sejong 2.2 - Queen Soheon's coronation (ep 44; with English subtitles)

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(Queen Soheon)
Lady Ahn! (Queen Soheon's mother)
Your Majesty
Now, you are the mother of current queen.
I beg you to look after Her Majesty.
(Queen Soheon's entire family is demoted to the lowest caste)
(Queen Wong-gyeong, Taejong's wife. All of her brothers were executed by Taejong)
(Ex-king Taejong)
(Forgive us, Lord Shim, for being unable to protect you.)
(I must beg forgiveness. I wanted to walk difficult road together)
(But I must run away first.)
(I must go without even serving His Majesty,)
(But I hope you serve as His Majesty's loyal servant at his side for long, long time)
Prime Minister Shim On was executed on December 23, 1418.
(Taejong:) Give the queen a grand ceremony for official coronation.
Your Majesty, these are newly installed consorts and concubines.
I grant the title of "Gongbi" to Lady Shim of Cheong-song clan and officially install her as the Queen
I order all the ministers to pay her respects