DIY Chalkboard Coffee Mug |

Uploaded by ModernGreetings on 13.06.2012

I'm Kadie from
Father's Day is around
the corner, and if you're busy
like me you need something quick and thoughtful.
So, today, we're making this.
We're gonna make a chalkboard coffee mug.
It's a great idea for Father's Day.
It's quick, it's easy and it's only $10.
Here's what you'll need.
First, you'll need a plain white or beige coffee mug.
Painter's tape, A can of
green or black chalkboard, spray paint, and don't forget your chalk.
First, let's start by taping off our mug.
We're gonna tape a square area
off on the front of our mug.
Go ahead and tape the
remaining part so that the spray paint doesn't get on the back.
Step number two, let's spray paint our mugs.
Hold the can 10 to 14 inches away.
Use long sweeping motions to cover the area completely.
The chalkboard spray paint requires two coats to work properly.Step
number three: Let your mug dry.
When it's dry to the
touch, or after ten minutes, go ahead and
remove the tape slowly.
This prevents chipping when
it is completely dry.
Step number four:
let the mug sit for 24 hours before use.
Let's add the finishing touches to our mug.
Use your chalk to write a
special message for dad, tie a little
twine bow, and put
in a sample pack of
his favorite flavor of coffee.
There you have it!
A quick and thoughtful gift for dad.
Happy Father's Day from