Why You Should Watch 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' (Captioned)

Uploaded by JuukaRock on 22.06.2011

Now, since you can all see the logo, I'm pretty sure you're all thinking the same thing right now.
Is a 19 year-old male seriously seriously about to present to you about ponies?
And I am here to tell you...
I am 100 percent serious when I tell you that 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is worth your time, regardless of your age or gender.
Because I guarantee that after watching a few episodes, eventually...
[quietly] C'mon.
And of course it doesn't want to work.
FLUTTERSHY: You're...going to LOVE ME!
Now to put it quite simply, you watch TV for many different reasons.
Maybe it's because they want to appreciate hard work and effort,
or they want some fun and entertainment,
or they want to spend time with their relatives without having to feel like their brain is turning to mush.
'My Little Pony' not only satisfies all these needs,
it does so mainly because you have an incredible team working behind it, making sure that they can target people besides their primary audience.
Lauren Faust, the executive producer of 'Friendship is Magic' had this to say when she--when she first took the job.
She instantly assumed that everyb--that people were going to criticize the show, without even having watched it, to be completely girly, or for babies, or just a corporate commercial for the 'My Little Pony' toys.
In actuality, she said that if you watch it with an open mind, you should be surprised if she is doing her job right.
And man, was I surprised.
I could not have possibly expected that the presentation of the show would be so...wonderful, and everything,
in the sense that it would have stellar audio and visual,
And then, beau--like-- really well-crafted scripting for both the characters and the stories.
So to begin with...
...I hate technology.
Okay, so,
First thing you normally think of when it--
When you think of a girl's cartoon is essentially an overabundance of pink.
Essentially, it's just pink assaulting your eyes, non-stop, constantly, over-and-over-and-over again.
Well, 'Friendship is Magic' has thi-- has this to say.
Instead, you're presented with more scenery that is... more gender-neutral to be honest.
For example, you have this tree-in-a-house.
...Or, house-in-a-tree, either way.
Anyway, either way it fits any kind of, like this kind of look can be in any kind of fantastical setting that makes it really...not...apparent that it is from a girl's cartoon.
You also have cooler places like Cloudsdale, which contains...pretty much, uh, clouds.
You have castles made up of clouds, dripping with rainbows of awesome.
And then you also have creepier places that you normally wouldn't expect in a girl's cartoon,
such as the Everfree Forest, which contains many perils for the ponies,
such as giant beasts, like dragons and manticores and stuff like that.
Which they do actually get into battles with.
Next thing about girl's cartoons, or just children's cartoons in general nowadays, is that presentation is really lazy.
The animation is-- often, contains a lot of still frames and not much movement.
Well, here's what 'Friendship is Magic' gives you.
So essentially you can see there's a lot of dynamic movement, lots of action sequences and is really just well-animated altogether.
Then you have the audio.
Now, I can't show you any of the sound effects or music, but I have to tell you they are meticulously crafted.
You also have a-- You also have wonderful, se--
highly-seasoned voice actors, pretty much coming in and really bringing life to each character with how they exemplify their emotions and character traits.
Here's one of my favourite scenes.
RAINBOW DASH: So now that you know the elements of a good cheer, let's hear one!
RAINBOW DASH: Ugh. You're going to cheer for me like that?
FLUTTERSHY: [Long Intake]
Which now brings me to my next point, the scripting.
The characters are easily one of the best, thoughtful things of the story.
You have--You have a cast of six main characters who are not just brain-dead bimbos worrying about fashion and boys all the time.
What you are instead given is...
The studious Twilight Sparkle,
hyperactive Pinkie Pie,
hardworking Applejack,
artistic Rarity,
brave n'bold Rainbow Dash,
and timid Fluttershy, my personal favourite.
So, all you have--
So, what you are given is a huge, uh, beautiful, diverse cast of characters that relate with each other in many different ways you wouldn't normally expect.
I just showed you how the timid one interacts with the brave one.
And they also ha--go through many different situations that you also wouldn't normally expect in a children's cartoon,
such as, as you all saw in the beginning of the presentation, the timid one having a ment--mental breakdown.
You also have--tch [gibberish]
These kinds of characters make you care about their stories, such as...
overworking yourself to the point of absolute exhaustion.
Or, maybe, dealing with pompous show-offs and bullies without becoming as bad as they are.
They go through purposeful and meaningful things,
and they do it in a way that includes a style of humour that is generally appreciable by any audience.
And occasionally, they throw in the occasional pop reference.
PINKIE PIE: ♫Equestria Girls, we're kinda magical♫
So all-in-all, you have a wonderfully presented show, combined with wonder--meticulously crafted scripting and characters that just,
really make everything come off the pa--
Come out of the screen.
If you want to take a look at it, the entire series is up on YouTube.
If you have TreehouseTV, you can also watch it on there.
Ah, Monday-Wednesday-Friday at...6, I believe.
And, all-in-all, 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' is a great show that is one of the best shows in recent years.
And, in the end, the only people who can really hate these ponies are the ones who never wanted to give them a chance�