Crackòvia: José & Pep [subtítulos español] [English subtitles]

Uploaded by Kewban on 13.03.2012

"Hello. We're two alike coaches." "Well, alike..."
"We have the same name." "José, Josep."
"Both are coaches." "Both want to win."
"Both worked together at Barça." "Both have won two Champions League titles."
"But you have one I'd have been embarrassed to win.
Both complain about the referees." "If I ever have done it, I apoligize to the club."
"There're coaches who look like perfect because they let others speak on behalf of them." "Ah, you're talking about yourself and Karanka!"
"And there're coaches who are smarter because they know how to hide their faults, but they're just like me." "Thanks for saying I'm smarter."
"And there're coaches who are like me but they don't get banned for talking. Why? Why? Huh, why? Why? Why? Why? Huh, why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?"
"I'm peaceful, but not stupid. And do you know why we're not alike?
Because, when I lose, I congratulate my opponent, I don't poke my finger in someone's eye, or wait for the referee in the car park, or draw up a list of mistakes, or say 'Why? Why?'"
JOSÉ AND PEP maybe alike but not the same
"Ah! Saying 'There're coaches that' instead of my name is tiring".