!?
Yes, choice-o-graphy. You can have a baby of your choice.
Inject the mother, and the child's..
..future will change in the stomach itself.
Worked so hard, sweated so much.
Only then could I make these injections.
If you want your child to be a superstar like Amitabh Bachchan..
..then this red injection is the one. It's for Rs.10000.
If you want him to be a cricketer like Gavaskar..
..then this yellow injection. This also for Rs.10000.
This one is for making your child..
..as strong as Dara Singh without any food.
This black one is for making your child a rowdy like..
..Shakti Kapoor or Gulshan Grover. I give it for free.
But after growing up, if the child does something wrong..
..then it isn't my responsibility.
But nowadays, this Michael Jackson injection is in demand.
People always ask for it. Once this has been injected.
The child comes out dancing to disco music.
It's so comfortable that the mother doesn't even feel it.
Only the father recognizes the child.
Doctor, will I get the Rajnikanth injection?
Rajnikanth!? I've to import it from Madras.
It would be a little costly. You've to give me an advance.
Moreover, I don't know who has the rights for it these days.
But ask the father first, what he wants his child to become.
Ok, we'll first ask the father, what he wants his child to become.
Come on. - But, sister. That..
Come on. - Slowly. Will you finish of a 9-month long job in a day?
Thank you uncle. - Most welcome.
God bless. Mother and child both.
Hail Jhulelal!
Tell me. Whose sin have you brought home?
Don't call my love as sin, sister.
Answer only to my questions.
Tell me. Whose sin is this?
If you're forcing me, then let me tell you.
This is a blossoming flower of this garden.
This garden!? - Yes.
Whose? - I'm telling.
Brother, you.
It's all his doing.
Don't you feel ashamed of accusing my brother in law?
I do feel ashamed. I even feel afraid to open my mouth.
After all brother in law is standing.
Brother in law!?
Now you've started relating yourselves to us.
Not me, but this child has done this.
Shut up. tell me the truth. How did this happen?
Ask brother in law to..
Listen you please.. - Ok.
Tell me. - Sister, when I had asked you about ..
.. your big belly, then you said that a man first holds your hand..
..and then kisses you and your belly enlarges. Didn't you say so?
Yes, I did.
Then ask him..
That day when I had gone to give him the towel..
..he had held my hand. Did you hold it or not?
Yes I had.
And then after holding my hands, didn't you kiss me?
Do you call that kissing? - Then what?
Then, I had kissed.
Now sister, when you didn't tell me anything after that kiss..
..how can I tell you?
What's this I'm hearing?
Sister-in-law, this girl.. this girl is..
Tell her. Isn't all this true?
Sister-in-law, I swear on brother's name.
Whatever I did, I did on feeling pity for her blindness.
Sister, he's feeling shy to tell me about this.
Actually, he pitifully jumped on me.
Did you see? Did you see?
Ram. I didn't expect this from you.
Brother, even I didn't expect this from myself.
But brother, please believe me. I didn't do anything.
I myself.. - No need to fell tensed.
The doctor has himself said that you are going to be the father.
Which doctor is that? Which doctor? Tell me. Jhulelal.
I've made the injection of world famous cricketer Brian Lara.
Congratulations! You've really hit it!
What have I hit!? You've hit the sky!
I'll sell this injection for Rs.50000.
How fortunate would the mother be, who would be injected with this.
She would give birth to a son like Brian Lara.
Sir, I have a suggestion. What?
Whoever's stomach is injected with this injection.
You give her a bat free.
Or else how will he hit the ball?
Sir, a small mouth but big words.
My whole body's hair has gone white working with you. - Yes.
I cheat people by blackening it.
But I haven't yet understood that, how you make such injections.
Do you go into their bedrooms at night and..
Nasty fellow. Talking cheap.
The scientist of Jurassic Park impressed me.
He caught a mosquito, removed its blood and made a dinosaur.
Then can't I stand outside the homes of big personalities..
..and catch the mosquitoes coming out of their houses..
..and make these injections by squeezing their blood?
Yes, you can, sir.
Come over here. Come over here.
Stand over here, keeping your mouth shut.
O Jhulelal, get me out of this trouble.
Are you the mad doctor of this place?
Yes. What injection do you want?
Were you the one who told her that she's going to be a mother?
Did I? Can anyone conceive by kissing?
Conceived by kissing!?
Who invented this injection?
You fool, do you know the consequences of accusing a policeman?
You make these nasty injections. Make a fool of girls.
Inspector, put me down. Put me down.
I wasn't the one who did this. - Then who did it?
It must've been my compounder Moolchand.
I'm finished! - Mooli!
Mooli! Come over here. - Forgive me doctor. I'm going to eat you alive.
For the sake of Rs. 500.
I changed from a compounder to a doctor.
And made you a grandfather.
Grandfather! I'm a grandfather?
Remove the veil! Remove the veil!
Dear! You did this?
I had gone to Barbados, West Indies to catch mosquitoes..
..you threw mosquitoes on my name!?
Mudsling on your name. - Mudsling on my name!?
Daddy, you're mistaken. Do you remember, I had told you..
..that I'll choose a boy for myself.
Didn't I tell you? - Yes you did.
So I have selected.
Hey, this is your father in law.
What can I do about that? - Take his blessings.
Bless you, my son.
Very good boy. Where did you find him?
Shut up! Control your girl. She has made life miserable for me.
If she tries to meddle into my life again..
..then I'll lift your whole clan.
What are you doing?
I'll lift your whole dynasty.
He's your father in law.
He must be a father in law in his house.
You've chosen such a boy.
You've chosen such a boy.
He lifts the whole family for everything.
Daddy, just a minute.
I can't understand what's happening.
Listen. - What!?
You're a weird man.
People are right that these policemen are very heartless!
The only mistake I did was to fall in love with you.
To get your love I don't know what..
..all I had to do, what all I had to bake.
Your whole family is mad. The father makes injections.
The daughter bakes cookies.
Don't know what sort of family it is.
C'mon now. Don't be angry.
No, I will.
Please agree. - No, I won't
Give your consent.
O crazy heart.. what predicament have you put me into.
O crazy heart.. what predicament have you put me into.
In love, it feels as if the life is deserting me.
O crazy heart.. what predicament have you put me into.
In love, it feels as if the life is deserting me.
Since the time I have seen you I love you only.
In solitude, I sigh and long for you.
I wasn't crazy in love before.
But now I know what really love is.
Love is such a pain which makes your writhe slowly.
At times awake.. at times in slumber..
..I remain lost most of the times.
My tresses remain entangled and coryllium is spread
Everyone says I am a madcap.
We are crazy ones, who would convince us?
O crazy heart.. what predicament have you put me into.
In love, it feels as if the life is deserting me.
Have you packed my shaving kit? - Yes. Listen..
No. I'll tell the rest of it.
Listen, call me up after reaching Bangalore.
I feel very afraid at night. Take care of yourself.
When will you come back?
Sister-in-law, still 10 minutes are left for him to go.
And you're asking about his return.
He'll surely come back. He's not a kid to get lost in Bangalore.
Where's Puja? Has she gone back to Jaunpur?
Tell. Say, dear. Give a reply.
Give a reply, dear.
Brother.. Sister-in-law.. that Pooja..
Tell, tell. Brother's asking.
Sister-in-law.. I mean Puja..
I'll tell him.
Neither was she a resident of Jaunpur..
..nor was she affected with night blindness,
She liked this monkey. So, she came here to win over his heart.
And when she won him over, she went back to her house.
But before going she said, that the next time she comes..
..she would not be going back.
Then we can solve the issue as soon..
..as I come back from Bangalore.
Even I like that girl. his choice is my choice.
My choice too. - My choice too.
I agree that inspector Kulkarni killed the constables.
I also agree that Ram killed Kulkarni.
But the court will believe that your son..
..killed the policemen and absconded.
A small mistake of yours, has proved so dangerous.
Inspector Ram has used your mistake to his advantage..
..such that the case has become so strong that it's not..
..only difficult, but impossible to prove your son's innocent.
Don't use such words.
Can't you see how old he is?
He would drop down dead.
Loss of a son isn't something ordinary.
Moreover, the minister has said that before elections are..
.. over, Ram can't be transferred.
The election commissioner has imposed strict guidelines.
That's why even I've become so nervous.
I don't feel like eating or drinking.
When I drink whisky, I feel like drinking water.
I don't get on a high. Even that chicken's taste doesn't..
Shut up!
My son is in so much trouble. He's being forced to stay underground.
And you're busy talking about whisky and chicken?
I haven't called you here for arguing.
You're a government pleader.
Take as much money as you want.
But weaken my son's case in the court.
I have an idea. Send Janardhan to some..
..foreign land. The police won't be able to find him..
..so the case also won't go ahead.
Yes. And by then the elections would've ended.
Ram, you tried so hard to find Janardhan.
But you couldn't find him. But look, how cleverly I've..
..planned to save him.
To evade the police, I've suggested Appa Rao, to..
..send Janardhan out of the country.
And Janardhan, after disguising himself..
..is going to Dubai by tomorrow's flight.
Just a minute. - What happened?
Remove your cap.
I said, remove your cap.
You can go.
Thank you.
Wait. Remove your glasses.
I said, remove your glasses.
Bring the car back. Yes, now itself.
You can't kill me. You're a policeman.
Can't I kill you? - Take me to the lockup.
Hold his hands.
Can't I kill you?
Did you see? They're beating me.
Did you see us beating him? - I didn't see anything.
Yes. He didn't see anything.
Take him away. C'mon. Pull him out.
Sister-in-law! Runaway from here. Hurry up.
Inspector, my son Janardhan suffered..
..a lot after bring shot by a govt. bullet.
A father saw his son's blood.
Today, I once again have this pig hair in my eye.
Don't worry I won't kill you.
My son Janardhan's blood would be compensated..
..by your Sister-in-law and her unborn child.
No Appa dog!
If you're a real son of a man, then set me free and then see.
A man who enters a policeman's house can't be a..
..a eunuch, inspector. Whatever Appa does..
..he does it with pride. Gotiya - yes, Appa.
Inspector's Sister-in-law is going to become a mother.
She needs energy. Feed her the tonic.
Make her drink that poisoned liquor.
Let go of my Sister-in-law.
Let go of my Sister-in-law.
You handcuffed me. I didn't say anything.
You made people spit on me. I didn't say anything.
You arrested my son Janardhan. I didn't say anything.
Even now, Appa Rao wont' say anything.
He'll only do. Gotiya!
Let go of my Sister-in-law.
Let go of my Sister-in-law.
The tonic's poison would kill your sister in 15 minutes.
I give you 15 minutes to save your sister and her child.
Appa Rao is very kind hearted.
Leave him!
Leave him!
Appa Rao! - Ram!
I'm sorry, son.
You brought her 5 minutes late.
She is no more.
The poison had spread throughout her body..
..that's why the child in her womb died before taking birth.
I'm sorry.
There's already a son in this house.
A son is there!
Where's the son?
In front of me.
The one who gets a son like you..
..why would he need another one?
Look here, can't you see your mother in me?
Your Honor. We all know what happened to inspector Ram.
Hence, Appa Rao and his accomplices..
..who are responsible for this murder should be punished.
Your Honor, my friend, without any difficulty..
..so easily said that Appa Rao and his men..
..should be punished, as if it was not a punishment but sweetmeat.
Mind your language please. - I'm sorry sir.
When on the complaint of Ram Yadav..
..the police went to arrest Appa Rao, he wasn't at home.
Let alone his house, he wasn't in this world itself.
I mean, he wasn't in this city itself.
Judge sir, when this incident occurred.
I had gone to Tirupati, for seeking the blessing of Balaji.
This bastard is lying, Your Honor. Don't trust him.
You can say whatever you want to, when your turn comes.
What proof do you have that you had actually gone to Tirupati.
I hadn't gone to Tirupati on foot.
Your honor, this is my clients air ticket, and his hotel and car bill.
They could've easily bought tickets on their own names..
..and sent someone else.
They can't hide their crimes with these tickets.
Your Honor, I would like to call upon my clients driver, Thambi.
You're permitted.
So, you're Appa Rao's driver? -Yes.
How many years have you been working with him?
I've been working for around 15 years.
Where were you on 24th morning?
Tell. Tell.
On 24th, I had gone to drop sir to the airport.
When did your sir return? - The next day.
Did you see sir coming out of the airport?
Yes. I had seen sir, Gotiya and Shetty coming out of the airport.
I don't know the others.
Point to be noted My Lord.
Judge, sir. I didn't know that after a pilgrimage to Tirupati..
..I would be made to stand here on a false accusation of murder.
Had I known this, then to prove myself innocent..
..and to show you the truth, I would have brought the temple offering.
Else it would've been better, had I shaved my head.
Don't trust this cheat, this bastard.
He's the one who killed my sister.
He's the same devil.
Whatever you want to say, come to the witness box and do so.
Appa Rao and his men murdered your sister.
Do you have any evidence proving this?
To make the court believe me, what evidence should I produce?
Shall I produce the rope which was used to tie her hands.?
Or shall I produce that liquor bottle which was used to poison her?
Shall I produce that child who died unborn?
Or shall I produce that wall, which..
..was a mute witness to my Sister-in-law's death?
What shall I produce?
What shall I produce?
What shall I produce?
Brace yourself.
I understand your feelings.
But brother, this court doesn't work on relations or emotions..
..it works on evidences. It works on witnesses.
Whom you've not been able to present in the past 10 hearings.
What'll do now?
His sister has died of drinking spurious liquor.
But that wasn't given to her by Appa Rao.
The truth is that, Shakuntala Devi, was addicted to liquor.
Your honor, now I'm going to present such an evidence..
..that Shakuntala Devi wasn't only a drunkard but also had..
..illegal relations with a lot of men.
No. No. - No brother.
I won't leave you!
Did you see, judge sir?
Did you see, judge sir?
This man is uncouth. He has gone insane.
He even insulted Appa Rao in a similar way.
Sometimes relating riots in Ekta Nagar..
..sometimes arresting his men for all the wrong reasons.
And once he even wrote his name on a spitbin.
Now see, he's insulting Appa Rao once again..
..by accusing him of his sister's murder.
Appa Rao is above suspicion, My Lord.
So please, I request you to liberate him of all charges.
Since no evidence was produced against Appa Rao.
This court..
..has come to the conclusion..
..that Appa Rao..
..is not guilty.
Thus, this court..
..considering Appa Rao to be innocent..
..discharges him honorably of all charges.
Congratulations, Appa Rao sir.
Appa Rao!
Doctor, how's my brother?
Doctor, what's Ram's position?
I've removed the bullets and he's also out of danger but..
But what?
Ram has gone into coma.
Doctor, you mean to say that my brother will never..
Nothing can be said now.
Coma is another name for a long unconsciousness.
A patient can regain consciousness in 2 days or 2 months or 2 yrs.
Or he may never regain his consciousness
Moreover, the way in which police officers shot..
..an honest policeman, Ram should have been dead by now.
And there shouldn't have been any mourning over his death..
..because people who die while fighting for justice..
..their death isn't a death but martyrdom.
And God prefers sacrifice over selfishness.
It has been said in The Holy Koran..
..those who die on the path of virtue, don't consider them dead..
..they are alive, but you won't understand.
Gone! Gone! My enemy has slipped into coma.
He would rot as a living corpse in the hospital.
I will sing! I will dance! I will make merry!
My luscious youth, makes one long for me.
My luscious youth, makes one long for me.
My luscious youth, makes one long for me.
Let us go to the sugarcane fields, why are you feeling coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
My luscious youth, makes one long for me.
Let us go to the sugarcane fields, why are you feeling coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
That which gets laid by anyone.. such is my brazen youth.
That which gets laid by anyone.. such is my brazen youth.
I need to show you a glimpse of my succulent youthfulness.
May an evil eye not cast its shadow upon me!
Come to the sugarcane field, why do you feel coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
My luscious youth, makes one long for me.
Come to the sugarcane field, why do you feel coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
I would tell you something on the sly from the world.
I would tell you something on the sly from the world.
On this earth itself I will make you experience the joys of paradise.
Why do you crave so much and make me long too?
Come to the sugarcane field, why do you feel coy?
Why are you feeling coy?
Appa Rao! You bastard.. Leave me. I won't spare Appa Rao.
You sinner.. scoundrel! Let go of me. Let go of me!
Let him come. - Huh!
Poor one! The wife died.
Brother turned into a living corpse!
Where could he go to shed tears?
Had to come here itself.. to Appa Rao.
Appa Rao is very compassionate, right!
Appa Rao, you are not a human but a beast. A beast!
And a beast can never be compassionate.
You killed my wife and my yet to born child.
Because of your my brother is counting his last breaths.
And you are making merry! I have come to tell you only this..
..you may buy out the law machinery but not the justice of God.
My wife and kid at least breathed their last in a hospital.
You won't even get a filthy ditch while dying.
You will have to account for your sins, Appa Rao!
You will have to account for them while still alive!
He spoke too much! Crossed all his limits.
Very hot blooded!
Chill him down!
Go and cool him down!
Thank You.
Sir, this purse and letter were in the pocket of the deceased.
Purse and letter?
May be later but today I've realized that because of my deeds..
..my respected father had to always look down.
To avoid such a situation in future, I am committing suicide.
Hats off to you, Appa Rao. Hat's off to you.
You not only silenced Ram's brother..
..but also planted Janardan's suicide note in his pocket.
And the police thought that Janardan had committed suicide!
Hats off to you!
Congratulations, dear. Your prayers have been answered.
Ram has regained consciousness.
I knew it, Ram! I knew it.
'Inspector Ram in coma!' Khan Saab, who got this published?
I got this false news printed in all the newspapers.
But why, Khan Saab?
The wriggling bodies in the pool of blood, in the..
..riots at Ekta Nagar, still haunt my eyes.
The screams of that old woman still echo in my ears..
..whose grown up daughter was burnt alive by Janardan.
And till my last, I can never forget the sight of your..
..sister-in-law and her unborn child dying in the hospital.
And what did you get? Asked for justice and received bullets!?
Ram, just the way, a doctor, in order to save the life of a..
..person amputates the infected organ out of his body.
In the similar manner, you too are a doctor.
A doctor for this system and society.
This hooliganism, this corruption is the infected part..
..of its body.. a malignant cancer!
Amputate it! Cut and throw it off.
Clean up this system and you can do it.
And this you can achieve only under the cover of being in coma.
Because the entire police department and everyone in..
..the city consider you to be in coma.
This is a way where no one will doubt you even.
Just think over it, Ram.
The decision lies with you.
You? - Shh.. Yes, I.
But I heard you are in coma!
Dr. Khan has spread this rumor.
This secret is known only to Khan Saab, Pooja..
..and now to you, that I am not in coma.
Understood! This cover of coma is your war cry!
Nagrath, I need Janardan.
But Janardan is no more. - What?
Yes, to atone his sins, he committed suicide..
..by jumping in front of a running train. - No.
No.. this cannot happen.
The one who doesn't realize his sins, what suicide will he commit?
This is definitely some trick of Appa Rao only.
Nagrath, can you take me to the spot..
..where Janardan had committed suicide?
This is that spot, Ram, where..
..Janardan committed suicide by jumping in front of a train.
Nagrath! - What is it, Ram?
If this is a suicide the blood marks should have been..
..sprayed till far. But see here, the blood is only at one spot.
This means, first someone was murdered and after that..
..his dead body was brought and thrown over here.
When I look at you in anger..
..I feel that you've forgotten this ring given by me.
You've forgotten my teachings!?
That when the truth doesn't succeed and the untruth can't..
..be tolerated, look at this ring and remember me!
Ram, what happened?
Pooja.. this is my own blood!
Big brother is no more.
Brother is no more.
Ram. - Janardan is alive.
Janardan is alive!
Hey Janardan..
What face will I show to the world.. O Janardan.
Having bloated this.. where are you hiding.. O Janardan?
Say it louder!
If you don't meet me, I will jump in front of a running..
..train and die.. Janardan!!!
Who are you both and what are you doing here?
My name is Vitthal Rao.
She is my daughter, Saggu.
We want to meet Appa Rao. - I am Appa Rao!
Father -in-law!
Hey.. move back.. what are you doing?
Move back. Hey.. move back.
Hey.. you scoundrel.. you pushed my father!
I will give you such a tight slap on your ears..
..that people will ask you questions!
Hey.. who are you?
Who are we?
I am your daughter -in-law!
Yes, this is Janardan's child.
What? - Yes.
Janardan erected the wall. I've come to get the roof atop it.
I've come to get my child his ancestral rights.
And this rascal.. he pushes my father.
When Janardan kissed me, where were you at that time?
When he proposed to me, where were you at that time?
When he showed me English movies..
..that too porn movies, where were you at that time?
And when he took me to the hotel room..
..where had you gone, at that time? Tell me!
And today when I've come to get my child his rights..
..from where have you landed in between?
Get lost!
Don't worry. Your father-in-law will set everything right.
Look what he is saying. - Hey shut up!
Dear.. see grandpa!
Grandpa! Grandpa! Where is my Janardan?
Look daughter, I agree that Janardan might've committed..
..a mistake. But he has gone far from us, now.
Gone to Dubai? - No dear..
..he has gone away from this mortal world itself.
Oh.. despite being an elder, you are lying. Just yesterday..
..he called me up. Ouch.. what've I spoken!?
Doomed! Didn't he ask us not to mention it?
Commandos! - Yes, sir.
Throw them out!
But.. but.. - Throw them out. - This is Janardan's child.
Jaradan will never forgive you.. hey.
Let go of me! Don't touch me.
Hey, may you be doomed! May you be ruined!
May your car meets an accident, right now.
You rascal.. may you go to hell!
Hit! Success! The drama was a success! The oldster is..
..all confused. He will directly go to Janardan, now.
Let us also go.
Yes, we will go, dear. But get rid of the child, first.
How are you pal?
We are your cronies! Eating and making merry, that's all!
Good.. enjoy! Enjoy!
I am going to my room.
No! No!
I just need Janardan!
I have no enmity with you all.
I need no bloodshed.
All I need is Janardan. No!
If none of you tell me, I will search for him myself.
Speak up, where is Janardan?
Commissioner Karu!
Remain seated.
Mr. Appa Rao! You? Here?
Commissioner Karu..
..Jaradan is dead. My son has died.
Yes.. yes.. we all know of this.
That 10 -12 days back..
It was a lie.. just a joke. Forget it.
My son Janardan died today.
Today? - Commissioner Karu..
..someone has provoked me.
Someone has provoked Appa Rao!
Before my son's cremation, Appa Rao has burnt in the fire.
Before this fire turns the entire city to ashes..
..I give you 24 hours.
Search him. Finish him off.
If within 24 hours, you don't do justice to Appa Rao..
..then I.. I.. Gotya..
Then I would give you this present.
Present? - Open it and see.
A lock? - Yes, a lock!
If within 24 hours Appa Rao doesn't get justice..
..he will put up a lock at the entire police department.
And after that who will die and how..
..Appa Rao will not keep any account of it.
Mr. Rao, I can understand your feelings, very well.
The police department will help you in every possible way.
But.. you won't take the law in your hands.
Hey, the law has become a toy in the hand.
That is the reason my Janardan departed.
Still Appa Rao gives you 24 hours.
Twenty four hours!
Blood.. will flow like water!
I give you 24 hours!
Come, Mr. Gotya.
Welcome.. come.
Get up. - Why should we? - Didn't I ask you to get up?
But we have the ticket. - Get up.
This is our seat. - Get up.. Get up!
Strange! What bossing around! - Welcome.
Welcome to you too.
Sir, any drinks? - Will take during the interval.
Any other order? - Get the movie started. - Right away, sir.
Look there.
Where will you run?
Where will you escape?
Don't move.
Search for him.
Listen, Inspector Ram..
..till such time you have any evidence on you..
..you cannot do anything to Appa Rao.
Saying anything to someone out of sentimental reasons..
..can prove detrimental to your interests.
Oh, don't play with this ring bearing your name in front of me.
I get irritated by this action of yours.
This ring reminds of the teachings of my elder brother.
He says that when truth doesn't work..
..and untruth can't be tolerated..
..then I should remember him and control my anger.
Police are here but Ram hasn't come. What will we tell them?
Who is it? - Police.
Open the door. - Look..
..the condition of the patient is critical.
Wait for some time.
Doctor, this is Commissioner Pandey.
This is my order.
Open the door or else I will have to break it open.
Just a minute. - What will happen now? - Nothing.
I'll go out and you bolt the door immediately.
Till Ram comes, I'll keep them busy. C'mon.
Doctor, last time.. open the door. - Bolt it, okay?
What do you do, Commissioner?
The treatment is more necessary than your enquiry.
And then this is a hospital room.
Not the chamber of your IG where you can enter at your free will.
I want to look inside where Ram is there or not?
He is in coma. There is no question of his not being in the room.
You are unnecessarily being adamant. - Get aside! To hell with you.
Have you seen my patient's condition?
Doctor. - Yes?
I'm really very sorry for being rude with you. - It's okay.
Hey, where were you? We were almost dead.
Sorry sir.
Couldn't understand why the commissioner..
..was minutely observing on your hand?
He wanted to see whether I'm wearing this ring or not.
Because a similar ring of mine was left back in Gotya's hand.
Good that brother's ring was with me.
Today, brother's ring saved my life.
Lovers! Aha! Lovers have arrived.
They bring the pearl of heart!
The whole world is a pauper!
Only those with a heart are the real rich ones.
This is what even the wise men have said.
Lovers! Aha! Lovers have arrived.
They bring the pearl of heart!
The whole world is a pauper!
Only those with a heart are the real rich ones.
This is what even the wise men have said.
Lovers! Aha! Lovers have arrived.
They bring the pearl of heart!
My beloved is more beautiful than the moon.
She is my life and my love.
My beloved is more beautiful than the moon.
She is my life and my love.
Love cannot be without a beloved.
Beloved cannot be without love.
My beloved is more beautiful than the moon.
She is my life and my love.
If you want to remain happy.
Then ask for love, that is what the wise men have said too.
Lovers! Aha! Lovers have arrived.
They bring the pearl of heart!
When the eyes meet, then only comes peace.
Thousands of flowers of love then blossom.
May the dusk settles in the lanes of beauty.
Take me in your pulsating embrace.
When the eyes meet, then only comes peace.
Thousands of flowers of love then blossom.
It is all a play of the illusion, stay clear from it.
This is what the wise men have said too.
Lovers! Aha! Lovers have arrived.
They bring the pearl of heart!
The whole world is a pauper!
Only those with a heart are the real rich ones.
This is what even the wise men have said.
Two murders, commissioner! Two murders.
Even before the fire of Janardan's pyre could settle down..
..that the pyre of Gotya was lit.
They all are the dons of various areas.
I asked them if they had any old enmity.
They answered in the negative. Then who killed?
Who committed the murders?
Ram Yadav belongs to your department.
Is it that both of your, hand in glove..
What are you talking, Mr. Appa Rao?
Aggrieved by the death of your son and friend, you've even..
..forgotten that you're accusing the Police Commissioner.
Mr. Appa Rao, do you think, I'll support such a man..
..who himself is a murderer?
Mr. Appa Rao, had this been true..
..I wouldn't have gone to the hospital for investigations.
You may not know that Ram is still in coma..
..and hence he has nothing to do with this killing.
But the murders did take place. Who killed both of them?
Who murdered them?
Did he come from the skies or from the netherworld?
Who killed my Janardan?
Who killed my son? Who killed him?
In this darkness, a darkness in your life..
..is not very far, Shetty.
Mr. Commissioner..
..inspector Ram has killed Shetty.
I've recognized him.
If this is true..
..then I myself will arrest him.
Right now!
Salutes, sir. - Where is Ram?
Khan Saab knows that. - Where is Khan?
He is at his residence.
Please come, Mr. Commissioner. Welcome.
Where is Ram?
He resides in the hearts of billions.
Not Lord Ram.. but I'm referring to inspector Ram.
The one who committed so many murders under the cover..
..of being in coma. And one who has been supported and..
..helped by a doctor and respectable citizen like you!?
You call yourself a Mohammedan!?
Being a Mohammedan you lied and supported a lie!?
Not only me, every Mohammedan will speak a lie..
..for his country, that too a hundred times..
..and Allah pardons such lies!
And Mr. Commissioner, by killing accomplices of a person..
..like Appa Rao, Ram committed no crime.
If it was a crime in your eyes..
..then this Khan is equally responsible for that crime.
Secondly, Mr. Commissioner, you very well know..
..that Ram has faced immense injustice.
And your department had totally failed in getting..
..justice to its own officer.
Mr. Commissioner, you must've watched yourself..
..in the mirror numerous times, decked up in this uniform.
But have you ever paid attention to this cap..
..on the which the Ashoka Chakra is made..
..that is our National Emblem!?
The great fortune of wearing it is neither available to our President..
..nor the Prime Minister.
It is available to only officers like you..
..on whose heads lie the responsibility of the nation.
And when this head bows at the feet of some rich fellow..
..not only this patriotic Khan but each and every Indian feels..
..that his nation is bowing down.
Listen, I haven't come to listen to your lecture.
I just want to know where Ram is, at this moment?
You are asking this Khan about where Ram is?
Don't you know that it is Dussehra today?
And today you will find Ram at the place where there is Ravan.
You? Commandos!
It is Dussehra today!
And the day of Dussehra is very inauspicious for a Ravan.
Our first meeting happened on a Dussehra only.
And today it is Dussehra again.
What are you doing? Let go of me!
..centuries have passed by burning mere effigies of Ravan.
While the real evil ones just like Ravan..
..are out at large in the open.
If you want to really celebrate the true spirit of Dussehra..
..the festival denoting victory of good over the evil..
..then such living Ravans would be required to be killed.
Such living Ravans would have to be killed.
Today, it is the turn of this Ram.
No! no.. no.. no!
No! no.. no.. no!
..in the morning itself you had come to know that I'm not in coma.
And it is now that you've come to apprehend me!?
It is because the Ravan is burnt only after the sunset.
And I was waiting for a Ravan to be burnt.
..I am much senior to you in rank..
..but the what you've achieved today.. for it!
Ram, I don't know the sentence meted out to you by the Law.
But I'll wait for you!