Walter's Laugh - The Money Pit (4/9) Movie CLIP (1986) HD

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Hi, this isJulia Child with a tip on making crepes Suzette,
that marvelous flaming dessert that you do at the table.
You need a nice flaming setup. l've got a heat source there.
There's an attractive pan.
ln the pan l have a mixture ofsugar, butter, orangejuice and grated orange peel.
l'm taking a crepe, and l'm bathing it in this mixture--
[ Crackling ] [TV: Child Continues ]
[ Loud Crackling ]
[TV: Child ] l like to use a no-stick pan and heat until water--
[Tiles Breaking ] [ Electricity Crackling ]
[ Blender Whirring ]
[TV: Child Continues ]
...and on goes some nice brandy.
Let it bubble up well, and then dip it intoyour flames--
Ow !
Little problem in the kitchen. Nothing trivial.
Well the ─Ćurkey's done.
So is the kitchen.
Actually, i t's a l i ttle overdone for my taste.
Let's not go there again.
You don't want to tell me what happened ?
l just want to relax in a nice lukewarm bath.
[Walter] l don't think that can hurt us anymore.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing Hysterically]