Parasha Vayelej letalmidei YESHUA (captions can be translated)

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halleluYah blessed is the Name "YESHUA"
Grand is His Name, wonderful in all the earth He is worthy to receive honor
and glory, our King of kings, Lord of lords, our beloved
"YESHUA" who rescued us from the darkness, which has brought us into the Light
which is life for us, He has blessed us all and to lead us,
the good shepherd, I am the good shepherd said "YESHUA"
a Psalm recalls
Yhuh is my Shepherd I shall not want, that's the Pastor
YESHUA our beloved Pastor whom we recognized as our pastor and we
have become one of his sheep, to Him be all the glory and honor and I give a
Welcome to the brother's in the mighty Name of El
I meet with you in the mighty name of "YESHUA" Messiah
and we say welcome to YESHUA, we welcome your Holy Spirit, welcome
come our Master to teach us
at this time, to hear from Him and impart this week's Parsha
called parasha
Deuteronomy 31:1 starts here until the end of Chapter 31 of Deuteronomy
the latest "parashot"
is very short, and this is only one chapter. But YESHUA always has
treasures for us and we are anxious to know what the treasure
bring's that we find
as we read in this
portion, but let us pray
first halleluYah
Thanks, YESHUA for letting us reach this place
thank you for your mercy, for you are a righteous judge, for you
and Judge the nations
and all your judgments are right
as it should be , we invite you, YESHUA
to reveal to us as the righteous judge
to understand your judgments and to invite you,
"YESHUA" to restore the land, to restore our lives, for
to raise up our countries
to a place where they are free of guilt and Lord, where you already have forgiven
and are just, we pray Lord,
at this time that starts putting, yes, Lord in our hearts to bring
Lord, all to
to forgiveness because yours alone is and just
step by step simply, if we just repent. We ask you to
deliver us from all repentance "YESHUA"
because repentance bring's your forgiveness and frees us wonderfully
and so we thank you Lord, deliver your repentance to the nations, to
leaders of nations, to presidents Lord, to the
humble, Lord to bring
All Lord, all need the
precious gift of repentance
Lord to enter, to receive
a wonderful blessing of forgiveness, we pray for our families
for your repentance also bring's, YESHUA us to
have conviction of sin, and repent of our evil ways Lord
and to all those who walk, are walking away from you in your great mercy
You, we thank Lord for the immense and
wonderful sacrifice you made for us for bearing our
burden's, our pains, our sins, for being obedient to the end
until death
that we might be blessed with so great a blessing to enter
this New Covenant we give thank's to you, very much thank's for you, YESHUA and let your Light
Lord shine powerfully in this second Lord, here in Jerusalem and
in all households in each
man of good will who seek your ways, that fear You
"YESHUA", truth seekers "YESHUA", which do not comply with the
lies of this world
if they know that there is in You, a treasure that can free
all mankind, thanks for your light shining to them and make
your light shine through them "YESHUA". "YESHUA" say's in the prophecy,
IN Yerushalaim is salvation like a torch, lights
and all nations shall come to the mountain of the Lord's House
we know that great blessing Lord, comes to Jerusalem
YESHUA, if the blessing of Azusa Street was great, if the blessing of
revival in Toronto was great, if the blessing of revival
Valparaiso was great
then bigger will be the blessing of the great revival that you bring to
Jerusalem that they will learn how
the torch, does not cease, our prayer request in the Shalom of Yerushalayim for
Peace to be within the walls of Yerushalayim
the prince of peace, not to give rest until the Lord establishes
Jerusalem a praise in the earth we ask
you, come
Yerushalaim become a praise in the earth
please we ask you to come YESHUA
and go into the place where we are with you as our Teacher, and our Rabbi, as
our teacher and teach us
about Deuteronomy, portion "Vayelech"
Lord teach us the treasures that you have for us in this time
Through this portion, and we thank you for hearing this prayer
to heed the call of your people and your people request
you to come spend time with us, we sit at your feet Master
listening to your teaching, in the mighty name of YESHUA, Amen.
Beloved haleluYah
"Kavod to you YESHUA"
You know what it mean's, YESHUA'S Kavod,
"Kavod" is translated as glory, "he Kabod YESHUA" means Glory to YESHUA
then we start reading the first verse of chapter 31, says:
"Vayelech Devarim Moshe veyedaver et has been elevated to Israel chol", all, this in
Castilian, is literal
and was Moshe and spoke et
the words of these to
all Israel
the name of the Parsha
and he is
"Going, yelech"
then remember we are at the end of
the book of Deuteronomy, Israel is preparing to cross the Yarden
Moses is finishing the last things they need to do in their life and
giving final instructions to be ready together
the people's
then we will read the first verse again:
And Moshe went and spoke the et words these to
all Israel and said to them
son of a hundred and twenty years am I now
I can no more go out and come in, and Yhuh told me, you will not pass the et Yarden the
Yhuh your God, He will go before you, He will destroy
et the these nations before you, and evict them
he will speak before thee and Yhuh. And make them as Yhuh made Sichon
and Og, kings of the Amorites and their land, destroyed them, and
delivered to you and you shall do to them
according to all the commandment which I sent to you, to not fear and do not be
affrighted before them
Yhuh because your Elohim, He goes with you and
will not leave
and will not abandon you, and called to Moshe and said to him Yehoshea in sight of all Israel
be strong and courageous as you enter the land from the east
the land which he swore to your fathers Yhuh, to give them and you do possess
them, and Yhuh, the one in front of you, which will not leave you
and will not abandon you, fear not
and do not panic. Now, here is giving instructions, Moshe to
Yehosha, but later will be the same Elohim who will speak
to Yehosha
this is found in the book of Yehosha, Joshua called in Castilian, following
Deuteronomy, and that book is (not part of the Tora) chapter 1 verse 7 says: Only
be strong and very courageous to observe to do according to all the Tora
My servant Moses commanded you
do not turn from it to the right or to the left
that you may prosper in all things you learn
never let it depart from your mouth this book of the Tora, but day and
night meditate on it
that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it, because
then you will make your way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good.
the complete message Moshe gives Yehoshea is precisely that
and be brave, to keep the Tora and this message also is
not old for us, but is alive today and each of us
must be strong and brave to keep Tora according to the
Ruach "HaKodesh" and is "YESHUA'S Message" our Master
which leads us to keep the Tora, and especially if one is new and is in
changing us to live a life in conformity
and for the heathen nations, to live a life
holy by the Lord's commandments, then that particular change should
be led by the Lord, so that it is a change that does not destroy
it builds, and when you speak the truth out of time it
can be very harmful to the listener and yourself,
everyone should have some experience in this, when we say things that are
and we are not obeying the direction of our Elohim, so much damage
is caused. Just as when one
says, when one does
to do at a level of
higher communication
then when we do it to teach and impart, we must
do according to how the Lord guide's us, there are things more important than
what we call Tora instructions to bring
change in the life of a person from out of darkness into the light. To do
the commandments of the Lord must be led by the Lord, of course there
most important, compared to some of the other's,
So there are things that the Lord requires us to do now and some that gradually
He will be wanting
He knows the reason, many times if the change is very abrupt
then a home can be destroyed, do you see? Then the Lord is the one who
wants to take control of that because he did not come to destroy
yes, but to build, it is true that through periods have come
enmity between the house's as "YESHUA" said
"YESHUA" himself said that he came to bring
inside a house, the house will be divided and those prophecies
spoke about this division as a struggle, and it is a process and it is something
temporary, and that's what we need to embrace as the truth, for the Lord
makes a judgement, because he is faithful to do it and because is more powerful, the light
than darkness, then here it is crucial to follow the direction of
the Lord
Then the Lord said to be strong and courageous to Yehosha, Yehoshea not sure
exactly what was the old way of pronouncing it but was either Yehoshea
or Yehosha
or may be Yehushea or Yehusha
because the name of the son of Nun, who will lead the son's of Israel
begins with the Yehu (Yhuh)
many names as I said in Hebrew
as NetaniYahu the
Prime Minister in 2011,
in Israel-Yahu Nanani
and this is the name by which the Lord spoke unto the son's of Israel
I say this as a comment to understand that He spoke to the same person
Yehosha-Yehoshea, then at this time we are living in with
so much difficulty, with so many obscurities
the endeavor
to be brave
is a statement that is alive for us today
first, to keep the commandments
in the way's from the Tora of the Lord
and also to shine
to shine the truth and wisdom of the Almighty in our
in these days when the enemy has taken control of the means of
and the truth is scarce
and manipulation of the news continues to try to control our
thoughts and desires, then we need to have courage and be strong
to call
by name what is bad
not start to do
as the media and as does culture
to accept anything
and we will call evil by its name, that which is evil, what is right to do that
the Lord has directed
and has taught us through this Tora and we know what is
correct, it is good
that, what pleases the Lord
and what this world and the press is
teaching, or what the world is teaching, then
we have the wisdom and strength to be strong
and brave to say it's wrong
Dear Brothers
do not change the meaning of words, as this is what this
world is doing
and Beyond. the Scripture says about those who call good evil and evil good
We're almost at the end of the Tora
We have read and progressed through all portions of the Tora
although in some cases we could not cover certain verses because of
time, but we understand the message of the Lord what is bad is bad, what
is prohibited,
what is sin
defined in this book,
and what we have learned with joy
we can not accept
that the press
instead makes the values for us ?? that our Elohim has given us
the Highest
then we are
strong and courageous to say, wrong
I do not agree
no matter the reviews
For the Lord is our shield
but brother, this time is essential to live a life that we keep the
instructions we have read, because here comes the protection that we will
receive from the Lord
Elohim is the protection of the Covenant and the Covenant conditions, if we
keep the commandments and walk in His ways
that go forth, then dear brother I tell you, be strong and
brave to keep, to do according to all the words that
Elohim speak's
Moshe commanded us to keep. and what is wrong now, to
call by it's name, let's call evil, "evil"
we will not accept more
what the press is doing, accepting
atrocities and sins, as if they were good
You and "YESHUA" is all that is necessary to win
we can not lose a battle
if we are under the command of "YESHUA"
I will keep reading Deuteronomy 31 verse 9
Look how beautiful what it says here: And Moshe wrote
"Aleph Tav"
The Tora is to the priests, the Kohanim sons of Levi
the bearers of the Ark of the et Covenant
of Yhuh, and all the elders of Israel, and Moshe commanded them saying
the end of seven years, or at the end of seven years
in the time of the year of release
in feast of tabernacles, when all Israel comes to see ET
face of Yhuh
your Elohim
in the place He choose
"Aleph Tav" the Tora is primarily Israel in their hearing
this verse again reveals
what "YESHUA" the "Aleph Tav"
is Tora
proclaim says "Aleph Tav"
The Tora, the Tora is Him
He is the Word "Davar" and it is wonderful to see here in this commandment
as the Lord Himself
Elohim himself reveals that "Aleph Tav"
is what we proclaim when we read the Tora in front of all Israel
all men must meet in Jerusalem three times a year in
Peshach, the Feast of Weeks, Shavuot and the Feast of Tabernacles-Sukkot
and besides this there is no commandment that says once every
seven years.
rest will be given to the land
called it the year of release, in Hebrew
"Ha Shmitta" "Shnat hashmitá"
that is, there is not to be any planting, the earth will have a break
then at the year ahead, the rest occurring in the land begins
in the seventh month, not from the beginning of the year because they simply
end the harvesting of grapes and olives in the seventh month and this is the month
the Feast of Tabernacles, then once every seven years they
will read the entire Tora that Moshe wrote
here in Jerusalem, to all
the people. the twelfth verse
et the people shall gather, men and women and children, and the stranger that is
within your gates so they can listen and learn and fear Yhuh
your Elohim and hear "Aleph Tav"
all the words of the Tora they
their son unfamiliar shall hear and learn to fear your Elohim, Yhuh
that you live in the land you who are passing the et Yarden
to possess, then saying Moshe; the whole city gathers and
all the people are to listen to the
Tora, this
itself is a revelation, the Tora is instructed to be read once every
seven years in front of the whole city and there are women, children, foreigners
all are all different
social and cultural classes, all the people heard the Tora and this in itself
reveals that the language of the Tora
is simple, brothers
the Tora is not written in a language that only
more educated and intelligent and wise can understand but the Tora
is written in a language that anyone can understand, even children, no
barrier to understanding what the Tora says, it is spiritual not intellectual, there
exists a blindness that is
spiritual that can make a person not understand what it says in the
commandment's, that does not mean the person is bad, because we all have in
part that blindness, or if you want to call it in another way; revelation flows
When the Spirit is given, if it is not
flowing from the
Spirit there is no revelation, the message that Elohim is giving
or through a command through the Tora is going to be understood only in
cases where Elohim himself free's us
through His "Ruach"
revelation for you
Now, you do not have to be big and
adults have a tendency to think that children will not be
able because of this
but that is a mistake
children are better able to understand the message,
Scripture that has come to us as adults
yes, that's the one
the person who has much knowledge, also has the
tendency to think
they need to have much knowledge to understand what it is saying in the
and tend to dismiss the rest of the people, but it is not so, the one with less
the one with the simplest heart, the heart that is humble, which
heart is more like a child, that's the person who may receive more
revelation reading the Scriptures.
worth mentioning is that one of the most important things
to understand Scripture and revelation is
Love. One day the Lord said: Without love you can not receive anything, when one
Love's, seeking relationships one need's to receive
if through the Scriptures, when one reads the Tora, love is essential
What Does love have to dowith it? you may ask, well the love of truth is necessary and
is needed, the love for the truth
without the love of truth one can not receive the relationship, but this is
also on condition for us to love the Elohim of truth, more
than we love truth itself, because one can love truth with
selfish motives.
we have to walk in the path of the Almighty, in the ways of "Elohei Israel"
the Elohim of Israel
to receive His Tora, then we understand that the Tora is written
for simple people, for people who can not
read, because many who gathered to hear the Tora
in the Feast of Tabernacles
could not read even at that time,
then it is made for all to hear and keep the
Another thing this show's,
something I had mentioned in one of the earlier portions is
is a relationship between the Tora and the rest
I personally lived it and I discovered
with reading every weekend a portion of the Tora
doing it,
I saw my life was affected
and greatly blessed
every Shabat when reading the Tora portion
I asked myself, why these?, because there is no
commandment that says you have to read
Tora every Shabat
but one day
I realized that there is a relationship between Shabat
and the Tora and it is precisely in this commandment we read sequencing
in the feast of Tabernacles, in the year
of remission, in the year of rest, in the year-sabbatical shabático Tora
complete here in Jerusalem.
Now how do we keep this commandment?
One thing that is not clear today is what is the year of the
what is the sabbatical
because through the centuries it has been lost
what is the sabbatical year and when does the year of Jubilee come?
there are theories about it, no correct calculations. But the calculations give different things
then, unless the Lord tell's us what is the year of jubilee, which
is the sabbatical year, then we can not know
ask right now, "YESHUA", show us by His mercies
what year is the
sabbatical to fulfill this commandment in the Name of "YESHUA"
Lord we pray and we thank you for that
Verse 14 read's:
And said to Moshe, Yhuh
behold, your days are close to dying, and show yourselves and call Yehoshea
in the Tent of Meeting
and went Moshe
and was bringing Yehoshea
and presented
in front of tent, assembly and Yhuh appeared in the cloud column over tent
and pillar of the cloud stood at the door of the tent and said to Moshe, Yhuh
here you are going to lye with your father's
and the people will rise up and will commit harlotry after other gods
of strange land's where he goes
among them:
and forsake me and break my et covenant which is with him
not that the covenant will be canceled, but will be transferred
and is in the sense
continuous. verse 17: And will burn my anger against them in the day that
and I will forsake them and hide my face from them
and will befall you to destroy you many evils and adversities and will say
on that day
because there is no Elohim of me, within me, came upon me
evils of these?
and hide I, will hide my face in that day
for all the evil he did, with
other gods, and now write for yourselves this ET song and
teach it to the son's of Israel, put it in their mouths to make it for me
the song a testimony against the son's of Israel, when he gave
the land I swore to their fathers, flowing with milk and honey, and to eat, and be satiated,
and sleek, and again turn to other gods, and serve them, and I reject and
et break My Covenant
and will come upon him when many evils and adversities, and will testify the
the song as a testimony against him not to forget from the mouth
their offspring, for I know et
He does plan of him today in ere
before bringing him to the land that I swore and wrote Moshe the
this et song in the day and taught
et Israelites and sent for Yehoshea son of Nun and said, Be strong and
since you shall bring the son's of Israel into the land which I swore to them
and I will be with you and Moshe was afterward finishing writing the et words of
Tora this, in book until to end of them, then commanded Moshe to
Levites carrying the ark of the
covenant of Yhuh saying;
Take et scroll of the Tora and put it beside him Ark of Covenant of Yhuh
your Elohim
and will be there with you to witness
for I know your et rebellion of you et your neck and obstinate
we still alive today are rebellious against Yhuh
then how much more when after my death.
Then Moshe gives a new instruction here, which is for the scroll of the Tora
the Tora scroll, beside the ark of the covenant
and this becomes part of the testimony
Remember? the testimony is the most holy place of the tabernacle of the congregation
and there is the Ark of the Covenant, the Mercy seat which is on the top,
inside the Ark of the Covenant would be the two
Tablets of the Covenant, would be a little scroll
the Lord commanded the son's of Israel save some thing's for the generations to
come, would also be Aaron's rod, and would be the scroll of the Tora
this is the record, these things
show us what the Tora says is true
these things are very important, that will show, is proof that
all you really have told us is true, and that is why in His times watchmen will
bring out again
the Ark of the Covenant, as the Lord has shown to not one, not two people. Many
people have received the knowledge.
The Lord spoke to a brother and told that when the Ark of the Covenant come's to
the coming of the Lord is going to be close, so be prepared too see.
the testimony is seen in some
periods after Israel crossed the Jordan is going to happen, and was lost
at times the scroll of the Tora, and came to pass the
Ark of the Covenant itself would be carried off by the Philistines at some
(future tense)
later time
but despite this, and despite the press
they do not know where the Ark of the Covenant is
the Lord has kept it in a safe place
and brothers have even had the chance to see it
and this was really a witness that everything that was written in the
Tora is true, the Ark of the Covenant is a testimony
also that "YESHUA" our
wonderful Messiah shed His Blood, one day,
and struck it on
the Mercy seat
therefore what is called the witness, testimony is not only of what happened
with Moshe in the desert, but also what happened to YESHUA
Tora commandments are
good, to the greatest commandment, Hear O Israel the Lord your Elohim
is one Lord: and thou shalt Love the Lord thy Elohim with all thy heart and with all your
soul and all your strength and then follow these words and
tell you them today
sitting at home,
when walking on the way,
those spoken to your children,
thou shalt bind them as a
sign in your hands, and put them in between your eyes,
the most important commandment is related to the same
Tora, read it once every seven years
in Jerusalem
put it
next to the ark of the witness, that the King has a Tora scroll and to meditate
on it day and night
understand the Tora is the same YESHUA
because He is the Word, is the Tora, He is "hadavar" in Hebrew
and that's the sign in between the eyes
is the name that are in between those eyes sealed
of course is something spiritual things of the Kingdom are truer than
physical things
I will keep reading verse 28: Gather all my et
all old one's of
your tribes
and your officers and talk to their ears the et words these and
I will testify against them et heaven and et earth, because I know after
My death you will corrupt
and turn from the way that I instructed et you to
and evil will befall you in the days later
you shall do as et evil in the eyes of Yhuh to annoy him by work of
your hands
Moshe,I speak in the ears of all the congregation of Israel et words
of this song until the end
I note her brother it says that Moshe is speaking to the son's
of Israel that certain things will happen after crossing the Yarden and
to be revolting, but there is a prophecy in verse 29
it does not refer to that time, but speaks of the end times
"Achareit ha yamim " it says in Hebrew, reads and evil will befall you
in the later days
or posterity of days, or in the last days
it will do him et Yhuh eyes to annoy him for work
of your hands in the last days
being Recent, in those days the son's of Israel will be
angering the Lord for the work of
their hands do not think of the Jews
in the anterior portion I told you about, kneeling before idols, which
would be one of the reasons why the trial would be in the last
this is something that is virtually absent in Israel itself
in Israel today in the state of Israel today
there, kneeling and prostrating before idols
but remember that Israel is much bigger than just Yehuda
Judah is only one tribe, there
are twelve tribes of Israel, and the tribe that has the blessing of the firstborn is
Efraim, Efraim which are in the nations, scattered and fill
all nations
Jews have been more visible over the centuries and that is why it has
been easier
to pursue the them, but has not been pursued Efraim.
Just as Judah, because nobody knows where Efraim is except the Lord and
because Efraim is everywhere
as prophesied by Yaacov
kneeling and bowing before statues is something done
especially outside the land of Israel, if you want me to tell in other
of Israel is today
of Israel, the eretz ( land )
if there are 18 million Jews around the world
and Judah is a tribe
or two tribes
plus some Levites
the ten tribes of Israel that are scattered throughout the nations
must be billions brother's, Ephraim means fruitful,
Tribe's with more people
Ephraim has always been
most of Israel and is outside of Israel, and Judah has returned to the land as
at first because the Lord has always decided, he always sends Judah first.
Moshe that wrote this song, which is part of the next portion is
a witness
against the son's of Israel, this is primarily the home of Ephraim that
are in the nations
some have misunderstood about the house of Judah is that it can not
kneel before idols, "YESHUA" Continue's teaching each
one of us
and revealing more about this
one of the most important things which is why
Elohim shows us these things is to pray and intercede for others
so have mercy "YESHUA" and with that we end this short parasha,
portion, giving glory to "YESHUA"
Thanks, Father
thanks "Aben"
our beloved
for teaching us about your wonderful Tora
Thanks for joining us, we thank you Lord for all instruction
the testimony that we have read and commandments and every relationship that we have
at this time and that you will continue to give to each of your
disciples, "YESHUA" we ask,
Father to lift our heart's as intercessor in each of us
to intercede for your people, the people you have chosen "YESHUA"
Lord do you not be angry with the work of his hands Lord, prostrating
to pictures or statues, we ask the Lord to open the eyes of your people
Lord, to the house of Israel. until you complete Lord, the work Lord in
Their heart's and becomes to
You Lord from all the nations, all around the world, and have a remnant
YESHUA, the remnant, yours Lord, that they move forward
obey your commandments
yours in the mighty name "YESHUA", we pray "YESHUA"
sensitive to give all your loved one's and son's, "YESHUA" to understand about
your ways Lord
to do your will "YESHUA" and to follow the Lamb wherever
He goes you are our Lamb "YESHUA" thanks
for all you have given us
Bless each of your son's and daughter's on this Shabat, give to them to be in more unity, more of
Your "Ruach", more of the truth, more of your presence, your wisdom from
you "YESHUA" we
thank you for hearing this prayer
In the mighty name of "YESHUA" Messiah
and now with the blessing I bless you brother's
with the same Blessing as Elohim blessed the son's of Israel
"Ebarechecha YESHUA veYishmerecha"
"Yaher YESHUA PANAV alecha ve yechunekha"
"Yisa YESHUA PANAV alecha, ve yechunekha"
"ve Yasem lecha Shalom"
"ve ani sam"
"Shem shel YESHUA HaMeshiach alecha"
the Lord "YESHUA" bless
and keep you that "YESHUA" to shine
His face upon you and be gracious to you
"YESHUA" lift up his countenance upon you and the Shalom and I put the name
"YESHUA" on you
in the name of "YESHUA"
"le Israel"
Peace be upon Israel
amen and amen