Shooting Guard in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Shooting Guard: Following Shots

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hi. This is Sean Hobson, and right now, we're working with our shooting guards. One thing
we want to concentrate on right here is: once a shooting guard shoots the ball, there's
nobody on the floor better that knows where his ball is going other than the shooting
guard. He knows how he shoots. He knows whether, when he released the ball, it went off to
the right side or it went off to the left side. Maybe he knows when he shot it that
he left it a little bit short. Or maybe he knows when he shot it that he overshot it.
So what we really want our shooting guards to do is to always follow their shot. More
times than not, you see a guy and he'll shoot the ball and then he's going to spin back,
and he's going to fade back. And then, if he misses it, which I don't do very often,
when he misses it, then they've already spun back out of the offense, and they can't get
the rebound. So what we really want our shooting guards to do is we want them to be able to
shoot the ball and follow their shot, so that when they do miss it, which Blake doesn't
do very often, then they can get the offensive rebound. So, here we go. Here's what it looks
like when they follow their shot. Go get it. Good. You can see that Blake knew right away,
when he released it, he knew that he shot it off to the right side. He went to the right
side, and he was able to get the rebound before the defender could get there. If you're good
at judging your shots, you'll be a good rebounder. And that's going to give your offense an extra
shot, offensively.