Hatsune Miku - Hoshi no Kakera 初音ミク - 星のカケラ 【字幕付き】

Uploaded by Pickleton on 14.09.2012

As sunlight shone through the leaves onto the lake's surface,
I kept thinking.
The painful feelings grow,
And the love inside rises.
The gentle wind brushes my cheeks, snuggles and comforts me.
Gathering the courage to confess my feelings for you, I look up at the sky and begin weaving out a string of words.
On a canvas of red clouds, I miraculously sketch trails of light.
Letting my withheld feelings ride them, I want this message to reach you.
I had a dream that I was walking on a rainbow bridge - a path of hope.
I have gathered shards of the stars shining in the sky, crafted a ring of light with them,
and embedded in the ring a promise of eternity and my wish. I want you to accept my feelings for you.
Please accept my feelings...