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Yesterday, Divya, today, Manjula.
She is a movie actress.
How about her Guru?
Yes, give it here.
Super bird, fix her,
What is it?
People of Bangalore are terrified of...
the daylight murders, Guru...
We have shed fear, and on roads upright when...
we cut Ramappa into pieces.
All the petty rowdies will be working under me.
During my 30 years of service...
I havenít lost a case even in my dream.
I was the God of Criminals, who gave ideas to them.
I was nightmare for the opponent lawyers.
where are you..idiot?
Argue that justice is injustice.
Prove the truth to be lie and...
lie as truth.
Only then will you be fit a to be my disciples
My disciple is against me.
He wants to finish me off.
Tomorrow at 12, my disciple wants to cut me into pieces.
He has just sprouted today.
Does he think that Bangalore belongs to his sister or his mother?
Yeah, pour it.
Dada I want to finish him off.
If you shout for no reason, your BP will rise.
Am I not the backbone of all your dirty jobs?
Kill Manja in the morning.
Kill him.
Only thing is to go ahead when signal is received.
You will never argue on behalf of me in the court.
Who is going to argue on behalf of me?
Every Kannadiga who quenched his thirst with Cauveri knows it.
Masti re Masti
Masti re Masti
Son of Cauveri
I have come saluting
Son of Cauveri
I have come saluting
According to the plan hatched by you...
the layout Manja along with Maddur Manjula will be...
near Basaveshwara nagar police station within 5 minutes.
You know the rest, you only make a deal.
Is he going near Basaveshwara nagar police station?
I will take care of him.
Chakri, keep this in dash board.
OK Brother.
I wanted to tell aunt to cancel the shooting.
Call her from this mobile.
No, not from mobile, aunt will come to know about this number.
Chakri, stop the car at a STD booth.
Who all are there in the car?
Along with Manja, only Chakri is there.
You have been taking me around for a while.
Where is the dead Body, Sir?
Within 5 minutes, it will drop, move now.
Lion will roar in the forest and also in a cage.
The cage requires a lock.
Ramappaís body doesnít need one.
Now, open my handcuffs.
The one who is courageous is called Brave heart.
I have two.
Arrange some water to wash the blood of that Rascal.
You honour, this accused by name Byadarahalli Ramappa.
Has murdered a rowdy by name Manja at...
12 noon on the street of Basaveshwar nagar.
I request you pass tough punishment order to...
the man, who has created fear among the public.
As an accused, do you have anything to tell the court?
Or, have you appointed a lawyer to plead on behalf of You?
Excuse me, Your Honour.
I request you to permit me to...
plead on behalf of my client Ramappa.
You can proceed, Mr. Surya.
The accused Ramappa was arrested by the police on...
Wednesday at 12, while murdering.
Is there anything to plead, you honour?
There is, you Honour.
On Wednesday at 9 am, my client, to get a house vacated...
kidnapped and kept the child with him till 4 pm and...
The evidence to prove this..
You honour, this is all built up story.
Whatever he is telling is all lies.
Hello, Inspector.
This is the case acknowledgement paper sent by your own department...
not the Corporation Water Bill.
You honour, I request you to verify this.
Exhibit No1 Sitadevi, Vidya.
Sitadevi, Vidya.
Sitadevi, Vidya.
Sitadevi, Vidya.
I shall tell the truth. -Not anything other than truth.
Not anything other than truth.
What is your name?
What is your name, child?
I didnít ask you, you tell my child.
Uncle, my name is Vidya.
Child, do you know the man, who is behind that witness box?
Yes, he took me in the morning...
bought me chocolates and...
sent me back to my home in the evening.
Yes, my Lord.
He is the man who kidnapped my child at 9 am.
He threatened to kill my child.
If I donít vacate his house then...
I filed a complaint in...
the Jayanagar Police Station.
Unharmed, he brought back my child.
You honour...
for the lure of money, Sitadevi is lying.
Objection, you honour.
Even after going through the acknowledgement given by...
the police and the statements of my evidences...
The Prosecutor, is arguing in vain for no reason.
Noting the point that...
There is no relation between the murder of Manja and my client...
I request you to release my client.
Thatís all, Your Honour.
The court declares Byadarahalli Ramappa as innocent and...
orders his release
It also orders the police department to...
investigate the murder of Manja alias Layout Manja, seriously.
Elders say that you can utter hundred lies to To arrange one wedding.
You saved my husbandís life, who had lost his kidneys.
You like a God showed us a way for our directionless lives.
I and my daughter...
will be indebted to you till our last breath, sir.
Why do you talk like that?
God decides the events to happen in everybodyís life.
And those happen.
I have remitted two lakh rupees to the hospital authorities.
If you need more money, call me.
Uncle, donít you think you committed mistake?
You made us to lie?
I donít know, whether it is good or bad, my child.
This tells me, this hears it, and this does it.
Leave me Why have you tied me like this?
That unfaithful Dog... Manja...
Sketched the grave for the Guru who...
trained him for the business.
I didnít leave him. Cut him into pieces.
He forgot, that everything begins and ends with woman.
And kissed the death.
I acted according to your plan.
Still why have you tied me?
Leave me, please leave me.
for the sake of money, you were ready to kill Manja.
What guarantee is that you will not do the same thing to me?
Sending you also to the place of Manja is correct.
She is not the one who should go the place of Yama.
Who was that?
This is not the court and...
There is no section.
Before I cut you into pieces Go away from Ramappaís den.
The rising Sun gives light but...
This Surya, will bring the death.
In Suryaís court, there is one section for...
all punishments.
Dada, you got him released yesterday but...
someone paid his balance by...
killing and sending him to hell through courier.
Dada, give me Venkatashetty case file.
It is time for the court.
did you see the newspaper?
Someone has murdered Ramappa.
Who according to you has done this?
Even the child who is born with itís head down...
Wishes to live upright on this earth.
Someone who wants to be more upright over this man...
Must have killed him.
Dada... - Yes.
my duty is to fight honestly
The cases Given by you, is the only duty of mine
Since he wins all the cases, he is very arrogant.
You are the best example of the saying...
''Foul talk destroys a house and the hole in the kitchen kiln destroys cooking.''
Shut up and attend the cases.
You scoundrels.
You occupy the empty plots...
give birth to children and put a name plate...
create false documents and try to make them legal.
This land doesnít belong to your father but to my father.
It is you, who has created the false documents and not us.
We are living here since our birth and will live here till our death.
Look at the these authority letters given by the government.
The very government has given me the right to kill you.
If you think you can fight with me...
I wonít give you 24 hours time.
Within twelve hours all of you should vacate the slum.
If not, I will burn all of you into ashes, Beware.
All of you are enjoying the scene or what?
Sir, come out and have look at what has happened to the poor...
and celebrate by consuming milk.
Who are you? Whatís this all fuss about?
Pandian shouted and asked us to vacate the camp.
My brother raised his voice against him.
He was stabbed to death in the presence everyone.
Canít we have security?
Is there no end for our call?
302, send the body for post mortem.
Send the blade to finger print specialists and collect the report.
Okay, sir.
What is your name?
My name is Cauvery
What were you doing when he was being murdered?
I was at home.
So, you are not an eye witness?
Those who have seen must give evidence in the court.
Who is going to do that?
You all shout and create fuss.
But when asked to give evidence in the court...
You all run away.
Do you think, for the people like you...
we should provide security?
You come inside, and...
file a complaint on Slum Pandian.
You have become plump but...
your intelligence is crude.
If you ask me to do something...
After murdering, what can be done?
Had you come before...
I would have given idea which...
which would make even Police, clueless.
Dada fix the fees, and make me to come out of this.
I will pay you as much money as you want.
Why have you come?
We wanted to arrest Pandian...
on the murder count.
Arrest him.
donít get scared.
These police have powers only to arrest and take you to the court
Black coats are there to create new story and secure you from them.
Muruga, hand over eight lakhs to Dada.
I take your leave Dada. - Donít worry, go.
You honour, this man by name Pandian, threatened the poor...
With the purpose of grabbing the land which should belong to them...
and killed an Innocent man.
considering the statements of victimís sister & the police...
I request you to punish the accused Pandian rigorously.
Thatís all you honour.
Objection, you honour.
Permit me to ask two questions to the victimís sister.
Permission granted.
Cauvery, Cauvery, Cauvery...
Whatís your name?
In what way the victim is related to you?
I am his younger sister.
Did you see Pandian committing the crime with your own eyes?
You can go now.
Permit me to interrogate the concerned Police Officer, you honour.
Who gave you the complaint?
Victimís sister Cauvery Sir.
Who all were with her at that time?
Slum dwellers.
Where did you see the murdered body?
When the victimís sister along with slum dwellers filed a complaint with us.
Did any slum dweller gave a statement as a witness or...
anyone other than them has given evidence?
No one has given statement as evidence.
You can go now.
I request that the post mortem and finger print reports...
must be presented before the court.
Permission granted.
This is the victimís post mortem report and...
this is the finger print report.
This is the Pandianís finger report file.
The finger prints on the blade used for the murder...
and the Pandianís finger prints do not match.
You honour...
Since Pandian has not committed the crime...
How can his finger prints match with that one on the blade?
In the absence of eye witness...
Victimís sisterís statement canít be considered.
This is the drama enacted by the slum dwellers...
So that, they can keep the land for themselves.
It is not a right thing to accuse respected person of the society.
Since, there are no evidences & proofs...
I request you to release my client.
After going through statements and evidences...
The court orders the release of innocent Pandian.
Sir, Surya sir... -What?
How is it that the blade used for the murder is there itself?
But how did those finger rints have changed?
Keep this blade used by you to murder.
How is it possible?
Nothing is impossible.
You beggars, come out.
You rascals!
The law itself has kept the one which I wipe and throw as alms...
and you all file a complaint against me with that Cauvery in the forefront?
Is she that holy Coorgís Cauvery who washes the sins?
I shall cut her into pieces.
This is the last day of your evil life.
Surya, what is this?
the blood of these poor people is not Cauvery riverís water...
Which is sold for a price.
Or your footwear is not made of their skin
You must be skinned
Even though you know about Pandian...
You are committing a mistake, Surya.
I will eradicate...
all those evils of Pandian haunting the earth.
No... No.
I will leave.
You raise your heads and...
salute the national flag on the Independence Day.
But if you donít stop bowing before such goondas & criminals...
Such Pandians will always be born.
If you want a lead a courageous life.
Donít kill me Surya.
Rising Sun gives light...
But this Surya...
Take it brother.
We committed sins for the sake of money and liquor of Pandian.
God sent Don to save slum dwellers.
Don destroyed Pandian.
Get up. Make way for us.
We are drinking to celebrate Pandianís death, brother.
Brother, you also.
Nobody is either respecting nor, Following the independence brought by Gandhi
If the girl is walking on the road at midnight...
you find biting dogs.
Beware, go back to your home safely.
Sun doesnít know Sunday, Monday. He goes on with his job.
Today is Court Holiday.
Hey, See there, hot Coffee is ready.
Surya, thanks.
The man who would whistle and make us get up.
Today, his idea of leaving a chit and...
asking us to take bath is a good idea.
Today is Sunday, is he observing silence today?
Come have coffee quickly, let us have a quick shower.
Hot Water!
Look at those towels.
He has put toothpaste on brushes.
Look at that chit.
Breakfast is ready. Come fast.
Bath quickly.
Why these guys are shouting like this?
They wonít even allow me to have good sleep on Sunday.
Hey, why were you shouting?
Why did you come here?
I asked you to go to your home not ours.
I had lost my parents and they killed my brother.
They even tried to kill me because...
I filed a complaint against Pandian.
Had you not saved me...
I would have lost my honour and life.
Ok, Ok, Donít cry.
I will send you to the place of your wish.
Give me a job and place to live.
What? Job!
This is a bachelors place and there is no place for a girl.
You shouldnít live here.
So, you donít believe in yourself?
What, are you trying to tease?
I agree that this is a bachelors house.
But, if the bachelors can protect their bachelorhood...
Keeping the girl in their house, then they are real bachelors.
Why, are we not bachelors?
Do you challenge us in our house?
Anyway, we donít have a maid servant.
If she is there, it will help us.
Agree with her, Guru.
Okay but you shouldnít poke your nose in matters...
other than your work.
Look. -What?
The water is hot, have your bath quickly.
I will prepare the breakfast.
Sayi, where have you kept my shirt?
What's the fuss about?
Oh God!
Hey Sayi...
Where have all of you gone?
Are you here? Wait, I shall come.
We appointed you to work and...
not to make everyone slip and fall.
I wanted to clean the house with soap
It was very dirty,
Why have you worn this cloth...
While working?
This is worn while arguing in the court...
Not the nighty worn while going to bed.
I washed my clothes.
I havenít had spare pair, so...
You take off that gown.
If I remove this gown, I will be nude.
Okay, along with providing you with a job...
do you think we should buy cloth also?
Come, letís go.
Unknowingly I committed a mistake.
I shall adjust with what all clothes I have.
I donít want to bother you.
Did I say that, you are bothering me?
Buy anything you want.
Once upon a time there were Rathi & Manmatha
This pair is Kaliyugís Rathi & Manamatha.
Ohoo, what a lovely pair!
Our Surya has surrendered.
The bachelor surrendered...
To the Godess of love.
Yes, Rama is speaking, what is it?
If he agrees leave him...
Otherwise cut his legs or hands.
Greetings, Sir.
Come in.
He is cat Rama, about whom...
I told you near the court.
A man can have two wives.
But a woman shouldnít have two husbands.
Oh!, Is it a Divorce case?
I wonít handle such cases.
Itís not divorce, enemy has to be killed.
Secure the release of Madigudi on bail, who is now in Jail.
Two rowdies must not work in the same area.
When he comes out of jail, I shall cut him into pieces.
So you have designed a sketch, to first help him get bail...
and then cut him to pieces
Good. Interesting.
I am hearing about such type of case for the first time.
I donít care about the expenses to be incurred to...
kill Madigudi.
This is advance.
You are finished.
I will get the bail for him.
You be prepared with the plan.
Ok, we take leave of you.
What do you think?
Surya will secure the release of Madigudi?
Lawyer Surya has never lost a case.
Ultimately, I should kill Madigudi.
Dada, I am speaking from Suryaís home.
You always praised him lavishly.
You proclaimed him to be the heir apparent of your empire.
Now the same man is bringing down your empire...
And a bad name for it.
Tell me straight, what do you mean?
He is taking up the cases without your consultation.
He has agreed with cat Rama...
To secure the release of Madigudi.
Henceforth all the rowdies will leave you...
And live under the shadow of Surya.
You reign is over.
Harish, follow Surya.
Keep me informed about his activities.
Madigudi has come out and is on the street now.
Cat Rama, your bad time has started from today.
Since I was there inside...
You did what you want.
I wonít leave you today.
Dada, Surya secured the release of Madigudi...
Is it?
Follow him.
Follow him.
I want to cut him into pieces today.
Donít make noises
It wasnít your father who got you the bail.
Dada, Madigudi has been murdered in the midst of the road.
Dada, Cat Rama was killed by the Police in an encounter.
Whatís going on in Bangalore?
Why these men are fighting amongst themselves and dying?
Who is behind these murders?
Thanks Surya. Thank you very much.
Why thanks Sir?
You got bail for one criminal and...
made another kill him.
Please sit.
By giving the information about the murderer so that we could shoot him...
you helped not only our department but also the society.
East, West, North and South.
But there, criminals are dying.
What guarantee is there, that they will not be against you, Someday?
Even the death is scared of us.
Under such circumstances, who is going to kill us?
Who gave the idea to kill Layout Manja and destroy Byadarahalli Ramappa?
Criminal lawyer Surya.
Who got Slum Pandian released?
Criminal lawyer Surya.
Who gave the idea to Cat Rama to kill Madigudi?
Criminal lawyer Surya.
Criminals released from the court were killed on the same day.
Is he murdering them...
or getting them murdered by someone?
But the truth is that criminals were killed.
If the criminal lawyer wants to be the don of Bangalore...
With an understanding with the other criminals?
What guarantee is that you all will not be killed?
I am talking to you because you all are Dadaís permanent clients.
If you leave Surya scot free...
You will all be killed.
Do one thing.
Why canít you all kill that Surya?
Our department needs your service.
I need your cooperation for that Sir.
Hey, what are you doing?
All these days we gambled and had fun...
Indulged in criminal activities...
Hid from the eyes of the Police.
Neither were good sons...
Nor better husbands.
Even failed to be good fathers.
Spent nights near graveyards...
Mornings in the Bar...
All the afternoons on the streets...
Fed ourselves.
All the important criminals have died.
We came to know that you had a hand in it.
We have decided to lead a new life.
We are surrendering all our weapons to you.
We will never commit such crimes in future Sir.
Please forgive us Sir.
Sir, there is no better punishment than repentance.
Sir, Help them to live courageously in their life.
Khaki could not prevent the rowdism created by Khadi...
But the black coat which fights for the justice won it.
As long as you lead a pious life I shall help you all.
Surya, I want you to be here within half an hour.
Yes sir.
Surya, if you have decided to destroy my empire...
and put your throne there...
It is wrong.
What do you mean?
You have started dealing with my clients separately.
For all the service which you have done to me...
Had you asked for something?
I would have given my empire itself.
Dada, you are crossing your limits.
If someone had uttered these words...
His tongue and the hands which distributed alms would have been cut & fed to crows.
There is no point in raising BP by shouting.
They came to me and I accepted them.
You want to overtake your teacher and build your empire.
I canít help you, if you assume like that.
Donít be under misconception that Dada canít live without you.
I can groom another hundred Suryas like you.
If you had that strength...
instead of shouting and getting angry...
you would have done that.
Good bye to you and your Empire.
Donít stop me, I will kill him.
A man who talks against you must not live on this earth.
Keep that gun inside.
One who is in a hurry, doesnít use his brain.
He is groomed by me.
Naturally he has the same guts and courage like me.
Now he is angry, when his anger gets subdued, I myself will bring him back.
Has Surya come back home?
No, but who are you?
Somehow we have to prevent this tragedy from happening.
Tragedy? What are you talking?
There was verbal fight between Surya & Dada.
Dada got angry and wants to kill Surya.
Inform this to Surya and ask him to be cautious.
but what happened here was...
completely different from what you said.
Can Dada kill Surya?
I want to kill Surya in the name of Dada.
Surya, come quickly.
I am scared.
Why should you be?
It seems that you had a clash with Dada...
and he wants to kill you.
Just now I had received a phone call.
Even if God comes along with Dada...
They canít harm me.
I think that they have come.
Go inside.
Criminal Lawyer Surya...
You are under arrest.
We suspected you to be the man behind...
the killings Bangalore underworld dons.
We wanted to arrest you with proper evidence.
I am Jhansi from CBI, Take him into custody.
Welcome to Udaya News.
Now the News in detail.
With regard to the border row between Karnataka and Maharashtra...
Mahajan Report is final.
Said Chief Minister Shri J J Patel.
He was speaking to the press after the inauguration of International Vegetable Meet, today in Bangalore.
While killing renowned criminal Lawyer Ramaswami Iyengar...
ACP Ashok Kumar arrested lawyer Surya In his house with the CBI team led by Jhansi.
It is suspected that lawyer Surya had a hand in the...
Killings of Bangalore underworld Dons.
What is this?
Why are you shy like guilty?
What has gone wrong now?
You were light in the darkness for the orphans.
You were the mother who showered affection while in pain.
By educating you became the teacher for life.
Sun looks good in the Sky...
Not in those filthy talks, newspapers and TV.
You killed those criminals and were hero with the masses...
But, killing Ramaswami Iyengar...
Stop it, he is not Lord Rama.
He was the backbone of the corrupt...
and an evil for the society.
I wanted to dig his grave at the end.
But he died early.
We canít understand your sayings, and working.
This tells it, this listens to it, and this does it.
The truth will be known...
Tomorrow morning at the Court.
Surya argued on behalf of goons...
And secured their release.
He went on killing them after their release.
This was because he aspired to be the underworld Don of Bangalore...
But he was arrested red handed in his house.
While murdering Ramaswami Iyengar...
By the team lead by Jhansi of CBI.
I request you to pass the rigorous imprisonment punishment for the accused.
Is there anyone to argue on behalf of you?
Please permit to argue on my own behalf, my Lord.
Do you have anything to say about these photographs?
Grant me permission to view those photographs, Sir.
I never knew that CBIís Jhansi is not an intelligent lady.
Just have a look at the photographs once again.
In all the photographs, the feet of the murderer is visible...
And not his face.
I do not have anything to do with the murder...
and the man in the photograph.
Objection, Your Honour.
Objection sustained.
Your Honour...
I would like to remind that we have...
The Gun used by the accused to kill Ramaswami and...
the fingerprint report.
I request you to permit me to present the court...
the Gun and the report.
Permission granted.
Chandru! Chandru! Chandru!.
This is the gun used by Surya for the murder.
Bullets found in the body of Victim Ramaswami...
And the fingerprints report.
The finger prints on the gun match with Surya's.
But the bullets found in the body do not belong to gun.
What are you telling?
I am telling the truth.
The bullets found in the body are of .33 mm...
and the bullets used by the gun infront of you are of size .22mm.
There is no relation between this gun and those bullets.
No, this is all structured story.
This is a conspiracy to mislead the Suryaís case.
If you have anything to say...
Say it in the witness box.
He is a criminal lawyer.
I have a doubt that he got the bullets changed.
Instead of believing the strong evidences...
CBIís Jhansi want me to be the scapegoat for the crime.
Your Honour...
Ramaswamy Iyer was murdered by Surya.
I myself have clicked the photographs of the crime.
Please permit me to produce those photographs...
within ten minutes.
Permission granted.
Your Honour...
the photographs and their negatives which...
serve as main evidences...
have come.
Give me fast.
But Madam, there was no...
No more arguments, The time given to you is over.
There was no film in the camera.
Yes, madam. There was no negative in the camera.
Your Honour... -No more arguments.
The time given to you is up.
How can the negatives exist...
when she has not clicked the photographs?
I know them because I handle their cases.
Just because of that...
to establish the relationship between their activities...
Ram swamiís murder...
is absolutely wrong.
For having wasted my time and spoiling my reputation...
I could file a defamation case against CBI Jhansi for having wasted time...
I wonít do that.
I request you to go through...
The evidences and proofs...
And free me from the murder accusation.
After having heard the arguments and...
Gone through the evidences and statements...
The court sets aside the CBI Jhansiís accusation...
And releases Surya.
Jhansi, the cloud which confronts Sun...
gets dissolved
I knew about your CBI background...
ever since you stepped in our house.
I knew the people who chased you on the road...
were not criminals.
In fact they were Policemen.
You are brilliant but I am Criminal.
Here are the negatives of the photographs you clicked.
Your words and actions may affect cats...
but not this Lion cub.
But still I love you.
Welcome to Daily News.
Today's headlines are as follows.
Lawyer Surya was today acquitted by the High Court...
on charges of Murder of Ramaswami Iyengar.
That's all for now. Good day.
What is this?
They arrested him day before yesterday...
And released today.
Who is this Surya?
He is a great Criminal Lawyer Sir.
According to CBI Jhansi, he is the culprit...
But lack of evidences were responsible for his release.
But one thing is true that...
All the men hunted by Surya were criminals.
Ask CBI Jhansi to meet me.
Great Criminal Lawyer Surya...
alias Don of Bangalore.
Even though acquitted...
Why are you thinking like a murderer who has left evidences?
There was Gada with Bheema...
To protect him.
And a Chakra to protect Krishna.
With the help of weapons like evidences and witnesses...
You kill criminals.
You are also Krishna.
Wearing Khaki, I live amongst criminals...
Created by politicians, and bureaucrats.
I donít have the permission to shoot them...
Even though I have the gun...
The bullet shot by you towards Ramaswami is here.
This was the only way, that I could use to save you from law.
I changed the bullets and saved you.
You have done something which...
uniform wearing department was not able to.
You have brought about peace amongst people...
By removing the poisonous seeds of criminalisation.
If you want this peace to sustain...
The graves of 135 remaining criminals who figure in this file...
Must be built by you.
Mother Kannada has given birth to many men of stature...
But you are the man of valour amongst them.
You should be the man who...
wipes the tears of Kannada Mother and...
mother Cauveryís son who washes the evils of the society.
Good luck.
Darkening the law, which encourages knowledge...
draping the Goddess of Justice with the saree of injustice...
putting the vermilion of deceit on her forehead...
tying the lie as the black strip around her eyes...
committing crimes on the streets...
do you have an illusion of victory?
Plight of the widows who have lost their spouses...
curse of the orphaned kids, who have lost their father...
will burn you into ashes.
You can deceive the whole world but...
you canít deceive your conscience.
Slowly, these worries will destroy you completely.
when my father was killed before me and...
my life was destroyed...
when I was orphaned on the streets...
did anyone feel my curses?
Did the Goddess of justice hear my cries?
Whatever you saw and heard is not the truth.
I lost the love and affection of my dedicated and...
optimistic father during my childhood.
I am going through that ordeal now.
If I get wild then I shall curse you like anything.
My ticket has won the prize, not yours, will you go now?
Are you the owner?
It is not my fault, sir.
I myself will embark in the jeep, sir.
Get in.
Going, sir.
Do you create nuisance on the public road?
You will correct yourself once you are stripped and...
hung on the ropes.
This is the lottery ticket and when I said that I have won the prize...
this man threatened me, sir.
Sir, my ticket also has the same number, the prize is mine.
Both the tickets have the same number!
Since how many years are you selling lottery tickets?
Since two years, sir.
Both of you quit.
Sir, our lottery?
If a duplicate lottery case is filed then you will be behind bars.
302, strip this man.
Donít beat me, it is not my mistake, sir.
Tell me the truth.
Your punishment gets reduced.
Inspector Somshekhar, along with Sadhu Shetty...
prints duplicate lottery tickets.
They supply these tickets through the police jeep.
I will be beaten if I refuse to sell them and...
beaten by you if I sell them.
What is my fault, sir?
I will leave you if you promise that...
you will be an eye witness in the court.
Certainly, donít punish me, sir.
302, donít beat him, let him sit inside. I will be back soon.
Catch him.
With the help of the uniform...
you turned my broken house into a palace.
You have contributed a lot to my profession.
I donít do it for free.
It was you who showed me the way to worldly luxuries.
I will show you the pleasure of eating in...
silver plates of Central Jail.
Blood boils when the uniform is worn.
The same vigour disappears when you take it off.
After retirement there will be no uniform and...
no value for your sincerity.
Indrajit, listen, why canít you also join hands?
The people like you who earn their living by...
selling duplicate lottery tickets to people will...
not hesitate to act as pimps of your spouses.
Real man earns money through legitimate means and...
feeds his dependents but...
will not shout like a mad dog like you.
Sincerity will not meet your wants.
Sadhu has Wealth and also Grave.
I have tied the belt of duty on my waist and...
a star by the name of Sincerity on my shoulders.
I am the Lion who wears the Cap of Law.
To counter hunger, one has to struggle.
Once you wear the uniform, you must serve sincerely.
Do you surrender or die in an encounter?
To save our lives from Indrajit...
we must surrender.
In view of the statement given by the lottery shop owner...
I request you to punish the chief accused in...
the fake lottery ticket case...
Inspector Somshekhar and Sadhu Shetty rigorously.
That's all, Your Honour.
The court sentences accused arrested by...
Inspector Indrajit in the fake lottery ticket case...
Inspector Somshekhar and the man in disguise as...
a respectable man in the society, Mr. Sadhu Shetty.
It orders the sacking of Inspector Somshekhar from his duty and...
five years of rigorous imprisonment for...
both the accused and the court congratulates...
Inspector Indrajit for his sense of duty and sincerity.
Daddy, ever since my childhood I see you listening to...
this song whenever we come here.
your mother liked this song very much.
Today is your motherís eighth death anniversary.
Dad, did I disturb you by my query?
Your mom has gifted you to me so that...
I should not have pain in my life.
Go and play games.
I feel sorry for that dumb man.
Can I give him this apple?
Our charity saves us during our bad times.
Go and give him the fruit.
Take it.
Your Honour...
this kid who has lost his father and is suffering and...
this dumb man are...
giving ridiculous statements that my clients who...
are in jail were responsible for the death of Inspector Indrajit.
So, you saw these men killing Indrajit?
Go on. Are you telling that while swimming in the river...
he slipped and died?
You are trying to say that...
Indrajit slipped and died in the river while swimming, am I right?
Yes, go on. Didnít he slip in the river?
These men killed my father.
I wonít get angry at this orphaned child because...
even I would have reacted the same way as him.
When they are under the constant vigil of...
Superintendent, jailor, 150 policemen, 180 wardens, etc...
how can the accused commit the crime, Your Honour?
These men are undergoing punishment.
It is improper to doubt them.
My clients are not related to the murder of Inspector Indrajit.
I humbly request you to...
discharge the accused from this case.
Even after considering the statements of the dumb man and...
Surya, the court sets aside the accusation that...
Sadhu Shetty and Inspector Somshekhar committed the crime.
Because they are already serving the sentence and...
discharges them from this accusation.
Also the Court orders the Police Department to find the culprits...
responsible for the murder of Inspector Indrajit.
Child, court sessions have concluded long back.
Donít touch me, uncle.
The court is closing. Go home, my son.
Sitting there you should have given the same order of justice...
but you lied.
Didnít you hear me shout that they killed my father?
Evidences and proofs are important for the court, my child.
In that position if your parents are sitting or...
even you...
judgement must always be given on...
the basis of evidences and proofs.
Without evidences and proofs, nothing can be done.
Does that mean that if there is no evidence and proof...
anyone can do anything?
Thorn should be removed with the help of thorn.
Sun is respected till he sets in the west.
You must not be the setting Sun but...
the rising Sun who gives light.
I made evidences and proofs my weapons...
started killing beastly people.
The criminals in the jail are fresh like the fruits in the refrigerator.
No one will change.
Even after coming out of the prison...
they commit the same offences.
I killed the evils of the society, the criminals...
not the freedom fighters.
I committed a mistake, Surya.
I didnít understand the man who lives in darkness but...
with the name Surya.
I hurt you, Surya.
Forgive me.
I would like to be your companion for life.
I love you, Surya.
I love you.
Tell me whom do you love?
Surya or the Don?
The Don.
So, according to you, Surya is the murderer?
Do you think he is fit for our job?
If I can say in one word...
the birth of Rama for the destruction of Ravana...
the birth of Krishna for the destruction of Kansa...
I donít think it is wrong to say that...
Surya is born to destroy todayís evil men.
In the eyes of the people, Surya is a saviour.
Welcome Mr. Surya alias Don.
All these days people used to search for Surya.
First time...
Surya has come in search of a man.
Why have you called me here?
I would like to converse personally with Surya.
Can you wait outside?
Sir, without security, how can you?
Donít worry, please.
Ok sir.
Sitting on the high seat...
Writing with the pen of injustice...
I administer while hiding truth and...
tell lies.
I am unable to serve honestly...
the people who voted me to power.
Why are you telling me these things?
The only man who can bring the power to the light of truth is you.
Whatever may be the cost, I need your help.
The light of truth must lighten up the town...
must not burn it.
The man who can sell truth is yet to be born.
If he is born already, I wonít leave him.
Donít weigh Surya with money.
The Sun in the sky gives light for only 12 hours.
For my people, I can work for 24 hours.
Who are you?
Why did you bring me here?
If you agree with the truth, we can say your life else...
you can see them as vultures who will eat you alive.
Do you call people courageous when...
they threaten with dogs?
So you all, the erstwhile rag pickers who are...
deceiving the nation with...
your fake bonds are all courageous men?
I know that you are a small fish in this network.
To save your life...
tell us who are involved in this and...
where does this take place?
If my boss comes to know that you used force to...
extract the truth, he will send the corporation vehicle to...
lift your dead body.
I will reveal, sir, I will.
Come back.
Okay, call now, quick.
Go ahead, scoundrel.
It is not scoundrel, you dog, it is your death.
Who, who are you?
Eat the food here in Karnataka but...
involved in filthy activities.
I warn you to speak in Kannada.
Do you know to whom you are talking?
How did you get my number?
I know your entire horoscope.
Making the jail itself as your fort...
printing fake bonds and counterfeit are you leading...
a safe life in jail?
How do you know this?
Who, who are you?
The man who can rewrite your destiny or...
think the death, standing in front of you.
Your bad days have begun.
Hello Rahimlal, how is your business?
Leave business, someone killed our man.
What are you saying?
After having known about our fake business...
someone has killed our man.
My life in jail is in danger. Within 24 hours I should come out.
Do something for that Shetty.
Stop talking, if you come out of jail...
police will kill you in an encounter.
You will be safe in jail.
Police, my foot.
They canít do anything to me.
After coming out of jail, I would like to kill that man.
Do something so that I can come out.
If you are in a hurry, we will all be, alongwith you, in jail.
Disconnect the phone, I will look after everything.
Listen to me. If you cannot arrange for my release then...
I shall surrender all the documents to Police.
Brother, Lawyer Surya has come to see you.
Rahim, me...
You are the great criminal lawyer Surya who...
knows IPC sections in and out and...
has saved many criminals from punishment.
You are the God in the history book of criminals.
You know more about me than the Holy Quran.
He got scared and sent you here.
Now I am sure I will come out of jail because...
I had heard that the very name Surya makes...
even judges think twice.
Sign this bail paper.
Hey Rahim, where are you talking from?
From the Jail, isnít it?
Itís been a long time since this tiger has come out of cage.
The lawyer who sent you, got me out within no time.
Super Lawyer.
With your restlessness you have invited disaster, you scoundrel.
I didnít send any lawyer.
What are you saying?
Surya, what is this?
I already told you that it is your death.
Good Surya.
Finally you knocked the doors of death.
One should appreciate your courage...
Courage that was gifted by my father.
Each heartbeat of yours is taking you towards your death.
I have ordered for a grave to be dug in...
Harshchandra Ghat for you.
Death for the King of Hell?
I would like to meet you, though late.
Fix up a place.
Even if it is late, it will be latest.
You fix the place, I can meet you anywhere.
Okay, tomorrow at 10 oíclock.
Surya, you seem to be scared.
You are nervous.
I am planning how to drink your blood.
By killing four state level criminals, you are...
under the wrong impression that you are the Don.
My hair greyed before you were even born.
You are still a kid.
My young blood has more vigour and...
courage than your greyed hair.
Since you are a lawyer, you argue well.
I belong to a family which doesnít believe in empty words but action.
Are you the only son of your father?
No, my father had three kids.
Inspector Indrajit who gave birth to...
Justice, Principles and Idealism is my father.
Now it is you who is getting scared.
Are you the son of Inspector Indrajit?
Why? Were you happy all these times that...
all his family members were wiped out?
I will make your mother doubt if she gave birth to such a criminal.
I will do that.
I will gift you 6 feet for your grave.
Surya will do what he says and...
says what he does.
Is it CM sir?
Yes, it is CM speaking.
Itís me Surya, I have an important clue.
Is it?
I want to talk to you personally.
You want to talk to me personally?
Yes sir. -Okay.
Will you come?
I will.
Calling Control Room.
Itís DCP Shobharaj speaking.
Lawyer Surya has shot me and has kidnapped the Chief Minister.
Inform all check posts.
Wherever found, shoot and kill him.
This is my order.
Since you are accused of kidnapping the CM...
we have been asked to kill you in an encounter.
Surrender or else weíll shoot you.
Come on, surrender.
Surya shot dead by police (newspaper heading)
Sadhu, Ravana committed a mistake by kidnapping Sita...
snatching the saree of Draupadi, Kourava committed a mistake.
You committed a mistake by kidnapping me.
To protect Sita, Rama was there, and...
as brother Krishna was there to protect Droupadi but...
with you now there is only death.
And that is me.
You are blabbering like the Moon who laughs at the setting sun.
You have forgotten that the sun rises again.
In the broad daylight, I arranged for your kidnap and...
got Surya killed in an encounter.
I got many the seats in Legislative Assembly.
I installed AC in their homes and...
waterbed to sleep.
To warm those beds, sent women to them.
All the politicians bowed before me but...
you are the only person who was not favoured by me.
You fixed a price on my head and assigned Surya to kill me.
You got stuck in the net spread for me.
When you sent me out while...
you secretly talked with Surya...
had I shot you, and put the blame on Surya...
it would have been nice.
I committed a mistake.
In the peopleís eyes it is Surya who has kidnapped CM.
His head should be cut and...
thrown behind the assembly house.
If people should remember us always...
their bodies should be cut into seven pieces and...
must be sent everyday to their home.
It will be original, won't it?