Stuff Phil Likes 8-24-11

Uploaded by sxephil on 24.08.2011


Hello Nation!
Welcome to the first ever Stuff Phil Likes
playlist thing of the day
if you're familiar, yeah
everyone is, this is the first time we've ever done it
so um the Stuff Phil Likes is something
we used to do on the show
I thought I'd do it in playlist form
and show you just videos from the day that I liked
as a way for you to find
random cool content from the day
possibly people that you might watch in the future
things and stuff, but yeah
just an easy way to waste time on the web
without having to search
so after you're done today come back
to this video let us know what your favorite videos
were or if you hated or just anything
because this is a fun little test
and we'd love some feedback
I know I would, Matt would personally hate feedback
I'm a big fan
but that's just because I'm not racist
um I'm going to go and uh
breathe heavily into someone elses microphone