► PS #11 - change/light up the hair color - cambiare/schiarire i capelli con Photoshop (ENG sub)

Uploaded by DigitalMakeup on 19.12.2011

Subtitles by Ovidius(YT: TheUnchainedMind)
Yess, I've had a bit of social life !
At a certain event...although even going to the library counts as an event lately.
I met up with my friends from KRAMPUS, and if you don't know the band then you're awful people.
We celebrated their finally getting a record deal and starting along the path to success and awesomeness.
I'm so happy for them.
On a whim I decided to dye my hair red but first I used Photoshop to ensure that it wouldn't look shitty
and had my friends give me the green light.
I planned on making a video about it but it slipped my mind until yesterday one of the band members,
whose name I won't mention because of how shameful it is, asked me how I thought he would look blonde.
Anyways, I tested it in Photoshop and he still looks hot...regretfully.
Anyways, this reminded me of the video I was supposed to make.
Changing hair color can be done the same as with the eyes, by adding a color layer on top of it. (See link)
It is, however, harder to go from a darker to a lighter color, which may also apply IRL, not sure.
So, I took a picture of Amy Lee who, if you don't know, you're even worse people than before,
and let us see how to use this cool new tool that I started using recently.
Grab the layer, drag it to the duplicate icon and rename it by double clicking.
Click on the third icon in the layer window, which is a mask.
The mask will appear as a white rectangle on the layer.
In order to use it select the black paint bucket and click on the picture, which will turn the rectangle black.
If you turn the underlying layer invisible, you'll see the image disappear.
Basically the mask works by hiding whatever is marked as black and showing that which is white.
So, by selecting the mask and using a white paint brush, you can reveal whichever parts of the image you want.
Thanks to this elementary method you can easily select the hair. Use the layer beneath as guide and then hide it.
The convenient thing about this method is that even if you mess up you can just use some black to fix it.
Brushes with faded edges and a lower opacity are ideal for working on the outline.
I'm doing a pretty rough job now. Lower the opacity a bit...

Photoshop CS5 has a dedicated hair-selecting tool, but this will do just fine. Once the selection is good enough
make the underlying layer visible again, in order to see the whole picture.
Now, instead of clicking on the the mask select the whole layer.
In order to change the color by lightening it up go to Adjustments / Selective Color.
Select "Neutrals" from the drop-down menu and then turn the black down as much as you see fit.
You can do the same with the other colors to obtain your desired result.
Rasing the yellow in this case will make the hair...well...green.
Usually, to change the color, I use Adjustments / Variations to add the colors I want step by step.
Using Variations, Selective Color or, if you prefer, Curves (Ctrl+m) you can adjust the highlights/lowlights.
Furthermore, by changing the opacity of the top layer you get a whole array of shades to choose from.
If you're really looking to give the picture a good digital makeup and aren't just curious to see how you'd look
you can use a white brush with low opacity to remove any imperfections from the mask.
In the case at hand I don't want the hairline to be too dark, so I've moved it down a bit.
If need be the picture can further be retouched in a thousand different ways on new layers.
This is roughly what you need.
Yet another way to change the color is through Adjustments / Hue/Saturation.
Keep in mind that the further from the original shade, the more work will be required on the hairline,
since the difference becomes more blatant.
Don't be a dummy like me and always forget to select the mask and not the layer.
While the color changes we've made may work for the hair, if we take a white brush and erase part of the mask
we'll see that the colors are pretty messed up...horible.
Well, that's me done for the day and I've even managed to keep it under ten minutes, amazing.
I hope this turns out useful to you when trying to decide whether to dye your hair or not.
I'll leave you to your things and go now because...
...because I'm making a present for a friend of mine, and he doesn't know it, haha ! Bye !