How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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How about a Greener and more cost effective way to make your own dishwashing detergent.
I don't know if you've paid much attention to some of the chemicals that you can find
just by reading the labels on some of our ordinary household cleaners, like dishwashing
detergent. If you think about all of that, it's going into the environment in some way.
How about a natural solution that's really easy? And, actually, this recipe for your
own dishwashing detergent will actually cost you less if you're buying just a standard
brand off the shelf. Let me show you how easy it is. You're basically just taking three
ingredients: You're taking good old sodium bicarbonate or washing soda, Epson salts (we
all know Epson salts from soaking your sore feet), which is magnesium sulfate, and then
borax, which is sodium tetra borate. If you take these and combine them in a simple ratio,
you're gonna come out with a great solution. I'm gonna take 1 cup of the borax to a 1/2
cup of the Epson salts. There we go. And 1 cup of washing soda. You just mix all this
together. Now if we take the three different ingredients and talk about what they do, well,
you'll get a sense of how this is so effective. For instance, the washing soda: It's great
for eliminating odor and also cutting into grease. Next, the Epson salts: Since it's
gritty, it's good for scouring. And then, finally, the borax is a great disinfectant.
Now with it mixed together, I can just store it in some pint jars. This goes a long way
if you don't spill it all over a cutting board like I am. The point is, it only takes a tablespoon
of this each time you load your dishwasher. So, these ingredients I have here, make about
12 pounds of this. As you can see, there's some real value in making your own. Now, if
you wanna make sure that you get a nice clean rinse on particularly your glassware, you
can take a 1/2 a cup of vinegar and add it to that rinse component in your dishwasher.
Hey, give these natural products a try. I think you'll be very pleased. And if you like
these tips, check in with us regularly, tell a friend, and make sure you subscribe to eHow