World of Tanks IS-7 Karelia breakthrough by Ellestar Штурм Карелии на ИС-7

Uploaded by EllestarTheElflord on 02.01.2011

There is no artillery, enemy medium tanks aren't rushing, so it's time to attack to the next cover.
If there are targets available, stop moving forward. However, it seems that noone wants to get out of their cover.
This cover is nice and fine, but it doesn't cover from artillery AT ALL. So, if there is artillery, it's impossible to attack like that.
In 1st person view, you can check if it's possible to hit a tank. And if he can hit me. It's impossible to check it in 3rd view.
Only IS-3 is on my level and can hit me, but he doesn't want to show up. Everyone else is a level lower. So i'm changing a position again.
Bad position for a big target like JagdTiger.
There probably will be a ricochet from that angle. So i'm switching to manual.
King Tigre is lower than me, can't hit me. Well, someone hit me with something low-caliber.
It's time to change the position once again.
Muzzle flash at 12:22 from IS-3.
And another shot from IS-3 at 12:15, in 7 seconds? I didn't expect it and wasn't ready for it. D-10T is rarely used on IS-3, mostly when without premium. Because of the cheaper ammo.
In that situation, you should shoot at the tank in sight. If i'll go to shoot IS-3, T-54 ahead will be able to shoot my side hull.
But from my current position i can shoot T-54, and IS-3 will face me with it's side armor and my teammates with front armor if he'll try to get out and shoot me.
I should have continued moving backwards so IS-3 will be able to shoot my front turret armor only. He'll not be able to penetrate it.
A daring T-54. But he doesn't know how to shoot. He should have carefully targeted back of my turret armor. It's almost a guaranteed penetration.
And i should have timed a reload with a turn of my turret. So he'll not be able to hide behind a rock before it.
I thought that T-54 will try to run away from IS-4. And our IS-4 will be a little more bold vs medium with 36% hit points. So i just wasted time...
I doubt anyone is on the enemy base, so i'm attacking the mountain position from behind. So to be able to better see behind rocks and bushes, switching to 3rd person view from above.
I held right mouse button so not to turn a turret when looking back. Sometimes it helps when enemy is near.
Ops, a smart rat is already waiting. Looks like BL-10, judging by damage.
Shoot and cover. His reload is even bigger than mine.
Every single enemy left is on radar Eenemy base is empty. IS-3's back or King Tiger Front? IS-3 back!!! :)
Only KT left so i can move forward while he reloads. By the way, he's bad at hiding.
Why, thank you. An ally shoot me from behind and hit my tacks. So now my side armor is facing KT. And he can penetrate it just fine.
IS-7's back. A freebie!
Forward once again. Stop before reload so to take aim.
No, an angle is too steep.
Right here, with that angle, he can be penetrated by a normal shot of a ZiS-6 cannon of a lvl 5 tank KV. Now, he's showing it to an enemy IS-7...
Well, i was carried away and did exactly the same thing :)