Hindi Movie - Om Shanti Om w/ Eng Subs Part 2 (Last Part)

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Today is birthday of Om Kapoor, son of Rajesh Kapoor.
And his all fans are here to wish him
Happy Birthday.
I would have wonderful bedroom, like in Yash Chopra's set
with rounded bed,
and when I'll wakeup in the morning, than before my feet touch to the floor,
one servant will bring velvet sleepers into my feet
when I'll go outside, wearing Raj Kumar's silk gown
the other servant will give me a glass of juice,
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superstar Om Kapoor, whose nick is ok, has come to his balcony,
hi Dad!
Happy Birthday
here comes superstar, Om Kapoor.
He's just four hours late,
Sir, autograph,
he's quite short in his real life,
Dad, it's 4 o'clock, when will hero arrive?
Looks like I'll have an attack,
ready Sir, are you director?
Yes Sir, tell me the scene!
come on tell me the scene!
As you see it's a climax scene Sir,
and in this our actress Natasha is going to...
marry our villain, Ranbheer
that's so rocks babe,
rocks? Nokia, bluetooth,
you keep talking and I'll keep talking,
Sir, Raj means your heart is breaking!
He wants to say to actress, but he can't
why? Am I mute?
Correct Sir,
you remember your mother's death scene!
So there's also a mother in this scene!
Yes in mother's death scene you shouted this much,
that your voice is gone forever.
At this point, for the last time, you want to see Natasha,
but you can't see her, why? Why?
Because you are blind too,
so I'm a blind too, I see.
No Sir, you don't
I don't?
Background music begins, and your walk away from marriage spot starts,
and Natasha turn around and sees you,
Natasha sees me,
but Natasha was blind... no Sir, blind is you,
no, but I was mute.
Sir, you are mute,
and also blind, and when Natasha says you...
please stop Raj,
but you won't stop, because you are deaf too.
In background Natasha's marriage, and in foreground you and your heart voice.
Ok, I'm angry now,
voice, one second... let me hear dialogues,
Natasha, I want to say, that I want to take you away from the spot,
but I'm cursed, I can not stand up from the wheel chair,
and my both hands are cut off.
Wow, my both hands are cut off.
What the hell is this.
In this film, is there any body part of hero is in working order or not?
Of course, as you see, his painful heart.
Won't pain in heart but will definitely pain in head, watching to this movie,
this film will get critical acclaim,
and also awards,
but tell you what, this film is a flop!
This film is gone, you are dead old man.
You are dead!
unless, I think of something as usual!
In this situation, there must be an item song to express the pain.
There must be something painful Qawali,
but I have done it...
painful rock... no, no...
I think it should be like painful... disco!
But Sir the one have no hand, eyes and ear,
how can he do disco.
Idiot! Dream sequence,
ok can do anything!
come on girls,
and listen, the actress is quite bad!
Is she your girlfriend?
No Sir, she's of him,
papa! You must change her!
Bring up 4 or 5 item girls, besides her,
I'm telling you, your film will be a hit because of this song.
come on!
Cheer up!
And pack up!
Cut the scene!
Who brought up the fire!
Don't you know he is afraid of fire,
afraid of fire, I didn't know!
Take me home. Take me home!
Pack up!
Please everyone, I'm ok!
My son!
Om my son!
Where you gone!
You know, how long I've been waiting for you!
Hey, security guys!
When are you coming back home! Son!
Tell me, listen to me, Om!
Om! Om!
Leave me!
Leave me!
Who is that old woman?
She is at every studio!
I feel something looking at her!
She's is mad,
She thinks that you are her son!
Dude, I'm a star, and all woman in India thinks of me as their son
that's good, but this is not!
Make sure it won't happen again!
You could get hurt!
Move it, damn!
Pappu, he left me again, please stop him.
Why you trouble yourself?
That's not our Om!
He's Om Kapoor!
Only his face resembles to our Om!
No Pappu, he's my Om.
My son Om!
Hello, this is my son Om!
Sure and yes Amitabh Bachan is my father,
there are many reasons of blackouts and headache
but he don't have any of them,
cancel all the dates of that, fool producer and his son
and give all the dates to our superhero film!
Superheroes are in!
I will give them date, but how can they create set in one day!
Shut up!
If there is no set than, we can shoot in real location,
everything is ok with ok. Ok!
And please shove this up your nose!
Shove it up your nose!
Shove it up your nose
come on!
Come on,
shove it up your nose!
Come on!
Go on!
No sneeze ok!
After this you going to try other holes!
I've been driving for an hour!
Where is this goddamn place?
Can't you set near home?
We were going to setup near home,
but you said, that make it real location!
In such less time, this location is ready!
What's good in this location,
except being in China!
This is studio is completely burned!
Then why are we going there!
It's quite perfect according to the look what director wants
he wanted ruins!
No such place, worse than this!
I've hared that 30 years ago, there was a great incident.
It was a big set, but fire took place, before shooting begin.
And whole things burned up!
The picture was banned, in which this set was chosen
but along with, the whole studio got wasted!
It's a very unlucky place!
What a wonderful location!
It's unlucky! Set got burned!
Studio got wasted,
film got banned!
Well done, Anwar!
Well done, you idiot!
Anwar, did we come here before?
No way!
No one comes here!
It's the first time shooting here in 30 years!
Two months bill remaining, who'll clear it, your father!
How can I be star with this name!
Hey, where are you going,
afterwards, it's stars' makeup room
welcome Sir!
Dude, what a location, check it out!
This wild old world place!
Anwar! Come with me I'll show you makeup room
It's in this building, on second floor!
How do you know?
come on let go, show us rooms
come on!
Who! Creepy dude!
Sir, shot is not here!
It's going back there!
Yeah, yeah!
God! I'm so hot
babes, what kind of costume is this!
Seems like torturing me,
and what's the reason of wearing this underwear over the costume!
Dude you are a superhero,
rescuer of love,
Mohabbat Man!
I feel more like a moron man!
Spiderman & superman used to wear same underwear!
You have double role!
We can recognize real superhero, by this underwear!
Dude that's a good idea!
This is my last shot,
because you know I don't' do retakes
because when ok gives take, than it must be ok!
Mohabbat Man, save me!
Mohabbat Man! To the rescue
Uri Baba!
Save me! Help!
Mohabbat Man, to the rescue!
Come on baby, fly with me!
Uri Baba
Uri Baba
what you say baby! Have fun?
Let's dance
is that you?
What's with Mohabbat Man?
What the fish!
I'm going to check on to the weather guy!
I don't believe this!
Hey hero, bring me a coffee!
Who's there dude?
Anybody here?
Sir, what are you doing here?
Whose going to win the best actor award?
I know it'll go with Om Kapoor, my friend!
What you say!
Om Kapoor is just, wow!
Some stupid, I'm going to win of course!
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to the Filmfare award!
I'm here to protest against removing this slum!
Om Kapoor! Who is this?
Chunkey Pandey going to win
what ok? There's only ok
ok! Ok!
Of course it'll be of my son Hrithik Roshan!
I think, it'll have to be me!
Om and me... can't talk in camera
we are just good friends!
Om Kapoor and me, what should I say?
We are just good friends
Om Kapoor and me, are just good friends!
Om Kapoor and me, we are just good friends!
I think it should get to Om Kapoor!
Om Kapoor who?
This year nominees for best actors are... have a look!
Best actor nominees!
Abhishek Bachan, in Dhoom 5
this time he's not a cop!
This time he's not with a babe!
This time he's not going to lose! Because this time he's not in the film!
Om Kapoor in Phir Bhi Dil Hai
n.r. I
Rahul, must have heard this name!
Om Kapoor once more in Main Bhi Hoon Na!
Rahul... must have heard the name!
Akshay Kumar in the return of Khiladi!
Right right, anyway!
To present the best actor's award, legends, Subhash Ghai, and Rishi Kapoor!
Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Best actor means a person who bring out somebody's soul into his soul,
he is a good actor and the good actor is,
and the winner is,
and the winner is
Om Kapoor!
I'm the best!
You are laughing bitch!
You are laughing bitch!
This is my award,
this is cheating!
This award is fraud!
I will have award?
Of course you will!
Take it, from me this bottle is your award
for me! Yes!
I just want to say!
I tried hard to achieve you,
everything propagates to make me meet you!
It's said if you want something desperately whole world tries to have you achieve that,
today you all made me meet to what I want,
thank you!
Thank you very much!
I'm thankful to you all,
that you make my dream reality,
that I feel like the King of the World!
And I also got contented to this,
that like our film in our real lives,
everything get better in the end,
you know, happy endings!
And if things not get better,
than that's not the end!
It means film is still remaining!
come on this party is for you!
Are you ok?
Dad! I don't know!
I was thinking...
what if I wasn't you son,
I wasn't Om Kapoor,
I was some ordinary Om,
I could never get all this!
This stardom, name, and there must be some bottle beside award in my hand, and drunk!
I want to promise you today, Dad
I'll work hard,
and I'll try being a better actor,
and if not that, at least I'll try being a better son
Om! I'm so proud of you!
This party is for you, and special guests too,
and get ready for a surprise!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
This is for my dear friend
and my favorite actor,
Om Kapoor!
We love you!
Om, meet my friend Mukesh Mehra!
Top producer of our time,
he's been in Hollywood for last 25 years
he just came back, and he want to make a big film with you!
Its' great Mukesh!
Call me Mike!
Everyone in Hollywood does!
Om shake hand come on!
Its' fantastic!
come on let's celebrate!
You arrived!
Yes, Mom!
You've taken much time!
I was afraid!
Very filmy!
What's to worry about
that's doesn't matter how long it takes,
I must come home!
Than why you left me alone!
Please just forgive me today!
I couldn't recognize you!
But you recognized me,
really, only mom can have such heart!
My son, my hero!
My Omii!
You've become old,
you still the same,
and also became a star!
I remember you said, the put Kapoor after your name!
You seen Pappu!
I told you, that my son will become star one day!
Tell me you won't leave me again!
No, I won't leave you!
I won't go anywhere,
and this time, everything will going to be fine,
No one agrees to this story!
Sometimes, truth is different from stories!
We can't prove anything to anyone!
That scoundrel will be saved once again,
we didn't find Shanti's corpse there Om!
We couldn't find about you too!
If you want anything with all your heart,
the whole world begins effort to make you meet to that,
that's what we used to say!
That Mukesh Mehra is thinking that...
he is totally saved,
there's no witness, nor evidence, but...
that's the game of nature,
that god brought him once again to me,
my visit to that studio,
my recognition of myself,
my meeting with Mom,
meeting to you, it's not a coincidence,
it's not coincidence,
no... no!
Someone else is writing this story!
And this time, ending of this story,
is in our hands,
I can not forget, Shanti's screams,
I couldn't save her at that time,
because I was bound,
I was nothing,
but this time the tables have turned!
And Mukesh Mehra must be punished!
This time, it'll be justice with Shanti!
She'll have justice,
and this time, everything will be fine,
because, the picture is still remaining!
Still remaining, my friend!
You want to remake the film "Om Shanti Om"
that's ridiculous,
I'm serious Mukesh!
You know Mukesh,
I have been offered four to five scripts daily, I reject them all,
but Om Shanti Om, that's cool,
it has emotion, drama, action, romance,
I'm sure it's going to be a block buster Mukesh!
Rebirth, who believe in this shit nowadays?
That doesn't matter, if anyone believes or not,
you just have to believe
as a maker,
you have to in the script Mukesh!
Call me Mike,
everyone in Hollywood does,
Mukesh became Mike, that's funny, Mike!
And that film's climax was not written, Om!
That project was a bloody jinx!
Bloody curse!
What curse!
Cursing was just for that insurance company
who has given you four times value of studio when it got burned!
And you got married to... Harsh Mithal's daughter,
you went to Hollywood,
millions of dollars you have,
you haven't taken one shot,
and Om Shanti Om became the biggest movie of your career,
where is the bloody curse Mike?
You know much about me, Om!
Call me O.K.!
Everyone in Bollywood does,
got you! Yeah!
And I also know that,
there was an incident at your set, to your actress, what's her name?
Sha... Shanti!
Shanti what?
Shanti Priya Shanti Priya!
What happened?
What become of Shanti Priya!
she disappeared!
I tried much to find her,
but gone!
they say, you can find God if you search
It looks like you didn't intent to find her, Mike!
It's a joke, chill dude!
Hey, get away!
Are you ok?
I'm not ok!
No, I'm not ok!
I'm scared of fire! Really!
I'm scared of fire, Mike!
Seriously speaking, if you want to do any work with me,
It must be Om Shanti Om, otherwise I'm not interested Mike!
You know, you are very stubborn!
I know that!
I like that!
I'm going to America for a month, as I come back and you...
and you'll find your actress,
we'll shoot!
You got it!
You got it! Mike!
don't worry about the climax, Mikey!
I'll write this story's climax myself, this time!
Cheers! To a new beginning!
No, no... to a new end! Mike!
One "chutki sindur", take five.
What you know about the value of one "chutki sindur" Ramesh.
What you know about the value of one "chutki sindur" Ramesh.
What you know about the value of one "chutki sindur" Ramesh.
What you know "yogesh"?
Not yogesh, Ramesh... Ramesh... now say!
One "chutki".
What is this one "chutki" price.
Say politely...
what you know about the value of one "chutki sindur" Ramesh.
Blessing of Ishwer...
Ishwer... what?
Kill me... kill me... stupid acting.
Suhagan's crown...
one "chutki"... sindur!
What else?
Every women's dream one "chutki sindur"
say it...
one "chutki sindur" every women's dream...
Auntie who let you in?
Who you are calling Auntie, old man? Auntie you mom.
I would do it myself, if this was 15/20 years later.
Ok Omi, this was last batch.
Yeah, but none was like Shanti
we will find one definitely.
We don't have enough time Pappu.
Mukesh Mehra will return in few days, when, how she will be found?
Excuse me. Is Om Kapoor there?
No, he is not here.
Its pack up, come tomorrow for audition
tomorrow? But watchman said he is in.
I have come from Bangalore for this, please give me one chance.
I am big fan of O.K. Audition is just an excuse to meet him.
I just!
Pappu please turn on the lights.
Papa... hero is here! Really, its only 11 o'clock
Apahij Pyar short three take one.
Excuse me, take one more, I can do better than this.
What you know about the value of one "chutki sindur"
blessings of god one "chutki sindur"
blessings of god one "chutki sindur"
Suhagan's crown... one "chutki sindur"
Suhagan's crown... one "chutki sindur"
why you are laughing? Is this joke, Pappu she can't be our Shanti.
She is not like Shanti.
But you can try, everyone is trying here.
You made her cry!
Om. We all are trying, but she doesn't even know what this is, and our plan.
What plan? This is only going to happen if Mukesh takes her as Shanti.
She only looks like Shanti, Mukesh will find out about her then. And the plan fail.
Om. Then we must tell her everything, what is this and why this so important.
Before acting, she has to understand Shanti,
Om Shanti Om is my life story, and I should have told you earlier.
Because you can't be Shanti if you don't feel the pain of Om.
But if I would tell it, no one would believe in this story.
Not even you.
Me? You jump from the 50th floor and stand and I believe you.
You save a heroine from 100 villains, I believe you.
You fly, walk on water, I believe everything, then why you think I won't believe this story?
There is still time, this time I will truly try.
Mommy? I am glad, fool.
In such a short time you got sad script and heroine.
My people have already arranged the opening ceremony
this ceremony, prays... is this all necessary?
I don't believe in this too, that's why we have arrange something different
from all the places you find this place?
You know... yeah, this is the place where fire burned the whole set.
I know everything, that's why I have chosen this place.
Start unfinished story from the same place where it left
Sir, why you started Om Shanti Om, if we won't start then how it will finish?
And that's the director of this film.
You should have ask me once.
There are many things ahead which you were never asked.
You can call him Mukesh Mehra.
Heroine of this movie, what's her name? Dolly.
You will like her she is very sexy.
No... no... she is Dolly's mom.
What's her name? Kamani Jee.
Baby was so excited even not sleeping, I mention her dark circles then she dozed off.
I never compromise with my beauty sleep.
Yeah, I can see that.
Baby, respectfully greet him.
Pappu, we are coming at the set is Mom ready?
Yeah Mommy is ready, but she is over acting...
that's our family problem.
Hey Mommy, let's move.
What move, you don't understand, let me come in my character.
Move, move everything is ready there.
Forget my line. Don't go inside.
I need ponytail like Mike in my next movie.
What happened, Mikey?
Why you put set here?
I told you about that circle of life... I know...
Don't go inside... Don't go inside...
She is waiting for you. She won't spare you.
Who? Who won't spare him?
Don't cry baby, you care about your eye liner, she is a mad mommy.
Is any one inside?
Nice set, Mikey?
He is villain of our movie like you.
Coconut breaking time.
Take it for Shanti, Om Shanti, Shanti Om.
It will break in first try, or its not a good sign.
It didn't break... no problem, try again.
Bad luck let me do it. No... I will do it.
No problem Mikey, who breaks coconut in Hollywood.
But here we break coconut before every kind of work.
At this time tribute to the actress whom this film was written.
I believe where ever she is, she is looking at us.
Now, I request Dolly to light the dia, and take blessings from her.
Come on Dolly, I will move there.
By pressing this button there will be spark at the photo.
If that won't happen... I will give you slap.
Its not working, what happened. I think that's wire's problem.
Someone help with fire.
Don't go inside...
wow Mommy, nice acting, here's iron coconut for you.
Here's fake eyebrow for me.
It was fun, right?
No... big fun is tomorrow.
You know the plan?
What if I made mistake, no... no... you won't. Don't be nervous
Lets discuss the plan once again.
Everyone will be there at the shooting tomorrow.
Baby don't SMS, practice for the dialogues
Mukesh Mehra too.
Madam your short is ready, let me refresh my makeup.
Not yours, Dolly, madam's.
I will SMS to Mukesh from Dolly's phone.
I will write "come to makeup room alone."
And I know him, he will go there.
Pappu he is coming, go take Sandy to the room.
Where is Dolly's mom. Kamani Jee? She went for the touchup.
Where? You know...
where is she... where is Auntie?
Kamani Jee.
Kamani Jee, o.k. You.
Why he is following me?
You left this makeup compact, I have come to return it.
Why you, you should send it by any spot boy.
Kamani Jee, one minute come here.
What are you doing?
Compact was an excuse actually I wanted to meet you in person.
Because I always like older women.
When I saw you first time, I have known we will have something
but I never expected that sudden, you should work for Hollywood.
I can take you there.
Mikey! Someone inside. There is someone inside too...
Mikey, you look like you have seen ghost.
I told baby do not remove the makeup.
What are you doing Kamani Jee, Mikey come on nobody is here.
You saw somebody go out or came inside,
By the way Mikey, what you were doing in Dolly's room?
Yeah... what you were doing?
I was looking for bathroom, I was lost.
Next time go to my green room for bathroom, respect women.
What you say Kamani Jee? And love too...
how you feeling, I mean you are not coming at shoot, everybody miss you.
Producers have other work too, and you are there to take care of shooting.
Yes, of course, I am there.
Shall we begin the scenes?
Projectionist put reel number 9.
You will be surprised.
I didn't know Ramesh, you love me that much, and want to marry me, here?
Forgive me Ramesh, I didn't trust you.
You are going to land from there in wedding dress like a fairy.
Have you seen her? Who Dolly? No, the other girl.
Blessings of god one "chutki sindur" Suhagan's crown... one "chutki sindur"
don't drink Mikey, I think you are drunk.
Every women's dream one "chutki sindur"
turn off the projector, turn on the lights
no one is on the screen, it's Dolly.
Put this reel on once again.
Watch now, there is no one.
Blessings of god one "chutki sindur" Suhagan's crown... one "chutki sindur"
every women's dream one "chutki sindur"
see everything is fine.
How this could happen?
What could happen?
I swear O.K. She was here. I saw her.
Here, there, where is that girl you are watching every where.
At sets, at make room and here too!
You know everyone is saying you are insane.
If the press finds about this...
so what am I, mad. I am handling everything alone. You don't even care.
And this madness, don't know what happened to you.
I don't understand what's going on, I think I should go back to America.
I will go back on tomorrow night's flight.
No. Mikey, you can not go back, I mean in two days we are launching music.
You have to stay for that.
No. O.K. I can't stay, I must go back.
And you can handle music launch. What's a big deal.
In the show press, media and everyone will be there.
If producer won't there, how it will look.
And I am not your servant, I can not handle everything for you.
One more thing, I can do 10 more movies.
And the money you got from market for Om Shanti Om, if it's stopped again,
you will be on the road, Mikey.
You won't do it.
I can do this, and I will do it.
If you want this thing done, come to the music launch.
You gone mad Om, how we can prepare everything in two days only.
This plan was after 3 weeks.
You were there Pappu, I had no choice, he was going back to America.
I though music release would stop him.
But how we are going to finish this plan in two days?
There are a lot more work to do at set, artist
even Sandy is also not ready.
I will try Om. But if made mistake then?
No mistake, Sandy.
We have to make Mukesh believe that Shanti has really come back.
You have to scare him till he speaks the truth.
Truth! I have doubt on your plans.
Scare him like karz movie. Forget it Om he will run tonight
if you really need something, the whole world would come to help you
he will definitely come, don't worry.
Go. Pappu prepare everything, I know he will come.
Because the movie still not end.
Guests will come on flowers sheets from here.
There will be 40/30 orchestra playing only Shanti's songs
there will be a fountain falling champaign rather than water.
And there will be wedding stage right below this huge lamp.
Who are you and how you know all this?
Yeah, you have discuss all this with Shanti in person.
Yeah, but there was someone else too, who saw your sin, too.
That was me, Mukesh.
No, how this could happen?
That's impossible but that's true. I died with Shanti too,
I was junior artist in your big movies, I couldn't save my Shanti.
But I will fight for her justice
you will be punished, Mukesh
Sandy, its your queue, you know what you have to do?
Yeah, but I am afraid.
Its not time to be scared, its time to scare him. Everything is up to you now.
So you going to hang me, by telling your reincarnation story
ok let me confess myself, coz. Who is going to ask me you or duplicate Shanti?
What were you thinking, you will plan this whole thing and I will speak the truth?
You know ghost doesn't get hurt, there blood don't fall out.
He knows everything, stop Shanti.
Pappu, door is jammed.
Court ask for evidence, and you don't have it.
Because if I killed Shanti where is her body?
Yet nobody find her body.
And without evidence, even God can't harm me.
I will give the evidence, Mukesh.
Yeah, I was waiting for you, you don't have to do stupid acting anymore.
Stop this rubbish or I...!
Or what you will kill me? "Sandy, he knows everything"
how many times you will kill me? "Sandy, he knows everything go away"
shut up both of you, I don't want to listen your bullshit.
You have to listen Mukesh, listen carefully,
when fire extinguished you came back again Mukesh
yeah... so?
To bury my body.
This is nonsense.
I was alive Mukesh, I was breathing.
How you know all this?
And you bury me alive.
How you know all this?
Here under this lamp,
who are you? Stop Sandy!
Court need evidence? Evidence will be found.
Nothing will find here, nothing is here.
Shanti's body will be found under this lamp.
Shut up, nothing is under this lamp.
Which you buried that night.
Nothing is here...
No. Om you don't kill him.
No. His is going to die by my hand, he will die but not with your hand.
Om... Omi... Om...
and you bury me alive.
Shanti's body will be found under this lamp.
Om... I am sorry...
movie still remain my friend!
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