Pleung see rong (Eng sub) Ep.10[1/9]

Uploaded by Chtite0Aya on 09.01.2010

Wake up!
Please wait outside.
Khun Mai, khun Rot!
Hurry up!
How is p’Kat?
She didn’t take the pills and kill herself.
But she scratches herself and would die all the same.
But now she’s fine.
She’s in khun Tin’s care.
They are both together…
Good, so we can tell them that Jomkwan...
It’s Sinuan.
Kwan got hurt!
Hurry and come!
What’s wrong?
Kwan got harmed.
She’s between life and death!
I’m going to kill him!
Going to see Jomkwan is more important than killing that worthless man!
Khun Mai!
What is this?
What with all of you? Going back and forth every day like this…
Khun Tin!
Don’t abandon me!
Don’t abandon me!
Khun Kat, let her bandage you.
Get away!
Khun Kat, let her bandage you.
I will only let you do it!
Get out! I said get out!
I’m leaving!
Then, let’s go to the hospital.
Will you take me there?
What happened to Honey?
How could this happen to her?
It’s not a bad thing.
You should be happy.
Forgive her.
And tell her to come back asap.
Think of it, our child will have a friend to play with.
It’s a good thing.
You’re right.
Thank you for reminding me.
I’ve done enough wrong to her.
It will be a good chance for me to do something good for her.
P… Hold on!
You’ll be fine!
Don’t tell him.
Don’t tell him.
You can go and get the medicine there.
Thank you.
Why are you looking at me like this?
Or… No!
It’s not true, right?
Why do you keep quiet?
Why aren’t you saying anything?
Why don’t you tell me the truth?
Calm down.
Calm down.
What happened to my child?
Be calm and listen to me.
From what I’ve said…
It’s late, have some rest.
Thank you, for taking me to the hospital.
Khun Tin,
Do you still think of that girl?
I don’t want to talk about her.
Sorry, for making you upset.
I shouldn’t have told you about her threatening me.
It ended.
Let’s not talk of it.
Ended? How?
You… met her already?
Please excuse me.
Thank you, for giving me support.
I’m sorry that all these bad stuff happened to you.
We will take care of you.
I think it is time for you to accept someone’s apology.
What are you saying?
I’m trying to soften you.
There’s someone who’s sorry for what he’s done to you.
He wants to apologize, and to look after you.
Who are speaking of?
Khun... khun Thinit.
Khun Thinit?
No, Sinuan!
I will never meet him!