Express Yourself - Deafblind writers' awards

Uploaded by SenseCharity on 24.03.2010

We've had Sense's creative writing competition here today.
“Express yourself” is about helping deafblind people to find a voice and express how it is for them.
Early Ernie took Late Kate's alarm clock and set it for midnight.
My story's called Early Ernie and Late Kate
This is how Early Ernie got up late and Late Kate got up early
I've got a very good imagination, yes!
The winner is...Jack Hodgson
Em...Like being deafblind or anything doesn't, won't stop you from doing anything. You should be able to do whatever you want
Readers may be surprised to learn I have a nice suit, strangely it’s growing smaller.
I was asked by Sense to go to Buckingham Palace to attend the garden party
Fortunately before the big day the fruit was eaten and the squirrel escaped
My family didn't realise that that was what I was feeling
I can no longer run for a bus or leap off the train.
I can't see a child's face or hear their cries in the night
But is was written specifically for them, to let them know what is was like to be deafblind.
I can hear the waves roar. I can feel the sunlight on my face. I can walk in the hills.
The winner is...Nicole Dryburgh
I just started to type a diary about what had happened to me and it then turned into a book and it went from there really
There are rules for reading this book, do not give me pity. I don't need it.
I wanted it to be a positive story and to help people in a similar situation and I think it does, so yeah! [laugh]
So whenever you’re pulled down or feeling blue, remember that the rainbow pulled you through.
I just wondered deep down at the bottom of all that, does she feel angry or lonely.
I note, she feels for the slot in the ballot box and I wonder at her independence.
The winner is...Sarah Hilary
He feels the breeze beating on sailcloth, the fast flicking of flags
I just thought it was such an interesting place with all the smells and sounds and everything, and it grow from there.
Sail the sun together, to the edge of the world.
I think you'd be surprised, if you do put pen to paper or finder to a keyboard, I think you'll find you have a lot to say.