Music Unexpected 3: On the Road with Less Than Jake: Cruze-arati

Uploaded by Chevrolet on 15.02.2011

It takes a lot of people to make a band successful. And one of the most crucial is the roadie.
On this episode of Music Unexpected,
I'm going to learn how to be a roadie for the band Less Than Jake
at their show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wish me luck.
Less Than Jake are an amazing ska band from Florida who have a long-running career,
dozens of albums, and are just awesome, awesome dudes.
Alright, let's crank up some tunes on this 9-speaker system.
I'm on Less Than Jake's tour bus. I'm here with Brian, who is one of their roadies.
Brian, what am I getting myself into?
Oh man, you are in for a treat today.
Lots of lifting, a lot of hustling, a lot of sweating.
Alright Brian, give me something.
How long have you been roadie-ing for Less Than Jake?
Since May.
-And how long have you been roadie-ing, period? -Since May.
-Really? It's your first gig? -Yeah. Yes, it is.
-What's your main function? -I carry all the stuff in.
I set everything up. But the main function is during the show.
Alright, so each of you, what does the roadie do for you?
On stage, any time there's a microphone falls, he's there to get it.
If this falls, I'm gonna pick it up.
And I'm not gonna crouch down like some ninja,
I'm gonna walk out, pick it up like a viking.
In fact, where's my helmet?
A good roadie, for me, takes care of the gear.
Takes care of my baby. That's my favorite bass ever.
I'll answer for Chris:
"Brian pretty much does everything but play the guitar for me."
"Tunes it..." "Gets my picks, wakes me up in the morning..."
If you guys were to be a roadie for any band, who would it be?
See, I would like to go maybe for Iron Maiden on that tour where they were in a jumbo jet
and going around the whole world.
I mean you would have to load all that stuff, which would a big pain in the butt, cause
that was a lot of stuff, but it was I mean...
If I could just roadie for just the flute player from Jethro Tull.
I was just gonna say that!
-You took the words right out of my mouth. -I'm sorry, man.
Now the band is all set, I'm gonna go enjoy the show.
(Music) "If I had it in me, to stop my random thoughts,
(Music) and my dumb dreams, I could deal with this nonstop spinning world."
(Inaudible) Pretty cool, right?
(Music) "Yeah, this nonstop spinning world."
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